Throwback Thursday: Senior Year

Thursday, August 4th


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Justin show you know it's Arnold for one it is the first Thursday of the mine and that's means. Throwback Thursday for the jet engines. For a wreck Thursday as where we dedicate time and our lives. And we grabbed songs from that time and alive and we showed them mania and since you guys are back to school so early we decided to do. Songs that remind us of our senior year of high school I guess urges high school in general tests on me here. And when it pops on it just puts you back in a place in your memory immediately I we get Sarah my son does its best and. It is the best one hands down I don't know I Chan to mine Jan you know like my. Right you listen to mine don't dance Iran and Syria you re enact dance again. Yeah. Hey when this place where are you. Are they did this this is right. I'll see you are Syracuse. And the part of this on where he says wrong move your dad half the rumor was he was saying rob Moore you're dead and rob Moore I think. That was an aim was a football player on this here keys. Football team. It was flirting with one of the girl's. Hoover's the name of the album of the Shelby of devote guy that was a major high school grammar yeah okay. Hard to top but I. I can do. I will be yours battle for the years. CNN Amber's gonna go rate analyst I gave it to our producer David who into a scoring here in the Atlanta area. And Carter's well they'll. A tiny little private. Christians want for ourselves. That Christians didn't want the chance this that he did the and radio everywhere yeah. Does it feel. Guys know me who is going to high school in China or is it cheneys internal we're gonna talk to later in the now. I've come feel bad about what I wanted to do it as it now and we're gonna do it at that was Zoe who's literally from China. And it and it and I don't think to me too offended born and raised in China came here to go to college. And they took an internship with the jet engine shadow but we're gonna have heard I've sampled different names that Chinese food that talk about its authenticity. Taste. Gets here for a final super authentic Chinese arrest an awesome and I can't wait to hear that and now. And I wonder too is an American this is what they are rocking out here in China he says in 2005. Boston it's. In high school. Is very Cheney is you know after. Jeannie what we did you go to school at state. That's me. Represented Atlanta. How into his sushi bar here in Atlanta Daryn and you know the sushi bar and they were playing at like 5 o'clock. They are playing the unedited version of that in and Nana and their other people in their lot in none of the that none of the employees seem to now and I'm like. There's kids since yeah look around look at it radio burst. And they nobody cared much. Efficient authentic music and ethnic. JP. Who. Is run and everything forest from the other room keeping this on the air. It's. The ignition. He adds you. And unlike a lot of things. Three game weekend stadium about a half decent. So. Yeah producer Kelly. Sergeant Kelly and I. And Jenn hobby last finale and this is my very first job I worked at a restaurant it was actually called the team room and the little ladies in saint Petersburg Florida would come that afternoon TV. And so I was is of my first serving job and I loved it I especially love it because chef big Al was in the kitchen. And when I hear this song all I can remember is like it plates ready to take out tables big house and in his is it. I'm not doing. The best memory. My first job. There's a great time and it's just builds up they can view it. As you. Are there on car. And I do next. Your ideas things that he had an idea free throw back Thursday. Category idea definitely an end to us press. And the way they handled it well unlike a lot of we can't we can't get him about that have anything. She didn't judge well. Arnold for one.