Thoughtful Gift Gone Wrong: Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

Her V-Day gift from him was based on their first date out, but she doesn't remember ever going there.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. Allison and certainly got a have a great Valentine's Day should have really sentiments of fear of this to commemorate her first and see whether boyfriend. Only problem is. She doesn't have called that particular date at all so the shipping shuts us some case that she's gonna join us here to explain what's going on. So did humor called. A first date with someone else that would be offered. Fresh take awkward. If we get here this story hey Alison organ of the show. OK guys thanks for having me. So as we understand it either her you have a terrible memory or your boyfriend has a terrible. Yeah. One of the two and I'm I'm not entirely sure which one I'm sorry. I'm so yesterday it turned around and say I had like one of the best. State ever and let me think give me this super also sentimental gift that I loved. They actually need be he might have been thinking about another girl. When he gave it to me. OK why why exactly was the gift. So he gave me a wine court. And a book of matches made an attempt to control the shadow box with a note that he read aloud to me about. How much they mean to hand the status read it from restaurant that he said. Let's from whatever church state. A. I tour members and their restaurant. As Harry in my whole life. So what is I ask a dumb question so he saved it what is a shadow box. It's a picture frame but it's got some depth to it so you can put things that aren't just flat. Pictures in the frame like maybe a book of matches like a book of matches or wind or or or some sort of fabric or something like. And is that book the book of matches obviously has the name of the restaurant on its. And he would have been like your first bottle of wine together and the bottle in the cork is from the bottom be shared at the meal the you don't remember being yet. Right exactly like he talked about how he knew that he's seeded because he knew that I was someone special. But I'm wondering if someone help me be with someone special. On Mary Lou OK so did he'd have a really bad memory hard do you typically have a background that. Is it seven me I would blame myself. Smart memory. Lead back. At first at first I thought that it must have been me it's really pretty good about the kind of stuff. They didn't say anything right away but I don't I spent hours and hours thinking about it trying to remember and I mean legal. Media I didn't. But I just don't know. So you know when he gave you big gift and read you the note yesterday you'd just went with it. Oh yeah. OK so rightly so but was that doubt in your mind immediately when you opened it up and you saw the restaurant name. And you heard the story where you bid that was it an immediate like. Never ran there hopes that. Yeah yeah it with. It was pretty immediate it was like well I don't what did. I don't. And I dare I here's amen ask JPM regular phone number out in case anyone has been and it's about that in case there's anyone who can. Offer annie's suggest you give them guessing your question is at this point tell Hummer not tell them right. Right how right I was I would definitely looking into day I figured it. It really wouldn't be Gillick is Iranian link. I would I can get behind and meet many have been I'd go to work. Dinners the lie. Unison to think I can stop but I've kind of been all over it can sometimes they blend together it and I beat her the things. Only explained a trend that. And she freaked out Cilic absolutely not you cannot tell him that he's gonna ruin everything. So she says keep up alive. There he would be embarrassed if he did get it wrong or he be embarrassed if you didn't remember and it is something so special to him. I have 404263094. Wine is our phone number ominous start when JP because he's the other man and the roof. Would you want ten narrow if you screwed up something so special for Heidi. The U put a ton of thought and energy into. Would you wanna know or would you just one Heidi a role. Oh my gosh I wanted to roll with the my arm bitches are sweating so much is listening to that leg nervous or that guy. If he did screw up that restaurant. Because it here's what sucks about it is. Alassane if it wise it if if it turns out he's wrong and that means he was thinking of the other one man. When he wrote a heartfelt letter. All it just means he's got his memories mixed up he's not sitting in front of her rating note her thinking about someone else I mean he still loves her SC is because it just must have gotten the deet tails mixed up on the restaurants. When he said he spoke at the stuff from the restaurant because that's where he realized. How special she was right it tell you that right Alison. Yet exactly. But I know that means he could've just makes it to. He put them somewhere if you put an end Rory a couple of years ago and enough memory gets foggy and he's like I know what I'll do for Valentine's Day on isn't special and goes in the draw or. Dissect it grabs old Ron memory I don't think it means he doesn't love her mad very must loves her Madison and commerce. I ain't you know maybe she backed direct strike it would trying to help jog her memory. You know train at. Hammering dementia and maybe you can help her you know have I don't protector or a lawyer light click on I did she confront and mental you know that turned into. We'll go. So she needs to do use samba recon today in the Ers go to crash trying to get inside the of the okay. Walk around yeah I like that idea Denise and Johns creek well would you India. Any good morning guys I would you know why he remembered it being hurt. Even if you wasn't her co. Hitters just a quick I have to be. I thought I'd be thankful we got a thoughtful man even if the thoughts are about another woman into their old jumbled up. Yeah. So you could create that Denise do you agree with her fray and then just keep your mouth jet. Enjoy the moment. I've heard thank you do these things and yes our our our universe borrow for. Teams 63. 0941. And we'll keep taking your phone calls and tell you more help from. Allison and I can't say Alison would you do I.