Monday, May 22nd

Teachers, tell us your #teachingforreal moments and prove that you've got the toughest, funniest, most rewarding jobs in the world!

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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell ol' ball. By teachers are for a number of 4042630941. From both of you this is the last full week of school before its summer Alia. And we wanna hear your hash tag teaching them for real stories. World war 2630941. Lead off your chest he could be totally anonymous. Just make tree and every call with ash tag. Teaching for real. 4042630941. Teachers that phone lines are open for you. This is where you can share with the rest of the world. Your hash tag teaching. For real moment. Yes some of those moments that bring people into reality. Of what your life it's really like it they're kind of funny moments. Everything's at your job is so easy case you get this summer's not. Calls already error no it's already started coming in and social media. Judy pulled some of the best ones. He's ours so funny Christina says I'm a special Ed teacher one year they're trying to get a student into each course. But his mom and paperwork he didn't speak problem he inherited his great grandfather is British act. So dealing with it's done. Kim says when students coming to your room and afterward. Talked Hewitt if it's if it her class meets these sixteen hour days. Ending Euro millennium prizes to keep them motivated inhaling lunch in twenty minutes and learning only that it happened twice today. Is what it's all out. It's oh my god I'm in their ailing lunch and money minute. So it's yeah I never thought about the only being able to go the bathroom light. What advice I never thought about that yet yet you will change. The your Blatter has to be extra strong yes. And deal ahead homer and a house on Tuesday. I had a student taking a standardized test Monday. You threw up on the test it on me and I get to go home and change my clothes wiped it off and continued on a problem. Started easing for real let me just like populated this this is my life. A 404263094. On teachers. Share your teaching for real moments they came and how are you. I. Is it the beginning of the end can you sense the end in sight. I can it inning eater and that's what great deeds seats. I teach kindergarten Lou now. That takes so much patients girl I'm impressed us. Like I that I teach cannot guard and and I have a little five year old. That decided Q kick and pet and bite and spit on me. No. And what are you able to do after that are you able to say that kid can't in my class anymore. He's not really they can start so young. So we're just trying to fix the problem. Is there panic button of some sorts. And oh yeah I was kind of happened differently mental really. Nothing like going home after a hard Baylor game. In your significant other about how you are bested by a person who is less than 65 months old. Teaching or Rio and she and Candace I welcome to this out. Good morning and I'm not a teacher on the bus driver still students out. It's. And then. We don't let and let. It. Then. As I thought it. Don't lick the windows. Not something you think you can say onion we will work every day like that Dodd guys it. Amelie in Marietta and. In my. I had in Atlanta and I'll be carried out about it yet I didn't you eat a little immediate like that because that plan. All things. June I holed that Amelie and defend the kid did you tell the kid that he has made you quit and want to move to Florida. I want yelling at me. When I. Thank my coworker. About it and yeah yeah yeah and we you know. Yeah. He hit it. And I. I don't know how he came out. I caught out by the cheap ski at. The end the teenager. I'm. Alone. Yeah I am I close it out as far as family. Tradition and teaching. I carrying grin at. Okay well let them under a legal last week Kevin bear arms I have a fighter injection now. I say peaking early. Campers there. At. Five more days the blinding headache in the feeling of not being able to breathe will be on an. I followed. It by the beach. Chris. Dean and accurate actually teaching for realty got. And I'm. I. Like. Yoshi spore. I look at guys like mother like daughter. OK amber a part of me doesn't I don't know the answer to the next mission will what the other students do while you work. Okay. Yeah. Kind of anchors and how Forrester CNET. And Erica. Cool I like to share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.