Time to Repent FINAL UPDATE

Thursday, August 23rd

We're all guilty of looking, but is this too far?

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Star in 941. The final update on my friend who's been attracted superb passer OK so. She confided in me is I think they're gonna leave the church and is finding our pastor so attractive and during service is not my mind is not where it's supposed to meet and I know that and that. I just you know just and find myself she said Jackson a little bit more are. And just thinking about him in ways that you know she shouldn't and she's an. In no way was to translate her thoughts into reality at all she wants actually get away from that and says she said even though. My husband and my kids in my family are really involved in the stretch and just think we need to leave. So we've been getting a lot of advice from jet engines are friendly members yelled as enemies scripture descend on her and she's been listening to the show. Just calls her eve because including his term don't hang him forbidden fruit shop and I welcome she's been taking all of this advice she's been seeking the help of a really religious friend of hers they've been on for coffee and talking through all the stuff her friends settle for the some points. I told you all one of the signs that she feels like landed in her lap is that their dream house. Is for sale. It's an neighborhood about 45 minutes away from where they currently live. But they have friends that live in that neighborhood so every time she and her husband their family drafted Alex Hall look at cabinet be a dream house. You know and so they've always sort of looked at his house like supposed to be so greatly found out who their friends that the house is about to go on the market so they've got this opportunity to buy this house before. There's actually a real estate sign in the front yard. And she felt like this is this ain't our dream house is up for sale we can buy it we can move in the we're gonna move. Church communities I imagine one of those Keller Williams signed scrape by with Jesus is the picture yeah half half. Or is it with his hands so bring another way to wineries today and is not ready to receive him. This big yap. Sign in the front yard to her that says like this is what god wants seated then who. She is the lead laying in May have decided that she's going to Weaver current house between should leave her current charge and moving soon. This news does her big idea says she sits down to talk to her husband about it and really laying out there and he says I love the idea let Smith of so they already put their house on the market and they've got offers fascinating and how they're making it happen in their men and. And it's because of youth friendly. The folks who were listening to the shadow in two older. This it guy does that dad works right the we had to clear messages this is that directs this is our Jesus words. Be open to the signs that was message number one so kudos to you for humans and tournament. Deborah to the other thing the I'll say it loud and clear multiple times was that she should be totally honest with her husband. That's where I have an issue. Casey wasn't she didn't say to him I'm attracted to are passer and that's why I think to stream health is a good idea and I don't know that I think sister does agree this is our on average simulate sees it sees today and he said let's most of their moving. And I don't think there's anything wrong with Babbitt I feel like I'm in search the minority because we don't call after call. It sounded like this. Never cute she should tell her bait and you keep they all agree it is he a caddie Billy. Then maybe they just pick up its move and act I'm making the checker. She needs to tell her husband know she doesn't it's now in the hand. Total IST was what people have changes be open honest and tell him how you're feeling it in this guy you can't have a good theology is losing his job and he said it. Gary that it relationships. Just say what you did your partner and don't let that let the chips follow them. Don't know. All oh so the move that is a question for you this morning to you really believe in total complete honesty with your partner. If you know. And if you Jane. Is if they I'm I don't know how mathematically it's possible but let's say this radio station hired somebody better looking and more personable than me. OK but I imagine that I know it's difficult when the you've heard him make that comparison in my house and I did say not closet well yeah. Yeah I imagine. That somebody better looking more personable more engaging. More of a dare I say sexy. Then me. You're tired for this Asian do you feel compelled to go home and tell your husband I just religion that I am working with a really good looking personable. Actually. I don't think I would I would you have that expectation of him. I want now yeah. Don't tell me there's a new argument here that's hotter than me about the mayor you're rejected an uncle aunt medical I don't need I don't think there will be fascinated. As it needed. You know if anybody really does want total honesty from the ocean and you believe and why or why not for Ford's C 63094. Aligning your opinions are coming up next on the jet engine jump start and 401. Did you talk. Your opinion here are you really really believe in total honesty and why or why not this comes from. Friend of mine who has decided to move and changed churches because she's fining herself attracted to her past are. She has come up came up with other reasons why they need to leave the church and move so that she didn't tell her husband what she was really feeling. And a lot of you have said total honesty she she talent. Don't understand that at all Kelly and Madison at total honesty are narrow. And I actually nine years. On the field. And why or why. I'm very different things that he should not a hate like eight dealing. And we. So if your husband are spouse or whatever is. I'm working somewhere and they hire are really good looking new employee and he doesn't tell you but you go to the company party. And you meet this new employee work will Clark eighty. And he always talks how funny Katie isn't having a shared cubicle space or whatever and then you see our front of her son and young looking a person say. Are you telling Katie was knocked out playing here on mentioned that she's so fine. I exaggerate. You believe in total honesty yet says it is as bad as some of what I am man came walking in here. And then Kevin crime shows and they're gonna run into each other one man guy pays strip name. The finest man works at us right now that's as he needs you know I I fighter fringes of some other priest until at first her 100% honesty. No way that he has when he heard that. They get sued the front and I don't. But it's almost rose to think at its award leg. The way you presented Kellyanne in the U meant to present this ribbon it almost sounds controlling. Why okay because like hey I gotta give you a heads out that I work with somebody soon you don't get upset when you see that first. No I just what I'm thing about it feelings in the beginning I give they see this super hot guy who I work with all the time. That question I'm probably not like he's a really good look Canadian wanna mention that. Say you say that I it's like it's showing your cards that you got nothing high eight absolutely hanging on our side of it's like that's what could potentially really hurt his the things that they can and secure make him feel bad about himself. So that total and complete honesty is like sometimes a little too harsh brand you haven't followed up with how funny arming every night but may use them number one he now. Yeah I think yes. I would be we I would be completely we aired it out. I would almost think something was up if Cali it's in my opinion. The most perfect man on the planet earth is doctor grant Rivera has been moved him around. And it's Cali hasn't Brad yeah. I'm Kelly came home and said let me put it Google on this cadre here IE he is just taken a job in my office. And we're whatever and cheaper Google argues as wanna give you a heads up I work with the I would view it okay. Go for around and never coming out. Thought. Why aren't you bringing it out there is you know broken balding. Yeah I was good believe it not on a TE arms and legs secret slid into his deep darn hole I hit albums are not there yet. I know everything you don't think he got alarm out and sees as I. Yes absolutely completely honest they get a call and we'll let it that they don't. At least content that we have a common ground that we can OK you'll really get in order to accomplish. Yeah. Strong people mean I love nowhere seekers do lives intimacy guys who've split rock but acknowledging that somebody's kid looking isn't a secret. Think that's like but if you if you don't say it. Then your person meets this person you work with ads really go looking our past or whatever and then now I. That's why even dress up more for a worker that's why even dressed now more effort sure. Two different problems dressing up more so. They co workers have let me ask you about is. If you started having feelings would that be something that would require honesty that's for some that were you check yourself. But would you say keep it for that goes surface level to something else then does it change your answer. It muddied by having a prize is it that far because I'm still. Mind blown that if you work with a good looking person you have to warn your significant and his I don't want. Seeing as this plays you just put out there so that way if they ever see this person they don't feel like. You didn't tell them summit that zoo it may be one enough that's the textbook definition of a warning. That's used you put it out there so that when they encountered them main ally you're not like I'm warning you that this person so fine you're gonna feel insecure I'm just on talent in this and LA when you see them you don't feel like had hidden anything same warning makes it feel heavy is that value and does make it out to be like. Hey I love the drug of priests that we have in our church is so hot sari name I I just got to put it out there you feel user like deflate the meaning behind it I just kind of pop and that whole bit nicer that if you guys playing here for appropriate to. From my point of view. I would never ever ever meet a coworker or friend of my wife alleys or anybody's. And think. While that person really good look and wonder why she didn't give me a heads up. They do it actually be the opposite. Minimize plan and I think I can't I have. Hi Jessie yeah it's my friend hi Jesse. You called her hot Jesse yeah are in front of Kelly I wasn't warning can only run. Yeah it's OK. So I I work with. Hot grant Rivera. And I just sail like that then captain hundred no and it's not a warning you just put it out there because. Kelly she's got hot Jesse as a friend Jenn hobby is got hot Rivera. You know whenever an Alley when they meet it's more like a lighthearted like oh you're the hot line break but I didn't go on the morning hey. I didn't go home and go haters gonna give a heads at mommy and me who I met tonight and Kelly's views on C announced. Asia reader and she's not been able to tight Alley. Well if yes say that that he's on a level by your honest about it that's the point. I would now yeah your view of purity completely out of context I was it was a joke is you called hot Jesse late tennis they give I don't yeah. They're just gonna agree to disagree. Until Odyssey. Yeah. All learn and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.