There's a Lot on the Line for Scott, and even more for Sweetwater

Friday, February 3rd

With big games come big bets...


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. We got to catch up with our friend Tucker who. Is over it's we order brewery they made a huge bat with the guys that Sam Adams brewery and Boston. It's gonna involve a new beer I'm either our Atlanta shelves are New England shelves. That'll be determined by the game on Sunday. Ands. We gotta talk to Scott here. Who is gonna get a big old hat to. If this felt sorry Wayne the falcons win. On Sunday says god is the tax you plan still on. Well course. I'm I'm now on those people that but coming on the universe men waivers. You been working on the sketch of the tax tail. Then it's not my job because about a drug it'll look like some wonder what their feet. So today I'm leaving that up to artists. Describe the tattoo again for anybody who wasn't listening last week. Scott described the tattooed that your gonna get. It would be Arthur Blank. Writing a falcons holding up the Lombardi trophy. I love it now ours are going to be wearing and your tax jail. I'm going to be Arthur Blank and monitor it seems because that's the most recognizable. Yes. It's great that we've seen and. And this Ted to goes on nearby Santa if you if the falcons a win I'm sorry weighing how can we and win on Sunday correct. Or is there any plan for her should the falcons not. Come home the Lombardi trophy. There's a lot of play in their eyes this is an opera Milan alone today away and it. All or nothing and the situation all right okay now I wanna give you one suggestion that it Jeff enjoy and share listener shared with us. Hi and I think it was FaceBook or Twitter after we talked to you last week about your idea. She said or he whoever was suggested that in the background. Of the falcon flying with Arthur Blank. On its back. Should be an open top Georgia Dome signifying. The falcons. Leaving the Georgia Dome as Super Bowl champion I love that idea. I just wanted to give that CNN Saturday about it. I love seeking collier tattoo artists and haven't done now and when you plan to do it right away. Earlier on the clay court there whenever my. Artists that I want to do it hasn't opening right around nine are all had them up in 8200 opening lower. I did not realize that tattoo artist Kat books a month out. When when they're as good as he is you don't think masters they'll. He's definitely got that I want to do it. Awesome all right Scott well will be thinking of you on Sunday the falcons off a win you're getting inked with Arthur Blank. Riding a falcon holding mountain Lombardi trophy flying away from the Georgia Dome out of it down as Super Bowl champions yeah. I'd Scott thanks for sharing your story with a symbol I'd check in again Monday attacked them and in addition to as Scott's. Having a lot on the line for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Atlanta's own sweet water brewery. Has a big investment in the game hey Tucker hate that RU. Well Tucker tell us about the bank's bid sweet order has with Sam Adams brewery and how it came out. On Friday you know in in tree is Sweetwater fashion we start dipping into the product a little bed. We decided to kind of blow off working go bowl laying and they're scrolling through Twitter and you know it's blown up with a story about the guy with the gas leasing gain it'll who's posted this handwritten signs saying. I'm not selling NE CM Adams until after the Super Eagles I'll meet you Sam Adams is Boston's beer it's IE they say that angle he's he's losing money. But it it's all in team pride right. And six Sam Adams story I think is similar it is we want a right to asserted small. They went regional and now there and national brand you by Sam Adams coast to coast. Except except in Italy and a bright during the super ball the same guys as we letters we see this in you know again. We've we've been sitting on CB air Super Bowl laying. As a RA let's let's make it joke. To use in Adams about business and sell we re tweeted and said hey Sam Adams he got stealing desolate and ha ha ha get it around Brady generate and sell it kicked off this back and forth between us and we said RA will less let's raise the stakes in us. Or win in the patriots lose you guys have to renamed one of your Beers dirty bird locker. And there's nothing where where all and I mean Freddie our founder and Jim their founder have talked to me this is legit if there's nothing more American than football. And a guy named Freddy and a guy named Jamaican. If I have throughout the most American thing again and a bad over beer a Freddie and Jimmy can of beer. So dirty birds blogger or at. Naming it new England's patriots for Tony okay. It up. Not nearly as creating airliners so much that Sarajevo it's not even gonna be an option. I know this is our year I feel yeah I mean this is that we are bringing one home IDs to do and we're all wait is over par and right so much time I love the spat. All right Tucker thank you for coming in and thanks for per share on the story and it's just another reason to cheer on the falcons can come Sunday big game. In Houston a lot at stake for Scott. For sweet water and of course for our team and Orlando right Farrior. You can see I'll still are.