Is There Anyone Planning A Wedding Who Isn't Engaged Yet Part 2

Friday, January 27th


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We'll turn it switches on this done now. It's my friends and show. I am heavy toll on us in the right now. I only hit the wedding bed because there's not a crazy person that mr. Night a brand is planning her wedding and she's not engaged yet that's all right the only thing she handled. Is it her boyfriend her sweet boyfriend who she's been timing about a year she's ever killed in love with. Asked her parents. Don't know how she knows the if her parents told her she overheard something I don't know how she knows that part she knows he asked her parents for permission day after Christmas so she went in the planning. But she doesn't have a ring finger. I've read personally is sad and don't forget it would just a second ago we are quick introduction Alley she actually about her wedding dress months before. Yeah I can't wait ever there were so we're gonna get her serve with the and injures and is a reminder as we do every Friday and the jets and all the fields coming out. Who have budgeted. Good news good news stories and make you feel happy about human beings so that's that estimate it from here are dead yet humans in it too good time day. Just that some positive via the but here's. Of this. Next few minutes urged we're gonna talk to misty came misty welcome to the show howry. You Lorraine. We are greats. Are you when your husband as I understand it both started planning the wedding before the eighth. We he had. He and I did not need an engagement. I need a proposal I didn't need to ringing and he is the land that that weenie to have that story prior to get one day. He would like we cannot be engaged in dot sleeper. Got you started planning before and we've got him planning we did that's hard hit housing situation is changing and I was buying a house. And we said well we shouldn't live together. And it just made sense to go ahead Mary. While I have good news and and bad news the bad news is you're time and the radios come to an end. The good news is the reason misty is because you are are you normal for this thing. Oh yeah. A. The. I hear is an Alley and Douglas well on her wedding dress three months before the engagement hey Alley. Are you got it. Telesis there why would you buy addressed before you again. Yeah act it's really crazy but I'm actually leaving very logical and very financially wise man. All pipeline work that comment rattled in a bill and grew up just sort of dreaming about her in my wedding direct air I had. Always worked there and loved it loved the employees there and they weren't that great and then I am at my new York College had been any relations at thirteen years and found out they work. I live that I love that are out there. But then I found out that Trenton Newark clothing they worked selling there aren't. I'll dollar it for a hundred dollars. A lot equally I just got it made until I don't. And I guess it got ahead any and archer and on and I now know and I a lot of them that. I'd say though did you have a boyfriend at the time. I'd get it actually had been dating thirteen years as Eliza on crazy. You know. I only containing three months and I alma was debating awhile and we. How cool he hadn't said you know I think we're gonna get engaged and her I'm glad you can believe that anyway but we have talked about mayor edge and earn you know. Something that wasn't hot well and I I knocked out on the BI and other on eBay or more than work that it's accurate data. Rights a year crazy was rooted in a lot so okay. Bonds ability I would gonna move on to Jackie. According to my notes here actually had her tracks three years since. And before she got yes hi Jacqui thanks for taking an up and. They are either. Yeah I. Ears apart and gates without being that we had all right and eight. I hear how. You have forgotten day. And in a hat and you know. The letting gay men and work coming in. Late quicker. You know rather that later but I didn't go ahead and diet. And how you weren't. It actually a designer acts. I and so little locally. You don't want that and my eyes and that's kind of the Arctic. Lee Sloan it's odd that it was morning and went. I don't care I am all about not. Hate being in making safe and make him about. That and I. We got a hold until Katy Clark Howard you know part of understand what and his voice Oprah right thank you Jackie. Welcome let's being to meet her if we shall. We've Leanne from hitter you talk about the crazy me. Because that we can. In Dallas. Started planning her wedding. Few weeks. After a meeting the guy no way Haley and this is going to be a tough when it beat it tell us all about it. Should eat at the I know apparently started paying half and actually my mom like that Katrina and I remember telling her I'd let mom. A married man and here I am sorry let me lieutenant general and that's the area hit an eight bit. Don't try to get this kid and you call it cannot. Yell it out I want it all pretty popular. In Haiti. And we are looking at your feet and everything and they link then every day particularly irritating and it looked another arena how much but what it took. Ala that's a quick engagement anyway. We viewing essar. That is good that it that it at the beginning of October it and get it cheaper. In December. And literally the following October. All right so big question is did he narrow. Why you would your mom or up to before he proposed. And turning back open as he talked about her ear he would offer it look at Harry. OK well I'll let you know. Well with DL I guess my big question is was he alarmed at all when he did cut them put the ring and your finger. And you media and and then he said hey we should take it day in your life October 20. Annie's life. Uh oh okay while we share to pick a venue in your life. Yes there's a church that I grew up in and the you know restaurant across the street the bank. Music. I wish I didn't even longer and I want it eight the total the only way to actually get it together. Wow incredible I thank you Liane. It. And how long ago that Mary Leann. The upside to this Jan is take your friend Matthew crazy yeah that's it oh he's just a planner. I'll help you proposed speech oh yeah that's the better not make I planned it all out and he never propose a guide. Die before Lyon thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.