Tennis Player or Fish

Friday, July 28th

It's time for another stupid radio game! In honor of the Atlanta BB&T Open.

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Thanks for making this list and then just intention now. He's an amber. Today he's fast. Our jobs are so stupid as. We have to sit around and faint of rams have to do to fill time did you were good smile on your face and that's why. We invent any game that we are going to play now this is an honor he had BVT. Tennis over and it's happening Atlantic station. We have to invent any game. That's quite simply calls. Laura herb finish. And in our. Bruce and you're. Egotistical way. I mean it's like old sushi in my fridge from her. I surging correct me if I'm wrong but you're just gonna go around the room and ask yourself to identify of these three things your listing. Which of the three is a tennis player. Yup the other two are going to be types of schools something. Hey hey how I'd riveting stuff that's JT you're a first look at. Tennis player. Okay. I guess three options. Cooley Loge. Now like dizzy eerie rocket Danny out. You won. Player and tennis player you unintentionally assuming you're ocean. My memory is I didn't look at that I hear that one more time a little bit slower I got we got Cooley floats. Mel like judges hearing rocket Danny. Role change will change and are just starting but after you give your gas you have to tennis serve cracked yeah. Okay 100% I I can get to see the tennis player is mentally Jazeera. Yeah. I am I what is so I guess the low slung. The underlines the moon I don't know the rocket run any. Death now does this of people says I yeah. Oh geez you're right next round is it into the fairway hit it. Today we got until Mick tech track or ask Allard. Only rumors names and last name or those are lessons okay one more time holik text chat or ask Allard. And yet and it when you're best tennis served crime you know atomic. The initial later. Officially it's a filet of fish. The live as glamour I don't see anybody ever orders thanks to you gentlemen had fled fish is the greatest. OK so the rest of my. I did down on that sometimes limited doubles later. Is it a big Macs also please I would Carter friends with you anymore. We catch it we dampening catcher Mickey c'mon beer and. And you monster Jimenez on make out with your women after that who had that feeling premier baby. The meal flicking your teeth you. I am gonna take JP and I injured Robin of for slavish is that the chefs and and and and I mean you need them you. I get. Suzanne the last say they're very. He's got fired at a time Jan. And is it gave tennis player or is it stage. I can't and every year serve front and we. And also there's a science may mispronounce that in these fish are these tennis players don't I don't think officially and then just case I don't know. Good. Chat or so student. Is this and I can't cook me a health club or avenger him. Amy isn't this so hard act and Andrew Ramsey okay ED oak health. Danger and. She's got the bands are you don't have yeah unity has been governors gather and. Let me go and your hands. It right. You funny that wrong. It's not be a danger around it's so palca. Go back wedding bands Iran well. Yeah. James I have one word and I go yeah. And it bank is in a tennis player or is it I'm OKC. Ended your best tennis serve I. TI so so Longo or do barrio. Teeing up. It's sounds fake. Fancy ice cream flame early. Sounds vaguely three opera singers figured. We give us OK okay again. TI so. So I don't do barrio in and looking good at tennis where yes you are dead Mario. You are wrong. I am so. And that is okay this week's round. It's well. Okay since I had. Dad's baby and see. Our jobs are so sensitive. Star in 941.