Thinking in Accents

Wednesday, November 15th

Kelly and Jeannine need some comfort in numbers. Anyone else think in an accent? 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. And show believe that there is no comfort in numbers. So that means we need you to participate again to show it to get. Merged into a bar on. We're gonna discuss various its journey you horse at all. Thank Jimmie and Kelly take it. Brochure eye's view realm. And as you're driving visit them. Yeah your eyes and view and imagine. What atmosphere like inside the heads. Of Kelly cheese. And pretty surgeon meaner as we asked collared canine. The deep breath and that's our journey that together inside. While they're thinking very hard. It's more like why are you thinking very hard but. I'm thinking size on right now. I'm gonna go grocery shelf things that we'll just back. Think the captain Cummings have principles. And some assassinated I wholly. OK. Let them. Is it every time you guys hold on time. Every time you're talking yourself in your head here in a British accent yeah like yesterday kind of Australian alone that you they get tears yeah. Like here in my dreams and it is you know exactly what it Jeannie review every time I. And yeah I mean it started when I was a kid I think is Hugh Laurie was one of my favorite for his actors and I've and that he was British and a lot all of his British sketch shows and how they can and then. This golf all the praise and heads DD nothing in the mergers are can I do this dialogue Obama and they've got my favorite cereal and delightful and they. Wow and he elegant like oh closing British. Thinking hell out yeah and I try eight Nokia and hey how is it. That this is a so weird and beat both of you doing. I can. Well you're asking a question definitely know I know many. And then I took my headphones off during the song channels like through the hills think in an accident means you mean my power high fives. Yeah I just hope I. Class today. We're Amber's borrow short series so just let me know nine or one if you think NN. Accent he didn't do you framing things. Like. Like as though you are from the United Kingdom no. To stay and sometimes. Like I'm missing and that this was a cobblestone. Does she think she today. Now if you like overcast and really is that I want some teen crime it's no Crump it is but I won't. Right and again. Does it feel lonely in Great Britain right now because there is now near one front line. Not I don't really have adamantly thinking about renewing. Where does choose special. Place. Ideally we we're talking on the air when I read and reading the when I mean how loud or in my head. I'm always reading a British accent always check the IIOK. So appeared on the innocent. What does it tell. So when you see British actresses and actors in interviews do you feel like you are one of them like your that's your people. All I can use movie Kate Winslet friends sent sites that you know in an interview. I'm not really IE you're like I get a use your map your my girlfriend quite average like I understand them matter because I can speak and their backs them but I don't. I don't ever really feel for an answer that I had our Australian. I just I just think that way. Change like after you've been drinking every from mine as well while when I'm drinking and it's just fall on the whole time and somebody brings it up. I'm like yeah just an island out here comes British Kelly and on this coming keep telling. But that's just because liquid courage so that alcohol makes it more intense yeah and then it's definitely an Australian verses for an issue. Have urged because you've had one of those humongous cans of beer exactly what this column. That's why. She is important that kind of fosters. Right I don't know as of Sunday it's green and white hand as a straight on the and yeah yeah. He goes faster and faster and. Is it tied Heidi apprehension name. Jay my hand that mag down is Kelly and she means British soul mates. You can check it. Actually my best car. Donna I agree that lead when we have court together that Ali top called upon. If it's completely normal. I'm really. Isn't half a risky and Dawson bell. And they're Chris day. It's British for you to go. She is equal. You know you were shown. Accounts alone lost by yeah I'm currently trying to get higher and nothing happens better and I said. Idiot is when does your accent coming out of your head. Mostly I'm actually in. Jackson using hardest class. Oh man has done an ingredient gaga have a hand in about a good yeah yeah yeah regular order that their. I billion accept that spread is in your head do you just make him a pretty making it much. But what do you say is that they wouldn't call it an English muffin with a sound oh here it cooking and British if not mates. They've last night. Well on my some. Angst and I didn't have to amend my sons and I'm very Australian I know. Hi Kerry in Roswell that is there. Oh. Yeah. I only running around all. You're really getting big goals Zoe it's like it's clear brush that needs to join your group is. Glory in Atlanta. Hi yeah I think actually it all the time. Well that I am just. Some of the China's. Senior that we can't really talk it. Doesn't know that we want and we won the war right let me. Over it was meant July 4 yeah I'm Megan then. Do you think or speak in a British accent. Ocean I'd do you could teach income until it come out and it would you think that didn't get right away. Because they think that their mind their teachers losing it I talk to us like we're the class. Yeah are weakening. And how do the Sunday sun going down like the food menu in my. Hammered on some really good answer my dale below. Exhibiting in flowery branch. Dolly. I do it all the time with my friend a great in my in my. Intended to thank you know. I'm. And do you. Hey I swear to god we just have to stop this there's no clothes dolls will not not cable network effect. IIC. And eight great economic ion and now my eight year old daughter dads that let me this. And that. Yeah diet and now I job drop what their dad is like a bat and he's like why is being read. This not saying. Yeah I just did so and. Yeah. Yeah camp. Damn lie. I straddle the line. Exit isn't daunted saying. I play better now Obama. Yet we've literally ago. Every home will bottom line is let us down with people who think and British accent yeah well. Don't think you would drop the idea except that and I appreciate your opinion and Jenny breaking objects. Yeah. And not. I read it and. Thanks for making this wedge to indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and.