Todd English Tavern

Friday, April 28th

There's a great new restaurant opening up at the Battery! We're here with the Chef behind it all.


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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind yeah. If you don't know where the stern any for a one broadcast centuries. Whereas we like to call it jet engine issue global headquarters. Barricades they can't read good stuff. Yeah we have guy ourselves and above ground underground layer. That is literally across the highway. From the battery and centrist part so we got to watch. That whole thing be belts. And it's worth the trip I mean you've just got to see this spectacle that is the battery and suntrust park if you haven't made it over the air yet. Or you're not going tonight for Billy jolt you've got to make plans and over there it's just so cool it's one of the things that our city is gonna be bragging about. And if you go if you're there select a homestand the opening homestand and I'll go back again because every single. We give every month there's going to be new things opening. Like tonight. There is. A brand new restaurant opening there. With a man. Named. I'd English and how it I guess it's our Chinese dignitaries at tavern this is tennis touting the stab you I'm English tavern opening NC a bad idea at the batteries a lot of shadows are so excited to have you and you Atlanta a nice and I'm unhappy and I did I lose your long time ago when Atlanta was just a little. That little town yeah at Sandy Springs I pray you are a little downtown to Lou we've removed and the Piedmont park okay I'm stepping yes get that Iran. What school the Galilee school a gang and in Buckhead and then we reverence and his friends. When I departed and I was at the ripe old age of fifteen got that. And I am back I'm back either they give me this on to come back but I have come back a lot to visit it's quite it's out now and you got to set the trends over here now VI and her fall. Is allowed to live here any Mark Taylor weren't as I was a low capacity. It's traffic as chains and noticed a little yellow you're here in a bad month because we have Warren highway collapse saying. We have another one buckling up from underneath this though it doesn't don't judges anatomy Trevor gets challenged at all. That's. I live in New York there's always something that some. Something going wrong or writer whatever happens if there is any aspiring chef listening right now war. I TV chef wannabe you know would you wanna be the one major segment cern just yeah that's me and I'm raising my hand there is I'm listening listening. What are three things the EU would tell if you're on an elevator ride. With Jan and you've got one elevator arrived with a lesser adjourned yep three things about Coakley. Shaft first in Florida are so did we ever worked at a restaurant or at the I have only as a server OK that's OK that qualifies OK you've you've. You understand what it takes the tolerance of and how it's you know it's our defeat as pressure. You know all the senses some people can handle it some people camp a lot of people as they were what's the best cooking school was should I go nice and well. Which is Google working restaurant trips that can you know because you have to love like you know I talk about the zen of lake slicing and and enjoying. You know. Healing of a case it was matters if you do that you know big you have to enjoy the process of. You do that right gem like when you cook you say it's I can net you turn your phone. Yeah its turn the TV it's so relaxing experience. And is the senate when I can cook for my family and just images are every bit of sentences that chopping the prepping the smells the sounds. In that multitasking coronation as the Red Line with a glass. Timmy is harder that's meditation a 100%. My favorite things to pocono. You know with my family and for my kids and friends that to me is because and restaurants it's it's a little bit different. Definitely I think after they don't look at that got to seven undersea restaurant across the street c'mon over to. And the Pittsburgh and I. Do you hear you more than well I don't know. That loves a man and he's on plus we have we'll see how this and that is we know it's 700 covers that and demanding that. Yeah. Yeah. So but in the that this is a city of justice that you know. Foreign Younis find New York because there's a lot of people out that he says in the says as if private citizen you are a musician. He hasn't music business how do you differentiate yourself how do you make yourself. And sharing of the gate you know whatever it is and how do you how do you become that. That person and that you have to sort of really know who you are nimby and respect there's destructive and really say okay this is what I love and and go for hidden in Beecher to an. I forget about authentic connection yes I think it is so important because it. You can see even aspiring TV chefs are aspiring people who are China to be something they're not yes and you can see right through it. Exactly. And that in and you can I can tell by the way I you know percent -- have to really commit and I used in aerial I don't as much anymore. This could open onion or see you love. We have a serial hold the knife and if you love if you can actually handle and I've possessive you know driving them Manson onion. You know and it and you know. Thirty minutes later hairdressers Josh I. Think you're missing an. I'm in my mind did she say find an edge of my niche is ordering from Hoover eat food and then moving it into my own service. That's my niche flight out of this drama. On your blog edited my own answering where and then throwing away all the packaging and that's before my wife gives it has managed only cook created. I don't imagine exactly super. They're. That's I go look at the restaurant openings thanks for playing along with us today it was a lot of fun you guys are great records in at the restaurant absolutely I'm. Neighbor or ill I've added the battery this weekend for Billy jolt tonight Todd English and then next comes inserts on the first yes so I'd check out touting the tavern I'm making dinner reservations and and tourism food in and thanks for coming in are now CNN heroes it's. If you look. Curtis on alert and until then keep it.