That's a REALLY Big Secret

Friday, November 18th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting for wants I have friends who disappeared for twenty years so little back story on this is that I went to summer camping cash is North Carolina. All grown up and I'd gotten really close with a small group of friends their work out 1213 last. Here's what you need to know about and how is she hands. These little circles of friends. But she is so many and it's funny because of your your her from what grandma is realized and lesbian category. But like if you're afraid of gay and she's like oh there and my Atlantic got the united. If so this is this is my friend Emma oh. And it's either a merry would friend from her summer that ended at this school France and amber Iraq I know more about your life and now I know more about your cute. Noah or at the college rain or at that image she sees little. Pockets. Of people that this is may category Mary yes Mary would friend. And so we knew each other growing up met in about like eighth grade or really really close all high school this whole group of us. Kind of went off into their own thing around college by hurts our group got back together and started gains ever reunions every year in our twenties so. We've been friends and super tight there was one. Woman in our group who just we couldn't get a but we have her. Families information so we reach out to the team we would hear we would get a hold of her. Through evening and then we would get like a little response and then she disappeared. So for the longest time we've been trying to get in touch with her. Everybody tried to you know face that came around return foreigner on FaceBook on this and Saatchi and accountant and we could. Breakthrough like why is why doesn't she went difference. Did you start to think that you were somebody in the group did something to matter I mean can you imagine a roomful of women and getting together over wine weekends trying to figure out. All the theories that have come up through the years over two decades I would imagine entire work shifts at Edmonds then allocate eight hour blocks it and spent as I analyze it and she lives over on that West Coast and so. One of our friends move to that city for a job and actually soft car and grocery store and she basically waved and ran out of the store when the other direction so it was his theory. Awkward social exchange. As a governor like Cain really what is the whole thing well. Fast forward until this year one of reference and a group just Mary in Austin, Texas. That friend rain into this different in Austin and reconnect it and one on one and she came to the way. Says she reunited with everybody after twenty years of trying to figure it out. And she finally revealed to us the secret that she had been holding bonds Q. And that was my dad's a lead in delegates and. Very obvious at. I this yes time. I'd because we both have friends who have that would she was in the closet. She was day or she is gay and she was not wanting to share that either with family or somebody so he just. Instead Kana. Circle the white. That would be an obvious on the does not it's not that is not know always she straits. You have any guesses. How old was she when she when the vanishing at an approximate she. Is probably 21. Between the chiefs steal another now because you guys are now if you stole somebody's manner on and dry yet no nothing like that. I have no idea that I was so I was like oh she's had and come out of the closet yeah right out. I hadn't even thought I could obviously I know now what it is but and that wasn't one of our I really wasn't ever used as a few other things that we knew and you're. Women that we grew up with that were out and say and it was never big deal to anybody so we're like that would be big deal because. There are other women that are lesbians now that whirls of apparently something that she would feel like she had to hide from this particular group anyway. But she finally told us this weekend and it was such an emotional. Cathartic moment as this waterfall of emotion because she finally told us what it slipped only in third and now we can. All lover and embrace her and she feels so much better. But she told us. She had a baby. In her early twenties she was not married she got pregnant. She had a baby she was it's obviously a matter myself and I think inhabit. And she chose that and adoptive family would have been a better choice to raise this little girl and she would have been at the time because she was broken and no you know no money and you know wanted to act you know seed pregnancy through and carry the child. But she was just so embarrassed and so. I like just couldn't. Bring herself to share that with everybody and I guess maybe it had and the secret and her family I'm not sure how her family handled it but now. Fast forward she's in a grown up so much more. And now we're showing us pictures of her and she's still in touch with that adoptive family and gates to now have a relationship with the daughter who's now a teenager. I'm just curious why she wouldn't just disappear for a beat the year. That like. To have the baby and I don't know maybe it was because she felt like maybe she felt bad keeping the secret agency cred I don't know that she finally was able this day. Here's my disappeared for all of that time and here's what I feel like now we were just all like. Why did you think this group of women win. Love you through that you know I think we were just also glad to have it. All out in the open and she's back in the group and she could just tell was like a weight lifted. Off of her shoulders reconnect with women that you've known your whole life in Maine yeah you can't make all new old France. You know you big difference different degree. Old there's something so special about old friends that knew you when you're kid worry now and so. We just so I don't to have back marker I'm fascinated by decades long secrets like. I I have heard stories of like ram parents. In that last you know weeks days hours of their lives saying ages when you know your cousin is really yours. That would ease burdens in monumental. Secret that people hold onto for. Are so I'm just curious if anybody wanted to tell us about the secret they finally shared. Thank you so much better is I'm guessing if you're somebody holding onto a secret like that and you hear stories of other people. Or if you're thinking about the relief that they have after sharing that kind of a secret it was just so beautiful to see her finally. Let go all the pressure Hughes. And we've had in. 404741. In 94 hunted. The secrets even went to or we can roll play and help you. Release yours if anybody or a foursome went and tore it. And jump. Still are ready for a one.