The Three Types of Women

Monday, March 27th

Author Elizabeth Gilbert says there are 3 types of women, and how you choose to live could have drastic consequences


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star now before want to jam isn't about to upset some women. Jeff is gonna make some ladies man well there are the only three types of women in the world. And all of us have to figure out who we are I mean what category we follow and and if you're in the wrong category Sears and living your life in the wrong category in explains. Why things are not going right for you three need Janine and tallied a command here then as you'd explain these three categories and we'll try to figure out. Is there is that it's pastor something actually a really interesting theory you just have to self reflect a little Betsy sell them things that women I'm not sure if you're aware are good that yeah. Well that's a that's why come god touch someone how to turn grapes and alcohol fits specific extent Baghdad Hotel room where their self reflection on right now and in this as everything to do. With children yes and it comes from author Elizabeth Gilbert sure Eat Pray Love and several other novels. You know based on her life I guess loosely loosely based on her life and she's got to theory that there are three types of women I feel like some women might need to turn the radio off right now because you're gonna make them very upset. You think what year about this you're about to talk about. A woman's ability to that. Her ability to be apparent by now it's it's pretty intriguing so. She says there are one men and women first category institution hands down definitely be moms. Absolutely born to be mothers. Good added innately. Supposed sue. Procreate. Thank then there are women's problem enemy antagonism and call them. Readers a breeze. Hassle as company that she says there are women whose should be idiots that she should only be the anti club. Am a programme antes. Then there are women who should never ever ever ever. Be around children. Now I'm gonna cause them. SVU. Offenders. I here's isn't tell Oprah talking about it she can maybe explain it a little bit more free UK pretty. Listen closely and not a moderation of children. That was your choice is my choice and and it's a choice of people asking about all the time and there always a little hesitant to ask because they feel like it's invasive and I'm like let's talk about this yeah. Because I think we all should talk about this and and that determination I've come to. Is that there are three kinds of women in the way of their women who were born to mothers there women who were born to be panties. And their women who should not be eleventh intention to the child took off and it is very important. You figure out which one of those camps you belong because tragedy in our results from ending up at the wrong Catholic church and it is of course is terrible tragedy our. What a powerful running to say and I'm in the anti Cheney who I caught into brigade I Earl chapter about the sin in my book committed because. The assumption is that you don't have children he children. You know the UT camp loves children is look this isn't a solution kind of. Now that is a powerful statement that if you. Are in the wrong category soon if you're a person who should be ten feet away for decades. But you decide to have kids tragedy. And sorrow is the result yet that means you spend your life miserable tragedy and sorrow results from being in the wrong category. 404. She's 63094. Wine. That is our phone number I would love to talk to him and to. Either passionately agree air passionately disagree or even people. Who have found themselves in the around category. Right if you identify with one of these categories but it's not the one that you are and that you're living your life and any talk about what that means for you so the three types of women in the world. Women who should be mom's web readers readers. Only the ante is antes and women who should never ever be around children. SVU of I think. For a good 66399401. You guys identify with us all. And Yemen I mean Nancy Holloway and I love what she said at the end of out. Whenever your woman you say you don't want kids people automatically think oh you don't like kids. I love kids I saw her out popped closed things out I don't want the responsibility I don't have any interest senate. And I love being in hand because I can share them with love and and I can give him give him back the F yeah hygiene. Curious to hear about people who've. You know may be found out they were in the wrong category 'cause I kind my whole life was like mom I'm so gonna be a mom and so exciting you know to one day get to the point where I feel ready. Like what if I get there and I'm like I should have been in that third category. If that's. He has the same category as them but for cats yeah I thought yeah. Cat people people that are good as long as they're friends of cats and a people addition Iran. 4042630941. A strong statements. From. Elizabeth Gilbert an author saying that tragedy and sorrow will results. If you find yourself in the wrong category of of parenting I because think about if you are women who isn't ever around children just because that's the way life turned out for you. Let you desperately want to be a mom. Then hearing it you're you're living your life at the wrong category Amelie do you agree or disagree with this theory. At Tulane green I'm actually an antique. I can hand my neck out panera at least. Say you're MA I'm the best chance ever category but don't wanna be a mother. Peg yet. They then MI Wendy and other there right now. Not. Here get consistent January she's living her life in the right category says she's really happy about it Jenna I almost don't wanna pick up this next call. She is a mom. OK I think this is gonna get real honest I'm I'm proud of her for calling hey Victoria. Hey Gloria you're a mom who realizes that you're in the wrong category. I am I sentiment anti crowd I love my kids I would never kick it back planet. It definitely along the main anti category. I didn't know that how do you feel that way. I can't contention that illuminate Ali lunch or free mall is very spontaneous and it's you can't really cute that. You know with kids that. And I love my kids not really if they can't glamour I love my kids I had and Nancy Tyler. Loves my. Mickey do you need says that. Not huge in the work you can. Because you feel like pressure to be a mama and like that's three you'd drive and then you're gonna get married then you gonna have kids and then. Especially you know. I I grew up not wanting to get married now why you have kids but then capped at Eli pop didn't sell. That. You know. Did you feel pressured into the decision of having kids. Or at the time you were like do it. Our government really. And he managed. It's managed. To cap and and I love my kids Norma Perez mom I though like as it doesn't opt. Hi this is definitely out of you for admitting that that's that's hard to say out loud Stephanie and alana same exact situation hey Stephanie. They should have been an. Yes I. And act like a note that it big headed and not my kid that and I love to do stuff at them and never trading meeting of the world but. I don't have the patient I really don't I I myself getting impatient so easily would think. And then I'd might ethernet used to have more patient dumping it became. I know when I'm done I think I'm gonna make it go back to their parents. You know I get paid a visit and I like how the grandparents are when they're done they get past them backed. So their parents. Her behavior and I. Do you. I'm. Do you. Another way to say they do eat I wanna see do you regret having kids but do you think you're a bad mama now because you're in the wrong category. Don't think I'm a bad mom I'd do Bill White. There's always room for improvement like I do wish that I have but more pay like well my daughter takes a magic marker smile why we all. Yeah it's very hard unlike. I hate to be Brad banks. Is poking video of the parent they're Michael acting and other children making all these methods don't like I wish I had that patriots. They're patient. Seve take some comfort in that I think all mom's wishes they had more patience is so. You may still be an Enron category but. But just know that we all feel that way it's OK okay this yeah you're not the only one. What Ray-J and you'd. Yeah I use certain should've been a breeder I feel like I am in the right category at the right time in my life okay. So I'm really glad that I waited until later in life to have kids because I got to go out and get that party I had the party inch gap I don't. I don't know if it was from being an akin grown up from private school Ambien really. You know my parents were overprotective. And I couldn't yeah I mean it was only allowed even watch couldn TV ER dual a lot of things so I had. A big curiosity. That I need to get an a big like party's side of me ran wild side and need to get out of nicest some writes I'm really glad that I did that in my twenties and thirties and made some really really big mistakes. Enough time in my life. Today and be able to find my husband grant and have kids at this age now I feel like him I'm in the right category. Rachel a new man who welcomed the shell. How are they I completely agree. I. Knows somebody that. Is extremely good crowds and I'm Eric writes spare explains to be a mother. And it kind of made until crap. Additionally. I have five children out of my own and I saw very shelves. But three of my children are adopt it. Because somebody obviously had children that was not. I'm amazed they were ready they were not wired to be apparent. But if you if you got a family of five now five kids. Let you weren't I mean that's that's in your DNA then you're yeah but I warn it really Lehman. As we move I have met some new friends recently who have won who has seven children and one who has sport and they are so good. They just balance at all they let it all slide they don't get worked up over things it just comes with more marquee hints at. Well that's it everybody citrix Atlanta. But it just relaxing about it all. That's what everybody says though about is that even joked about it. Wayne Reese was colored mirrored her own face of the Highlander right hey you know right now I've learned that you be an urgent care yet calling poison control on your way. And with recent like we don't eat those how does stood out at an OK get eye candy and done with a lot of militia now. I don't. Right so there's three types of women in the world women who should be moms should be aunts and women who should never be around children are you in the right or wrong category. I want him in the great category at this time in her life I'm a mom and I love being a mom at last every little thing he does but I wanna say that this. Work this theory works thank delegate change at any time later in different times of your life you get onto a different category. You know my sister should not be around kids that competition and but we sure that interstates looked at. Eventually and time machine to cherish it will be a good you know good mom visited but it depends on where you are act in your life at this time. Which category volunteer. I think it's very rare for a woman might Kelly cheese to be as young as she is and make that definitive statement that she doesn't want kids. I think long and we just don't know. Don't know the right that you your guys circumstances. We'll created if you meet your partner and your like I have to raise children with this person is the perfect person you may change your mind to be in not breeder category. Are in the category who adopt children you know. I have I have a friend who is a lesbian who never thought she wanted to have kids until she found the right partner and then was like oh I how to raise children with my partner. So. I Lorraine Fayetteville. You agree or disagree this theory there's three categories of women. According to this author of the as the category that must have kids. Is the category that needs to stay twenty feet away from all kids all time what are and there's the antes who are. Good wave and afternoon for the kids but then give Mac amount and then. I drew as a 150%. I had my children one hours when he Lauren I'm now pretty much. And I'll let you know wanted children and I love my children I am glad I had my children at a young eight. That I'd do a good there's estimates that I don't act due can't you do not have children and they don't need to have children because they are wonderful and even now that I'm older I mean there are great let me mark as that we Alec waited out a lot of memory. And Newark are nominal yet there's so I agree and at a 100% but the what I. It says are also being neglected the direct and we have but I'd like it to be written about men as well. Oh yeah without a doubt a little thing yeah so. I really hit. I think yeah the Arab IC should be fathers guys you should just be uncle's right and guys who should say really really far away from kids. A Leah is not happy with this conversation that hang Dalia. Yeah absolutely hey how you dad's doing. I actually blow. Gilbert and I love all of this thing Rasheed I don't disagree with it I think it's not they're at it and have to win. Like we don't AJ is saying that MI output when you when you're well. And like you stated I had a little itchy like that and I needed to get out it. Actually that hard to admit it's good if not for three years to really keep insecurity and I absolutely. My cap like I would do it. Anything for her like talking about her late we actually I'd go to say that you know they're the ones category that you can get an attempt it's if I don't I don't agree with that actually. If you grow our debuted in any need to. If you go with it any candidate takes a lot of being there to say it's abhorrent category. It's not that it's not bad apparently near the united not ecstatic packet you know and it's darling blew me. How could I customize yeah right Harry you get kidded my. Okay are you scratch my wallet and into marketing something keep in touch or staple your car like that. And I mean that's the mother that out yes I think that that's coming from a perspective from one had he ever wanted to keep it meant question. She can just dumbed down to add. Thanks answers. Sorry. I'm Camelot. You. Bringing it we can post this online I edit Jeanie we throw this and that yet under trophies from page in the clip of the interview because so many people wanna get are fired up about it we can continue the conversation. And young can talk back and forth to each other. I just gonna FaceBook dot com slash Jeffrey didn't show. But I'd just summarize it once again. Three categories. Of women according to Elizabeth Gilbert the author. Women who should be moms of women who should only be panties and women who should never ever be around children. Are all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.