They Ate Thanksgiving Dinner With Their Hands Part 2

Tuesday, November 29th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. I so I am still trying to pick out all the formal little rule. Can be used during our talk nerd girl staff. Too loud bass street we got by the way if it is from Kendra set Kendra. She has can't decide if I'm more baffled by a Texas nonchalant attitude about stealing fifteen dollars as co signing from last hour. Or this family that eats Thanksgiving sands utensils. It's still rate their way to Kendra and tonight and we. Yeah the strange series SF got invited by a coworker because that's new to Atlanta stayed in the city for Thanksgiving her coworker. Again I come over and have Thanksgiving with us. With no rule of warning him that they only eat Thanksgiving with their payments on the entire meal was you other hand this is that you said. A union on a feel like you're Arab. Being rude so you'd joined NN eight with your hands the I would probably do this it. I think it's great. His staff did their right. I am I in he's got a question for Amy. Hey I'm sure it did they have a sports are part of they had used their hands and article did you know you can't hear it. I didn't know you'd canceled flights I don't think I mentioned that when it came time for dessert they are reading I like it that he I mean ever. Although. I got no beef I mean yeah late night and Saturday I mean how could be the end of I've done that. I have an Amy I want you to think about your place in line in he's just come out I want you realize later today that you use bank. I'm an easier time calling the race each and asked whether or not. Strangers I'm friends at a sport available to hammer. You if that it is food. So bizarre to me. Alice. Hey we're your theory. I can't say. It is I brought here. You eat. And eat there at your you or. Do you eat import. I'll be like really your. I I Alice Romanian question for an exam of I wrote Romanian cuisine but what what is your goats you meet. What what are Armenians have what would their staple meat. People need. So I don't need a lot of. OK so if you have. If you if you're having chicken. There's a chicken and the counter is somebody slice it and put it on your plate or you just try to grab debt burden and job off on get dinner. You might only get. Eric. That hasn't could be a cultural thing I would get a lot of cultural things may be their night is. Caucasian Asian thought they worry is that the Reiman. He thinks maybe there's a Middle Eastern connection. New middle management. It then the other bag there's. Apparent but. I'll tell you out yachts are killers say they don't they don't they're order they have. Oh there's no more or less. Now. You know according to a bomber out why he's still out there. And I don't know what I'm yeah I'm not and he might have it or. And so yet or would I use. And the rest of our answer rest our parents. But it they have sort or maybe just grossed out all. This. Julianne do you tell your friends before Iago though that hey you know do you give them that warning not necessarily mean a warning just letting you know I hit right away. I called my family's culture we live our hands so. Just ahead Ali. But I. And they really is. That a little bigger there are more or have. And I also may Aaron brown and are thank you around and for the call that I step by any chance is your coworkers named. I name Lisa. But it. Lisa welcome to the Japanese and jam. Getting. Good morning hi hey pretty little. Thank you. That sense are you were on and on all. Leaked and now I need someone out now air really and how. And I'd I'd be more curious and then anything I mean I'd never. I'm is rare we have gotten a lot of theories at least so is it is there a cultural connection and your family that was an. Obvious to us that. I don't think so I mean we're all from Alabama originally. Well there you go we got to certainly that's. All that well. In our meeting is on a roll roll tighter when Dario. I now sorry. Go ahead guys and explain at least. I'm just so sorry you had a bad time. It was not her then grounded you know we knew it might it. Well I'm Nicky word uncomfortable he should've just let them and sweetheart we don't know when he works. I'm go I just footsteps and hold bedroom where I just wanted to hear your explanation for for. And I'm. Anxious I'm a little upset at me. We all Iraq and that's what we're doing the best we can't have a call in Thanksgiving disliked pilgrims in the end it. And I think that's the especially eager trying to start a tradition are summit news on and did make it different I am I wouldn't poke fun at that I think it's at everything is different. I would join in if I don't want to. Potent and well I think we're programs product the fact that she didn't know. How could she not I mean these it's a hundred a year ago what this thing they used. Right but usually at Thanksgiving you do ease of organized so if you're you are doing it more like a pilgrim team. And really gone back to those old school ways you know just and letting some I know I hit by the way this thing female organ meat and our hands and it is gonna get dirty and fine. And you know set up that expectation. Figures is more a little bit of a shock. And I could never on my Thanksgiving table to be called dirty eat it was clean we had met in Egypt are honoring our ancestors. It's a it's a tradition has been targeted by yours. He's the civil war re an actor that's how baby in the camps and civil war or great actor Thanksgiving tell. I don't see what the problem is I'm just shocked I'm so sorry she was uncomfortable. She two pieces of. And at all of them. No I don't think you are on the Asian uncompromising choose as more so like it was unexpected. Yes I everywhere that. Room weren't laughing that your tradition we are laughing more at the fact that. When people find themselves and funny situations. It is funny. That this but I. I again I just have some question that I don't think. Like that the pilgrims and the native Americans. But that wasn't mainly that was that like heaves. They were you saying that woolly mammoth. Like that I think they had utensils. How do you not. Were you dare you want player that was a long time ago. We didn't have all the modern conveniences. You. Well I mean. They. Came over from Europe and votes I'm guessing in the order progress. For comes before. Ocean crossing paths. Seen in any. I'm telling you that's just the way they did. We're just trying to on our and check out in the hall is a beautiful saint. Yet even if you just on the sorry around you know Thanksgiving ritual every year and especially the so Lorena her. Okay. It's just a nice way to eat on her door to Kane the aura and it. I just don't see what so we're. It's OK I don't read I don't have any more questions and I'm at the at and it was just a unique experience yeah. Well I hope it will be better behaved Chris all I'm. Especially when she's lying in that uncomfortable making sure for the and wearing nothing but swallow incline. And seeing on you that. And I think what's really gonna suck Easter and I unedited essentially an eight do you and a quick. Things are on and. You're welcome and helps you order a. You really know how to make situations is the way they are gonna one crucifixion and upset. She thought she pulled the card did you have received fresh meat includes. A case happening. You need to quit you you don't go to our news and not go to work today. Is that really and I got a little. Is that really your. O worker. Oh. About why. So we're seeing in the cultural thing bodies she is now they. Others who has. And don't get me wrong I I live in Alabama many many years and you know irons it's an island mental. I never eyes that we were running win late that we get we gotta loudly ego but it I'm. If if the opportunity presents itself I would love to hear from you I'm. I just about how were quiz and happily. That and yet I think you should in the lunchroom today at work you should eat your old lean cuisine re he would meal. Without your hands or utensils against Kansas. Mr. John. Honor and then encourage everyone else via an inconvenient and pats. Didn't rule. If it ain't gonna. And of still ahead this morning Leach into. Try to gauge in the loop hole than a mile ninety seconds long. And even when Armenians. And apple are I. RR. It man who who. Star in 941.