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Friday, April 1st


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You've likely seen this trending FairPlay for fair pay or equal play equal pay either one of those attending surrounding the story of the women's national soccer team. Filing this federal complaint against US soccer for making 40%. Of the men's salaries so. They went on The Today Show yesterday morning five superstars from the women's World Cup championship team and they filed this federal labor complaint against US soccer claiming that their paid. Just 40% as much as the men's team players. Despite generating. Tens of millions more in revenue so that is the key thing. We're talking about economics here this is a filing and they say its budget figures from US soccer that women are earn almost four times less than athletes on the men's team. And the women seem generated. When he million nearly twenty million dollars more in revenues and the men's team I think that's. Truly the crux of the argument. 404741. Maggie 400 if you're on the part of this discussion now when Jim first brought this up this morning because I. I I knew this conversation it happened in the past and I had only half listen to it that it huge soccer fan right and so IE. Missed the achingly. That that man in soccer generated more money. Four US soccer then women's so I think that that is typical in female sports right when play basketball like the WNBA does not make as much money in revenue. The Indy eight breaking it down there just in dollars. The women's team generated twenty million more in revenues in the men's team but. And they quote exact figures. Women are in 3000 dollars for making sponsorship appearance which would be going to. That's Nike. Teams what are you get three that's an hour from making an appearance and yet Nike the main. Taking 37. It the woman get paid thirteen fifty each. For a friendlies match win against the top ranked team. While the main theme get paid the 171600. Dollars. Women thirteen fifty Maine seventeen. Thousand dollars and said this is the part that got me fired up US soccer releases statement that they are disappointment. Is it we understand the women's national team players associations charge with the equal opportunity. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against US soccer is that while we have not seen the complaint we are disappointed. About this action. In the world you narrowing it about now I'd say we've been a world leader in women's soccer proud to. Proud of the commitment we made to building the women's game over the past thirty years. You go home run lead they say let me just finish this one thing where they when they have been asked for the same treatment as the man they have been told it was irrational. Because let me cola and I'm just I don't know the assists fact but let's say let's not just look at it as last year. OK let's look at it is one over the course of when he five years. Let's just talk in round numbers in the course of 25 years. Let's say Maine's soccer is generated a hundred million dollars women's soccer is only generated. Forty. But I want to debate and argument and hypotheticals. While I'm just trying to beat him I don't know I can't that you can we can't debate in hypotheticals is this is. The hard facts from last year they were. The world champions but if it's. If landing gear cumulative it's over an average or something. It could be even on now I am argument. Because even if it is cumulative and basically saying the men were working for. You hold. That. Hey Sarah you make an interesting arguments are from Sandy Springs. All. This is this is your about to say some pretty polarized. Well I mean look who's done from top and even talk about you know really our soccer like here that is why they now. Make more money actually that when attention paid it might expect and I'm an old man. Month. You can take this culture that you don't. I can't you boys that play soccer and I'd like you like here I am not. Other primary goal. Well you have two boys say your view is little skewed if you had girls are playing soccer. And they would be looking up to the woman on the team. Well the fact of the matter I have to play bang my lap segment of our. Well there's there is this tactic. Team in Miami. Next I'm proud about our our. We'll have gone to a man's game or women's game yet naturally I'd look at the plea somewhat quiet. That at bat and then pop is like. Some aren't as well in the curl up at the picnic without pressure that there aren't it. Is she referring to that guy that Wainwright it's obviously is that that's why all soccer players I know this much about it trust me. There's a limited and aperture and paying attention to it the end of soccer matches. All player main. Take off their jerseys and they will often exchanged them with the opposite with the opposing team or give them to use special guests. Of the soccer match so. Everybody there but it either decide that macro picture showed that aren't the only night where one it was me. Well I'm Aaron. Sig you don't think that they should make as much money as the man because they're not as entertain. I mean why. Make. It a rage writing more than. A pack yet. Well anger 110. Well. Oh. I'll. I. I. You know why it. And why I hate the most about. They're loading. It tingle is gonna have all day all out and we're gonna hear about it. Or that. And start. Well. I think you got what they think you know. He's washed our patents they're public. By the way single. Crews say you know that's a bold move that you've done considering you won't be in the building for three hours and we have full access to all very expansive office. You guys users. Job now is going to be on the look out right now it doesn't work the same record date and I'll play. Well played there and.