They Ate Thanksgiving Dinner With Their Hands Part 1

Tuesday, November 29th


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I am happy for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. All right so we are about to have a conversation where. A woman who. An interesting Thanksgiving there. OK so she filed a letter to. So aside for them. But the short version of this story is she got invited to a new home for Thanksgiving and they have an interesting tradition. Apparently they eat the entire meal there of these coworkers this mutual friend have you ever been a medieval times they've an event in medieval times. And you know made it this but I imagine it's like medieval times. Is it went up in Duluth right OK and so there's a joust that goes on and it's made the whole thing's made usually in the Ryder view your meal. Metal plate in Uga had chickened. Out there anyway but like you know I don't think you get you'd assume spin. And and the rest of your soup out of the bowl. Or maybe like I is that's to be expected. And the night tonight outlets such that while the story of her and hi staff welcome. All I when you started the beginning is this is an Italian. Surer. Well. I'm relatively nano to the Atlanta area Oregon here first on. And I have about 10 am on my family scholarly and I in stick around. And then ending. And that. Very kind. Every older coworker. It is very buttoned up. Kindly invited me over firmer than it endeavor and matching sure that I was going to be alone and that I'm telling you that now and then. So in upper side of the low level that they're just because you know everything Yale and I don't know that well liked. I decided you know what chelios who look I. Might have heard a banging this particular given how. And so. I shut up and and you know I mean it would hurt scrambling it and I would definitely be outsider a thicker and. You know like how would experience now and you know. Beautiful China everything and that's it looked I think. And so you know it was kind of what I would you let our. I into bed at the time everybody says. Start. Serving themselves different and we can all gather around you know the gym that day. And I never did. Practical or let me start the Turkey. Now. Picked up the I diet instead of like completely carbon that strategic pact. Like a little bit and I'm like excited looking at it lets you can't. I'm not either and and that I know that what what not so that and then did the same rule and everybody worried are you old. All while I just about anybody. Don't into the EU mountain and we you know all that down to eat I'd I'd pick it all. It was just. It was you just saw one man do this or that was the first person everybody did I want. And that was the first birthday and then like people followed soon to say eighty. So once he kinda intimate that could put up hunt down that that Turkey in my hands. If you do everything that you get to know. What happened when he got to the green bean casserole and the state has made as and the mashed potato board are lady. And there are determined to ensure that but I think that was more are injured leg and he. It handful of a potato and more legit all and traditional and I would like the sound like my pool room it could channel click my pot but that's. So did you say that people big use this and for the potatoes and there are taking handfuls of the. They you did the lone conservative now that the you know the bank's long time like everybody sit down and eat. And they were completely eating what their hand to play they would try to be glad to colonel are potatoes are not saying. And eat or whatever lies and it and I it was and then I didn't wanna be OK I had taken you can't let me that people. I don't wanna play and buddy then I heard you had my hand. That that they didn't and it. All right so there's that so people have said they would pick up a piece of Turkey off the way engines with their hand and by game. And then put her back on their way. Not a Turkey or a piece of hand it's the use you know eating out with your name you can an adult matter and the for four. While I mean yeah I mean my mom makes these amazing roles and I put the Turkey on as an idea out of my hands but. Everything I OK my question certain cultures. Do eat with bread and that is kind of like the utensils like sop up everything. Is that what it was just like it was I mean is. Was. Now I mean that hey everybody you know will lose Caucasian they I mean native of the area. The I I did grab our child and other cultures like that. And that is it possible. Is is it possible is that it may be one person in the gambling that all their person in the family. Who has ties to another part of the world it's it's like he's an an Indian I think Alan be an Indian grass now than others is amazing Ethiopian national they give you this awesome spongy bread a day so that cost is there that somebody from. I'm from another country who are trying to. Now they now hold out hope. Did you act like you have did you add did it ever come up did you acknowledge the person next in. It doesn't Norman. Our armed ovaries you know or. Now I just I know. I was in shock. And I know you have such an outsider. That I agent and that kind of like fruit and I just moments that. That in perished in the mail by eight did what I went back to work out without I I don't have wanted to play with an electric or by rule. You know. I don't wanna have been hurt I did my grandparent apparently to point out what everybody. But I agree that. Another coworker her back to work. That clinic. I'd panic when the situation practically got it written on it and see the bullet not at all and I know you don't look at. So you know it's just a little older Laura and I like. And you didn't ask her sense about it. Now. I actually Google. To see if there's any sort of way tradition and there's nothing but there are a tremendous number of videos. Of dogs. Eating with human hands where they put him and share each round on of those. Richard race so there's definitely via I'm I'm fine and and that's our faith and it's that the only thing that we figuring out what you wanna hold you about the phone number 4047419400. And anybody has any suggestions they can just come and will let them on with you let him run him buy you in light. What floats 42 you know. Paying in and if you wanna hear more we can network if we get to Cuba theories to run by you but I gotta warn you if funds are some might not rings is yeah yeah. Those gains though if you can call it if you can hold on we'll just open the phone lines and see if anybody has anything. Network. Yeah I'm. No finish share. It's full of oatmeal and we'll come right back with you here and three minutes and we'll see if we get answers. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's gone enhanced recovery of the Japanese game show and star Nady for a one.