Thank You, Intern James!

Tuesday, April 25th

It's his last day! So for better or for worse, we asked what he's learned from us.


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Okay James is our aims turn that who came came down here every single day twice a week. Every single day he made the ride gain from Athens a UGA student very dedicated for an entire semester. James thank you for your service to this great radio Russia it is in my absolute pleasure Jeff and James. James is way too buttoned up torque of as late season he's a Fulbright scholar. Today the pub program is gonna pay for his next life ear of life in Germany. And you're gonna go represented America well. Well thank you but you guys have been good for me I'm I'm not quite as up titans this is I was the intense and sometimes you hit got my girlfriend thanks. I can't imagine what that was like. I would say typical. What a typical Saturday night's. 43 huge games and I don't know I mean I'm probably in bed by the 1130. Ish and gang and the like that and what's what's catch up so late. Homework probably okay for James what's your nickname with your friends. All my friends call me dad took it up and and you know I wanna say that I was just a fluke. But if it started. So it started in my dorm Ayman RA. And so some of the other RA started calling me dad oh my god in the RA is army granted the right. And then I was like oh that's cute ha ha ha and then. People in my campus ministry started calling me dad and then I went on a study abroad trip and they started calling me dad and I never told any of them. That the other groups of of my friends called me that so it all happened. Organically. IE I'm. I imagine you in my mind your nickname is pastor Jim good. And you have a good car we is a rainbow on it and they have three wins tonight you get together and you saying testimony with whoever wants to me Jones. Out in the on campus in the in the corner of the campus seemed to me I'm more pictured James as caring a briefcase to class of phone and he's started drinking black coffee. Haas Larry I'm here are a high school. Well I have to admit and and in this whole bad things my own fault because I used to I would get up at like seven. And grab a newspaper go to the dining hall and sit my coffee while reading. The New York Times yeah and so yeah just it was inevitable at how they've got that they've they've put the newspaper on the phones now. It's not the same. I mean I don't. You can't smell the news print how are you Tony to. I'm 22 and I think I'm in in reality like my soul is 37 years old. What is your going on 55. When is the last time where if you're remains really upset you base stealing one of your slippers Suffolk. Well fortunately or oriented tobacco. Three years ago because I haven't had a roommate found which is which is lucky because you know. I guess they're missing out because I could've really offer somebody some real dad advice keep it. Mr. O dietary and so you have Ben with us for one semester he had you taken any thing worth YL. Away from the Russia absolutely I have learned so much. And and the first thing that I learned I learned very quickly. I came here to see you guys are you guys might remember the first time I came to start 94. Was on a little field trip with degree from UGA last semester right and so we came and we were just hanging around the studio watching you guys do your thing we. Said he was JP and watched him run run the board in all that's where I think. And then. And at some point you guys did a break with us in the media and you asked if we have learned anything. And I said. More and has anybody learned anything today all right now I got something. I've learned that this show and presumably most of the morning shows are one big continuous brainstorming session they are. So I did not realize. How accurate that was or all the different steps that go into that brainstorming process. I guess when you have to talk for hours every day ideas are kind of the currency of your business for at and I guess ideas of the currency of a lot of different industries it just happens that these ideas are about pregnancy cravings are we regulation. But just getting to sit in on. You're your meetings your post show meeting your pre show meetings and just seeing how that process works. Has been really enlightening for me and it's and it's something that I can totally see myself participating and as a career someday. So I've really enjoyed that. You by the way having great future in a smooth jazz the more I listen your boys. Similar high and and now a.'s selection from mr. miles is third album. And pour yourself a cup of Scotch and sit back as we would have made the journey. Hey yeah. So I did learn a dribble other things as well of course I got to drive time did you get a contaminant okay. So of course I got to what you guys I watched Kelly do you phone screening learned how that works. Got to learn about editing audio to get ready for the showed JP tell me all about running the board Jane nine on the social media stuff which was great. I also learned all the lyrics to all the top forty song NASA. I say them backwards in my sleep now yeah did. And and before this as you might have guessed top forty wasn't exactly my musical genre of choice right this is this is really expanded. Expanding my horizon isn't also never Wear a seat to a radio station and from my interview day I showed up in a suit and I walked in and everybody looked at me kind of funny was like all you don't get a the entire point. And then the final. Being that I learned and this this really has nothing to do with radio but I I think it's just very important for life in general yeah. And that is never calling guys from Boston Cirque. Because I called our station engine Irish got ice I called Scott Rask sir and he tried to fight that's out. So I will never make that mistake again. That guy has more to deal I think with the time he spent in the army okay and the Boston thing well army Boston yes got to be careful so people don't take that the same way that others do right but you know you guys have just become my radio family. I just I really appreciate that you know I've never had a Big Brother before the JP radio Big Brother. Kelly and Jane nine of our radio sisters Janzen a radio can't. And I am not related suggest in any way I never thought it shout it from the rooftops it's easy easy non related. She's jazz. So thank you guys so much for everything I'll remember this experience and all of you. Forever I. You green chasing Gil getter you'll be. For example do you drive which reminds you man thanks JP yeah delivers between James and me this is why we're not related but when that whole field trip came thrilled. Like I was like god these guys are the smartest in the world is there like six guys and two doesn't smoke in you Diego and and I. Those guys are brilliant now trying to James is actually not in it for the girls he was an a for an education and to learn things and it was so weird to me. I've already got the girl part handled and you got that three in many breakfast this morning nice honest. And all all the girls who have morning radio. DJ Steve that confronts for a week for a yeah. As the and she I'll star.