#Teachingforreal UPDATE

Wednesday, May 24th


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He's joining us to help out all over its yeah. Justin and shell OnStar in 94 law and welcome to the end of the school year. And teachers congratulations you made its cash sag teaching for real it's all for you to share your stories to everybody sees your life is so easy how they get this summer side. It's so easy to be teacher we got one of these hash tag teaching for real stories yesterday that grant confirms for me. And something that still happens and our house on Clementi here and and just is an animal take your calls of passe teaching 30404263. 0941. Teachers only 404 and serenity 0941. You has said teaching for real because nobody quite understands what you go through. Every day. All year is on. Earned. Death says this summer haze where you get a break from all of our Chelsea and I mean I'm you make for myself. Working to break at my children. Let me hear your story that's exciting tutorial for afford to think they're 94 airline give Mexico right now. Didn't isn't some good ones are coming men on base yes actually one of my favorite ones and. Choir was Casey who teaches high school literature and she say to the way to teasing each other and things started escalating. I should say plays critic make good choices I called over to them when the boys looked over at me. Looked over at his buddy look back at me I had no choice but to kick his. That's. This game without pat yeah. Make good choices and then he was too Smart and his response I wanna know with a one is that grant validated for you it was someone mentioning told us come from they spoke about the woman who said. Inhaling her lunch in twenty minutes just knowing how to. Get through just eating in the day is she also has like. Train herself on how to go to the bathroom only twice right right. Well my husband totally confirm that because he and hale says food and I'm like why do you have to eat so fast he's like. It's just it's just a teachings and this is it training think he started out in education as a special Ed teacher fray and I think teachers and ends any age level. You've only got an. Finite amount of time to inhale your food and go back to either disciplining kids lowland trim. Or did your next class are ushering them somewhere you just don't get close street and talk to go full you know. It'll extreme and out of a lunch hour it's even possible it's like Lisa also wrote that at your friend tends to. I just get an Atlanta Iowa gonna have to take teaching for Rio. Now I just can't disagree pretty. Well and I get a lot of really actually the kids and parents to secure our government liberal memorable guest at a Tampa and. Yeah see. A. How old business student a. I'm thinking eight in second grade terms she she actually turn chief said that it was something very special are at an adult women and I wouldn't special adult woman. Well I'll answer is thought it was what's safe and then asking where I was going to cut it. Sounds. So obviously. She lays around there is in the bathroom or wherever and her mom says elderly. Those are true adult women very special. Idol producers are also right now I got this perfect yesterday. Yeah. That's okay. Sag teaching her. Kyra let's act carries and a need music aren't paying a high CNN dance recital yeah. Yeah. And yeah. I'm actually not this year actors here that app and I'm am I don't think you're a Chuck Berry and. Talk back there and they had bachelorette so he had a special thanks. All of the red alerts. We're counting them out kitrey and that I had a call that it's not trade in contact and explain my children to be and I'm out. And the debate apparent in the morning I IG got it back. It has. You mean like the then novelty candy at they had if you download and they Shannon Oliver Marion but yeah yeah. And you guys I believe they're not called ticket tax they're called something else tax. Harriett yeah yeah. Yeah I ideas of bachelorette parties before they come and similarly street straws. I. I yeah. I got there I Vienna's city jam I would like to have that part of my an enemy never compared to its attack. I only pray you do that I learned Alpharetta welcome to the show. And why you and my old apple they are being paid search feature eight. During each day highlighting how back at every carry it read it straight. Here hot team at that not that. And see a hey weren't really the main secret I'd I'd Eric and get the care free. Air. Yeah. I don't think again that and I. Are they just wanted to throw something else in the area is not as big an issue like us. I tennis man. This one more time tomorrow. Big sky is tomorrow I think you're still. True it made it past staying teaching for real again. If his fans why if you want you make your way over to our FaceBook page basic background flash Jeff engine shell and you can name. And your own thoughts TV growing list of very funny comments from some of our favorite people teachers. Who listened to reject. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.