Terrible Thoughts

Friday, June 23rd

What's the last terrible thought you had? We all have them. ESPECIALLY while we're driving...

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The jet engines show every. That's what I was telling myself I must not think bad thoughts because there is a guy. Kim lately minding his own business. Through bad part of my world at all. But I wanted to get physically hurt could ever have one of these stunts and yes. It's just terrible thing goes through your mind your attention that was not that was Maine what I think that so I'm walking the dogs and am if they Chattahoochee river park which has got a really why eating. Trail and it wasn't very crowded. So maybe a rain it was. A couple days ago says rarely got a rain on again off again thanks I think people are just scared away by the rain wasn't very crowded there's plenty of room on the trail for everybody. Including me and Lillian Sadie who are walk and and this other guy who was riding his bike. Describe him. Was that a mountain bike. Tank. He was led to good looking being shaped guy. They have on the helmet and some sort of sponsored biking outfit I don't think he was wearing a helmet USC wasn't as crazy cyclist person is just like. Right despite for fitness. Is sitting up very straight and tall. And as by. Every time I saw him he must have made two or three laps we passed in like five times. Is sending a strange at all hands not and it's handlebars. And he was typing on his mouth. Cruising along at a good. Didn't bother me at all about how fast those fancy your Biden was like racing speed but I mean you screws them. What did he is cruising posture and typing on texting on the phone and say AT and what was that. The message she was giving off well in my hand I don't know we just a great. You know. I Adibi yeah he just look man we get into right Italy and wicked sense of the dead Bluetooth headset around his knack. Zooming by her shorts now where it like running shorts and a T shirts good looking guy. Age and how he would leery. Of nonsense. Yeah they're good Lori I look Karl picturing him right now okay yeah but he's just sitting up so straight draw. And I wanted him that played it so bad to awful I everytime I psalm unlike generosity and I have to con ambulance form but I wanted people they have to run out and checked on advanced. You know and I'm saying like I wanted to add to go to the emergency room but it would have been OK if he would make investment. It is comp aegis is cocky enough that it judging nuts and impostors talking misses I needed. Hold the handlebars contest so well I'm biking through none of that cool but it was like every time he has to what was once Amazon announcing an important message but this is like I'm so busy and so important and I can't even stand to. Thirty minute right now by instead I must answer emails why give my fitness on. Wish him harm I don't. A total stranger. Well there's comfort in numbers so we need to confess your terrible bounce TO. 40 or 263. I don't mind it before want to make just feel a little better about this terrible thoughts is it ever got to yeah it just takes a strong person to admit them I well yeah. I think I may many plans writes I including putting your plans. Now it's like confession yes yes that entry to a church group. Pitchers and all the priests and yes Edward MES fishing and ready or you're now you're free is that her I know marries you're gonna go. The Catholic he can tell you how to do it oh god no he's calling is just me and I'm the only general first on the wow you're not I don't. Okay yeah. The only some Internet. See great jars. Evil thoughts been popping your mind you've never seen them out. I just contrast mine and at the television show family has come true. To give me some comfort in numbers you're gonna get on this for a 4263. 0941. A cause and seconds just told you guys I was walking the dogs I saw a guy riding his bike. He had no hands on the handle money passenger at five times as your part. It passed five times every single time he's just I don't know and asked. I never touches him. Just so cocky and I'm not Sicily busy. Yes he's he's in most multitasking. Multi tasker on the planet tests. I wanted him to do was go by over handlebars so I just I. As I am Iran and Iraq there's some just get sideways. My I didn't want him to do leg die or break any thing they definitely wanted to group of people to Russia to see if yours okay that's what I want. I don't mean me as I could be so damage would have to walk back there until this guy. She is a terrible awful bad thought that I am. Carlin and smells well comforting numbers which are bad thoughts. Obama got it on the diet. Everything. All around me that I am I. And there isn't it they did diarrhea from eating them and I say out loud I don't let my. And how they act and I yeah. And how. I died while not. No idea I can't enjoy that contemporary reading right now you can't enjoy anything else for the rest that's that's that's. God thanks Carolyn Shannon Logan veil. I think we're sure I didn't work out as an avid yeah and I eat I carry you underwear. And we don't let it go to. Dramatic detail there GAAP okay how our interior breakfast kids. And I had a lot of that telling and that and it played her where honor. You know I heard about. It might. Be regards. But it should look at. All the time it every Saturday and. Oh you go to yeah Stiller has those Hazmat stations you know for girls yeah I wash my hands and that I just days and it. This could see it. Actually in Atlanta and that they're concerned that you know what their people having bad thoughts about Jenin Logan voltage. Sharing nonstarter being that description this early in the morning I might be one of them. Ashley in Atlanta. Yet. I have. About a black Urlacher. The last. I am an adult I would picture made the pop in relief and and did. Voted down an eye contact Eli I would try. I'll make it think it's soon but. Way to try to. And what do you wish upon them. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Lot of it okay okay now wait dads just stroking. You can't. That you can't you know let the I can't take it right into it you know you were out. I feel so much casually got a father by people are wishing death and diarrhea. That Cho got a donuts. Mbeki incoming. Hi I'm an important now numbers come out and go to that extra and a girl. Chat. Trying to test everyone texting and I wish you would. Our realm. Shock but not heard any. Arizona game on manners say thank you. This is there a day. Hey just enough to make her call the insurance company. Size advantage Auburn. Eight and a I. Katie and Noonan. What is the bad thought that Pozen your head from time to time. God I didn't I'm in. LA that and it kind of guiding a budget that badly you can get them I I. And someone. Offered at buttons. Stream and then I re not a catastrophic. I need to get an aunt and how are you a bit either go all. It. Just drive that might temporarily but they're okay. I don't I got. Not to get Walter out in the car. I screamed yeah yeah it's not you and your family your ground so. Hard I have to say hey I'm. Cate Edwards back what evil thoughts do you have. Yeah I order a grocery store and I can't hard going shopping with kids but there's a line and I think a lot of kids. Running around acting a floor and the parents just totally oblivious you're not hearing. Like kind of sometimes really had to indicate either late eat that really. So we'll. Front and be handled heart. Every time I see you can't run an hour and a public I'm like I'm just gonna stick my foot out just enough. Even Australia and learned ideally jedi. Yeah yeah. KK ladies walking ahead of them a little bit just Dolan just a tiny bit of the as volatile today I love them all my chance and have to make that linoleum. I mean I kind of have it and I don't Miriam in Carter's well. Me so I aliens. Checking concurrent crops forests are your yeah. And dish still happening now prepared as to why people like you blow me off in H Altman. Kitrey. I see what I need your idol like the guy am I. Well like it like an idiot you know I let Mac and check this one tie we re having to be pressure acting class and my little short hair was black. And it had all very difficult times he would actually. Crying electric cheered heartily on the full actual apple what to. Typical high. And show. Diana and Auburn you'll be the last golf. Yeah yeah. The girl orange I think people read. Jack thank you. I'd really want anybody get hurt just judge myself a better candidate that competition they have really had your of the public. All learn and share that conversation. 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