#TeachingForReal UPDATE 2

Wednesday, May 24th


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He's running Dennis Don in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Justin. Congratulations all the students and teachers celebrating the last day of school and. And apologies to all the parents who are trying to figure out now what do we do. What you're gonna hit those well I. I their bag and housed. Hash tag teaching that for real this is our. A way to let educators. Be a part of this show and vents. Or share some of the behind the scenes secrets of what goes on the teacher's lounge for example he has this is how often do you teacher's job well done for 0426309. For wine is our phone number of foreign teachers for a 42630941. Let's hear your hash tag teaching for real moments. Curse stand and when that. What is your hash tag teaching for real. Hoping you're cute senior that didn't exempt a final. Don't show that you're actually trying to pack up your conscience in the courtroom next year. Law off how is actually I became very ill that's a little dose of honesty there. Yeah well happy classic school England met and any guys that graduation tonight. Yeah I know actually are on Sunday Sunday has been rolling graduation senate about a year or every single day while. I have old good luck with the move slash administering a final to teach kids that can thank you hash tag teaching for real. Hey I didn't you can burial great some markers and thank you I hate Sony and John screech. Hey lets you ask Tony. Which he got for teaching for real. Yeah I got something great. How it and it's really great at a lab to wage in life. Great kitchen what right there you know pinpoint that you don't deserve. It. It typically I got an email black arm and trying to get a permit eager and great irk by. It. Here we are. Do you like the great the last week or the. Hey I Tony have you ever been bribed you remember lash huge and we talked about this on the show at the end of the school where the brides that some teachers get oh yeah and there was one teacher who was who wouldn't tell us who was. By. A person who worked at a venue and events venue offer them tickets to everything going on. Or the course of the year has held his concert tickets and sporting events and everything Tony ever get out bribes. But it's not like I have got a chocolate Epstein Peter Cox. I've heard rates hash tag teaching for real Tony. During a great summer I Meghann in Atlanta. Hash tag teaching for real hot line will greet euphoria. And I had a dictionary CK yes jamiat I graduation ceremony an idol blaze spread across that stage at the back. I think I'm in the middle of it. All well you can tax. But you know I can make ends bet hashed say teaching for real is it. Much better than the alternative. Didn't. Need to BA and there ought to have a great summer and again being. Nicole and Glen next. I. Call. On. I HR or our topic here. On our way about how can I break today. Aren't I ask about your going to pre K he did early on had an early. Our Ali I'll get eight okay. They get paid on job and support our our Alps. I love. Got to work. Okay go home money is overrated it's about the children's cents a. I only knew about children are about. Mark's older. I don't buy. On its side it says it send it sounds like you really okay. This reality that it. I would all time. I'll find out of the hour. Thanks Nicole. Knows how to eat right idol I thank you appreciate it even more. Thank Jimmie means allowed the I did she sound like issues trying to talk yourself into the fact choose gonna tell us our regular. That's really great I love those kids I'm hoping she at least it's a long weekends he's. Here's a little some from teachers and students rabbit out of school year today. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.