Teachers Begged and Bribed

Tuesday, May 24th


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010. Jesse James shot. Tomorrow right. I think for a lot of schools are widely yeah a lot of schools to my very last day I did not realize. Yes but apparently. Aides. Not uncommon for parents to call teachers at the end of the school year and bagged. For a passing grade from there it oh yeah I passing grade I mean especially when graduation on line it's like. We got. An important and they all have tickets and hotel rooms and yeah. Odd the telephone numbers for 047419400. Would love to hear from teachers. Rate now with the stories of how you were bagged and maybe even a ride. For passing bridge it's. So important so much is on the line at that point and the parents are desperate. They're like you know what I know this one classic into the home market in Pasadena that failed the test and it didn't didn't work but please please please just. Mission to hear some comments from online. Just backing this up that this is a real thing. A teacher it was taking gifts worth about 500 dollars from my daughter's parents. My daughter's friend's parents during a parent teacher conference. She received 3100 dollar gift certificates. And beauty salons certificates in the premiums. In my school the younger teachers I work with or reject such pride games but the older generation of teachers are so used to it that day except that. Really. And if you don't ride then they'll start showing bias we'd decades you're kidding. Even if they don't take money they'll always take makeup and other things. Ala comics from online from last night. I heard about one teacher this did not happen to me and I didn't see it first person. But I heard about her she handed out of business card they hatter bank account info in home this year caving. That's not cannot teacher so he's not him in the bank account information. All the mothers in my eighth grade son's class decided to chip in together and get the teacher gift. But one parent went out and around and got her expensive wine among other things. In the end that he got recommended for all sorts of competitions and auditions. Then all of the other mothers started sending the teachers their own big games sigh I can't afford. Iowa and can see Tina for a 47419400. If you've got a story. And your teacher. Let's. Every must be anonymous soon. Let's call every female teacher Courtney OK I don't know at the tape and I according without. I don't act that. Great here. Literally literally. Crying. Let's get that I have to marry. You have to take them off at all. Well. Only that can't act had it eagle derailed about art in and you'll laugh. Literally. Gobble like and the other girl it don't get rid that's. I. I fully we'd bring in Mary if you think there's enough that I can do at this point. Read you get it together among and it's crazy of that fantastic. Thank you for the call. Kim welcome to the jet's engines yeah. Good morning Mary you says is true. Ers great. Now what happened. I say mom had to call the mom in our conference he was Vietnam. But they had been living in the country and she was born and I told you know it still are strong and acted on it checking quite so I'm network to keep them back and urged great. And you know the waitress at that cafe the local cafe diner on the street down now and she said you like certain. And I like yes you can't bring you sure I bring you laughed at the strip he. Said no man out. He can't go to great and please don't bring me any Sharia. Right. Yeah. Right you made it. Please bring home my guys did she offer anything else. No it. Sure as well. As I hate Kelly welcome to the jet engine jam. What's up are you teacher. Yeah Eric and it mainly because. I mean I. Actually there are other it was more. Learned that our operators. Yeah well. And one yeah did you iron and legendary hat in my lap. Karbala on things that you don't let me on it or not it's yeah actually my theory that yeah. It whereas. I didn't and they. There are contact me so I was so proud of our agencies in the football player came to you directly. Carol singing at her there are not act the way. Pretty good yeah our irons so yeah every administration. Labor act. Hey it was it was up earlier that was so important. I have I thought you might not. Actually moved. Wow that's cool. Feel like accidents that would either. He has stuck to my guns and he ended up thanking all of you did thanking her I can and that's been your update on Friday. Yeah. Hey I'm ligament and a Stephanie in Smyrna when he got. Home ES I'm until 08 grade teacher heard action and actually carried it can't. Do you it and are planning on yelling at me like I'd be AG program. All right a lot actually get all I appeared calm cool that you know. We thought I saw that the fact they can't because I wouldn't agency are what I thought there might. Well I'd share Patrick had little arrogant over all year Long Beach and I don't know this. The only encouraging teacher and I he doesn't say about parent I'm sure it's and then nearly. Recently graduated teacher. And that batted like age you move you know Ali you know when you're certification for Kiki brat eating like that. I'm all coordinated by the fact that it's the older teachers who are more games. I'm fascinated by the fact that they're the ones who are like an grandfather in that way of thinking younger teachers and it's fascinating but it's like he beat them years. Had a beef whatever. The Applebee's and the shrimp. One. Jessie.