Three-Word Shade

Friday, December 1st

These 3-word insults are all you need to throw the perfect shade. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Japanese yen shell all now. Well skits and absolutely free it only takes you about three minutes into it and you look absolutely. Make somebody's day a very special somebody. I had before we tell you about this out ramseys gonna give people's minds. Thinking about what we're doing next Kev you are an expert. It might drop shade at throwing. Our challenges this. Rose shaved. In three words. Thank you there was on Twitter Roy beef hash tag three words chained. I'm sorry we're shade start your mind thinking in that direction you consider yourself an awesome thrower of shade the next few minutes is per year. 4042630941. If you wanna share your three words shade the tab again is three words three words chained. And it's exactly where that would translate and Janet the first call. Might be the only call we take it's that good it's that easy always that easy and it's. One reason. PH is arms are Francis in Atlanta. Three words shade. Go ahead. Let your heart I'm okay. That's the original southern shape as they your heart. Is as dry so useful in any circumstance. And immediately diminishes anything that's being talked that is so good I mean thank you Francis that's awesome way better yet had a pretty. Once I came up when did you happy Friday. Gonna supersize that. Ahead and hunt. Just get right. Appreciate it if he makes it is as one word. Pressure. Yeah ha ha ha ha ha and yeah. You got any of these. RIA. Emblem on it. And now it's not getting our it's too mean. Montana. I've outlined. How good of a bunch. Oh. That is really shady rescuers are your mom. 40426309493. Word change. And you think you can beat last year cards. To have like 101000 next day attendants didn't. N shall star. We can't challenge for you this morning do you throw shaded in the real words. Kind of tough to do until we call Francis said. Your heart it's the ultimate southern chained isn't it 4042309201. Is our number. Derek and Alpharetta. Three words shade when he got yeah. Read lower loan you have Marci his. Stay. Dollars so much better southerners and we are I Jessica and Covington three words shade guide. Election. Yes. Ryan and high rom three words shape go ahead. JS beeps are. Whom. So Dana thank you Rand. Oh. I shy man in that Noonan. Bullet actually got new line is are you sure and the other ones yes. Wow that sucks. Are you sure is really again. Are you Schoen Gary incoming. You'll pour momma. You are. And then leave our aims and islands I got some of these then whipped open notepad a. Well those usually gets and I feel it went on I can't let you bring that. Gone. Boy I'm. Yeah I am laying there you heard the shade of sort of towards music stereo and I'm for a lot of talent for you can. It's so tiny. Coming you've moon and I asked Sony okay Jiang. I've got one trio of three pregnant. Thing I would as yet I'm arrogant costs in. How about now it's time. Called. So again we have this conversation got up faced a crisis and the list for dot com Germans and show I Ian comment three where. Followed Chandler and kind of seismic rape one and (%expletive) they Chandler. Higher that's. Are. Oh yeah how about this this why am I an. I know this drives. Women especially now that I get it to enemies who want to punch a puppy. Okay what is it you should smile. Hello. Yes this is as direct insult rather than through or shallower when you don't arm make of any given you feel on a tank. In that's just your way of Tom Allen Beck very today. I I I say this on you quite a bit when you poll a year blonde moments. And you ask really. Misses classes fashion yeah right. Kind of like if I was taking a picture with Kelly's family and the beach of New Mexico at at right now that's when we say here's so pretty tough time. So for me. I think get this on the first for now it makes sense a darned. And I anode and I didn't hear of its own and when I was reading a bit now I know exactly Richard as a guy and. Yeah I got to give credit to my daughter crystal cites in her key. Do something good you're trying to brag about code 188. I will look at you know a lot of I thank you guy. I've faced but that comic Jeffrey change. Three words shade if you're gonna add anything littlest. We will. Since the question the insulting questions with a best when I this Abreu would be the last washing up you're not married. I. Yeah. Saving out like yeah. They've got time Davidge Ngo from our. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.