Is There Anyone Planning A Wedding Who Isn't Engaged Yet Part 1

Friday, January 27th


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Did your drive and it helps drown out track. National all did hear talks to join us for end zones in Iraq. Why you're. On the story now before one and. It's totally okay to start planning your wedding with dates times locations if you're not even engaged yet. This is the question I have to figure out the answer to that and mine isn't this right. Well I can promise you Jen you're not the only person as a frenzied attack you're not the only person or your friend isn't the only burden is that it we've got people. Who know people of that. That is people who have done it. And one woman. We actually got her wedding dress he or she got a we may put an exclamation point though I'm JP's mission today to find. The Buckhead at this guy. Stephanie welcome militia. Hey how are you were well ranging. Now we time on the left that area everyday. And we barely pulled out right you're are you JP near hot. I can't and. And so I would I have personal Stephanie I'm sorry your children disease. But. Yet it got sunny. And hammers Arafat. That you are below late at an exercise banned it. Usually they're aware early round at the thirteenth. And you're there yesterday when we Elaine Barack our planet in Toledo and I ask. A stab at that same. But that's the things we get the cause of JP was there from seven time yet. To get there early so he should have seen him. Maybe yesterday what does that say that they op that that's it I said maybe it is cheap and I'm obsessing on. Without spinning backward it little bit down there on the street and sit out there. That's that's my my favorite land. Have you actually seen him moving the bike. Liked it. The rise and it was by confronting me just likewise act and it even has been died down. Street and then ten minutes later we nominee would Spain at the corner. So he lives may be down west pieces Ares somewhere. And he comes up past the Saint Regis into the heart of arc and said hey yeah right ha the mystery. We believe then there are a lot all right while apologize to your kids Forrest wood he's even doing it wearing thin in India are gonna solve this mystery we. I I yet again what a great video thank you as we tackle we tackled hard hitting issues and Stephanie could sure help right. As I said yesterday couple days ago. My high school best friend David Muir. Interviewed. President trump. Today. I. Same school and same food in part everything was the same and are bringing I dropped the ball on a guy who writes a stationary bike in a park and. I thought. I back to the topic at hand hey am I welcome to the (%expletive) out. Let's talk about. Love him. Emma has a friend who did exactly what your friends and. AMD actually. Like her and her boyfriend lived. With apple on my end and you know dot Google I live at the and they may. And will end daily they talk about it you know I like that. Play it seemed like that are like a play in the N I NE YOK well let's say yeah. I wanna get an honor at 8 AM. I know I agree that the start leaning. Or bad I got about it and I'd like OK I need you gotten that it today. Yeah I mean you've been out there and and they just back. We get it we have been talking about at the front and. So did he know in this same question for huge and is that dying out of the room. Does he know what she is doing I don't know. What I haven't met him this is a similar situations and that's and because my friend lives on the West Coast a guy who is in the northwest and so. She was just saying to me and another one of her friends and for her and a group text together it was me in another best friend saying. I know you guys have kids and stuff like. I need to start planning for making it trip outlasts cash. And so. How I might question for you is how many months was she planning before she got engaged. The rule should cut back. I don't yeah I'd say probably. But it's. Six months six months of planning RD under her belt with us this might be a good direct thanks for the column this may be the direction this this goes game. To find out what warming. Made significant wedding plans yet and we're not about just dreaming all someday I weddings can be whatever. She's booking dates she's talking about venues she's calling churches. She's you know telling her best friends who she wants to be there make you know save the date that weekend. She's making on plans and the only thing she knows is that he asked her mom and dad the day after Christmas tradition of that. I don't know it was a text message she said it isn't official yet but he mines is aimed he asks mom and dad yesterday so I'm assuming it'll be soon. And then later she sent a date and you guys save this weekend in October. For coming in to the northwest. And I would we were like where's the thing and she's like no note hadn't happened yet and it's. I Caron welcomed the Japanese and your friend at the same thing. I support you had a great. It also asserted jinx or something it does seem right. So we're. Oh my aren't they would be the maid of honor. At me called me that I'm at bat and asked if I'd made a lowering. So to should have had eight Indy she have a place earning fingered as she. I don't pretend you're a cat that got married and actually other horse. Because she cheated out. Okay I'll see that's horrible after happens when you put the cart before the courts. I. Everything at its August. I begs the company and I Alley what we get your story Alley and Douglas though we're actually this is a story about you or is this story about a friend of dealers. Territory bottle I Alley we're gonna talk to you here in just a second rate after chain smokers. But Alley. Is it occur is it correct to say that you bought your drafts. Months before your engagement. All right. Alleys story and I'd come out here and really Manhattan's. You gotta be a part of this for a 4630941. To star sort of make it this way it's Jesse James Bond star in 941 and.