Thoughtful Gift Gone Wrong: Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

Her V-Day gift from him was based on their first date out, but she doesn't remember ever going there.


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So somebody in the family has a dilemma. We come together and try to crowd source a solution. Family member Wynn the issue is Allison welcome back to show elephants. That's let's get a 32. Recap. What we're dealing with today. Oh my poetry and give me a few great sentimental beautiful lovely Valentine's Day gift yesterday. Mementos from whenever first seats. But it's a restaurant that I don't remember going to. At all can't remember the date at all that he talking about and my best friend said that and it grew and everything with him if I'd tell him. I was going to tell him about not now rusher. And I think it's important note that he wrote a heartfelt note. We is. The items. A book of matches right and I had cork wine cork from the first date and put in shadow box yeah but in the note he talked about how he kept those things BK is. He knew that you were a special person at that meal. That you were attacked. Edit that need maybe probably didn't go to. A leash is it a leash early Xia. A leash welcome to the shallow. Tokyo. I'm definitely saint Al earned just go with an enjoy the memories. Even if it doesn't exist says he's gotten about entire vacation as my husband was like let's go back to blue ridge this year and I'm like. Sure gonna let the bathroom likes stared at myself and certainly in the mirror like each each to circle to lose. And so it was my fifteen year old had to confirm mom went to blue ridge you guys had unheated that you did I met. I'm totally should complain about it someone knows it could be that she doesn't remember. It could be her memory or could be his memory exactly but it. But he loves you know right you made a memory out of enjoy it. Jen and Ellie she and it and allison's brand you can't just go with it because of the words in the notes. So using because he was reading the words I know he was actually. Those sentiments warn about her bride because your pets he said when he was at the restaurant. He realized that she was special and that's why he kept those two items but if they were never at a restaurant together and he's. Thinking of someone else always thinking of someone else the sentiment in the emotion. That love is so far heard the woman sitting right in front of him. He just cut the restaurant foggy and what this sorrow world are we living in where your defending man. Thank the guys maybe a fifth of June he wants to sabotage them I know I'm kind of on your side. But in like let's figure it out because if this was me I would I would feel way to guilty cannot anything could if I forgot something and in my memory I probably did. But I would go to an okay link hey. I feel really really really bad about this or maybe even trickier. Asked to go back and kind of say you know I feel so guilty this memories kind of foggy I really wanna read it because it feels like. You know how did you know that you are so into us right away because like. Maybe that night I don't remember it very well and let me be Ellison is invest now wanna Knoll on a recreate that moment and go back to an angle back and if that doesn't start any memories and I've. Early so be like I feel so bad honey I don't remember this like. At all like what was it though about me and then like that forget it'll trigger someone's memory and then he'll be like well when you said this and then she'll be like. The sister and Dakota could have. Really good idea you know yeah I have to be so let her memory will get. Someone's memory and you have to open it by saying hey I don't know 'cause otherwise. You're both gonna go into it only not saying anything and anybody like I usually like less. Because I would have to see like sweetie feels old black the only problem. With that you mean is they can't recreate the date if he is already deleted dikes number from his final. That's who use it. The Heather and can't welcome to the show. I just thought the day. I shouldn't ING. Eleven I thought I should be a lag I don't remember NN. I think you might. Have we make of a thumbnail did not been alert and note. Make it a problem at a. Now heartfelt note is are her. Yet again even at a restaurant richer or whatever their value add that I would never like she. Obviously you want her like hello I'm they've been together like you should remember your birdie you'd say at least like. Yes as. It didn't get it out on you don't want to get old and it. Angola so I like there was that it did happen in the U wanna have we're all the issue light. I and more forgiving is my memory is so foggy but I think it could be so quality just. Couldn't he just didn't call the right restaurant how long have you been dating Allison. It almost a year account you Letterman. Having seventeen total loan interest that might have to do with some other girls memory just like Sonoma shall presented stare at a and your request in court ten million staff. It's totally seen Jeff here thank you Jeff your pop them out. This this situation right yeah he is humbled to be up inside it would eat me Evan but like that would totally have to confront him about it. And not even might be like completely lake rob I don't are relatively are you with a one out kind of thing it's like OK any I don't remember this. Can you give me some more seat belt about what happened and NBA it's a totally apologetic about it but militants it needs to be brought up. And Tunisia did you just hear what Allison said that's a bit of a game changer they've been dating a year. Ronnie and I think he did remember that game hitting five years. Right mullah. Laura and passionately hate agreement that. Says they're starting to change your mind is the literature and yeah the one year's thing is a critical piece of information Iowa I can push you over the edge I'm gonna change everybody's minds. Okay including Jennifer Jennifer is passionate. Do not tell him right Jennifer. I interpret it. Saying it's not old weren't there oh dear ignorant that can happen afterwards she. Had a can I opt Larry and I. They believe it or not believe how would you know. He had a lot of hits the back you know or are. You want it she. In Hershey I never reach she pretty bad or no which. I only music can. And she does. She. I think she forgot it. I Jenna her and I am going to guaranteed. Change your mind changed Jim's mind change Allison for allison's friend's mind. I tell I'd realize I I can do it there's this gym and I'm gonna do it in like. Like one minute or last. Just one I'm gonna plant one little CD in your head and you'll never ever ever. DOK when you yeah turn. NC are still are.