Tattoo Regrets

Monday, January 29th

From bad translations, to ink allergies, to results that looked just plain awful, your stories had us really feelin' for ya. 

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Star in 941. Testing is on the table for the jet engine show this morning they can be beautiful and painful even miss a call but they are four or ever. One member of the jet engines show family is made out it. HU longest ones so we're asking you rang out to tell us about the tattoo that you regret. And how quickly do you have regretted it you wanna admit that our members for a Ford C 6309. For awhile and it's. We support Aaron co workers here doubt in my wrapping them in a warm hug of what could go wrong so yeah our dollar earnings is that is around our intention. We have tattoos because somebody in the jet engines show freely about to make a life time decision to get a humongous. Tattoo so. We're leaning on you know for the tattoos that you got regret and then maybe how quickly regretted it. Kelly she's went to Ashley bell a couple weekends ago and there's a pentagon parlor there. And Kelly goes in and gets a MS leave. All the way from leg literally from her finger at the bottom of her fingers all the way up to her shoulder. In Hanna which is basically Ted T the last for a week and a yep and it is beautiful. She is so beautiful and I you don't voter if you like happening Georgia clay smudged and here. That's so it did use test run this design because it's something you wanna get forever. Well I have a sleeve that I want from unlock tax on my right arm. And it's a floral design my brother drew and managed just one of my favorites a lot of my grandmother's favorite flowers she is a Gardiner. And I win and I show that are a little bit of the drawing and I just said hey from mayor I just got only a free hand it. So it was really neat to see her like mine working and then going from Hermione and Zinedine and on to my arm militias such a cool experience. And it looks so neat and it's fading now but that's the only part I hate about it is that it's fading. So it's a cool experience when you know it's not for ever it's there's much more on the line up when you know you're gonna be here and says. This first ever your analyst Johnny on. And see someone's heart. You know that's cool off. 404 or T 630941. If you wanna tell Kelly that it's not cool to think who think Jamie in Carter's so welcome to the shall. Which you get on year. Body that you wish you didn't. I had no idea how international our marriage not tried any notion of nourished. Thanks and so obviously united forest and you need to find a man weighed those initials or you need to get that. I'm trying to not a word out but what they want Florida with the shuttle PH. That it makes it just. Not sure. Yeah because you can usually turn one thing into something else and you would never know. It was originally you know it was originally those initials it sounds like it was pretty big so. OK nobody's initials that technologies are going to be in New York design now now not all I have here is your brother's our work and he's always going to be your brother he's always going to be your first as so. App I've. But I brother drew and it does have seminal idea to me because a lot of my grandma's favorite flowers and my brother's a horticulturist so he works of flowers now to answer these two people in your life they were never changed position in your life plays always be a grandma will always be your brother I think angry at. On and a good track here so far. Britney and Douglas fell. Tell Kelly cheese about the tattoo do you regret. A better guy I whenever I want and I air act ion I can't Eric ballot like at a write down at night. And I get eaten and plant and eat it why can't bring candy how. Lower back so he McDonald's outlets here and eat you rarely get wrote it. I nearly hello and you have a sick you have any of Overland. Scotland had. Grinning all you you. Currently our you are human Europe female human adult person in a live in this world today with a 69 tramp stamp. I wish I went and got it like connect it to look more like eating now but I'm not a. I Eric are all colors and urged. Yeah I'm so glad that I have sent under that is an understatement rate that fat polar bears. Britney what's your advice for Kelly tees. Thanks Sarah that I don't ballot. I didn't get hot you're you know your enemy both or any book or they do it. That's why did they cannot I thought to myself if I get that sense too much and men like that I've got to peony every every peonies on my arm much of air romantic sound and good flowers actually get tattooed pretty common. And I thought to myself if I see this on my arm and I hate it. That's perfect because it's temporary. I love it. I've been looking out my arm more than I know looking anything these past few days I've posted pictures on insert him so many times I had to stop think I haven't knowing that felt like my some of assets. John I think in Peachtree City tell Kelly she's about that. Taps you regret the you have. I'm not Saddam time and we'll try to wait an upside down pineapple. Route is there's symbolism is at adds a sponge Bob thing here is that. East in my account at Peachtree City it's rumored back though we have achieved initial orders house and is triggered. In no way dependent upon the solitude sounding much aren't I not or shopping carts. So a number of good friends. Abu we expected to this term interest waiters absolutely extra little birdie all got cut to. In an on short to July it got brought up by his mom. I don't party. And she did engage in some of the most awkward dialogue but I never act. Usually and you could have just put an upside down pineapple in your grocery cart you didn't you have had gone out and grab the ankle. Yeah yeah order literally. And. I thought okay. And share your steak and serve as a warning for stealing scenes are aboard 263094. Line. NHL all star. She. Tactic and are one of the biggest decisions you can ever make in your ally hey they're beautiful there mr. Cole may colts and their first ever. So let your chance to serve as a warning for chili cheese is about to get a huge wind up 40 Ford C 63 and I'm pro one is our number if you would like to admit. The tattoo did you regret and how quickly you regret it and Jennifer and coming what you guys. Hey I actually made its ergonomics I my twentieth birthday today. Pataki who are outline of The Little Mermaid on my goal actually had sent. I each week. But ever since I got it people are just asking me about golf from our. Parent tell it what you do and it is so much that I actually begin to feel like it so I ended up getting her at which. I just and I won and I think Kelly could be seated hatred for your concern and I don't think about it there. All the Adler. Everybody calling up with with the things that they regret or that they're all tangled Tatis like. And the ankle and the risk that something like that you're getting a sleeve yeah hostile sleeve and enemy beautiful Mary and Mary and a. Might well I. Grant you the public and I. Outlined it that would that I. And it any and all that. And let. I don't know how. Corporate. It. And wherever it is vicious fight every and so I mean yeah. I'm into the fears of rising up I. There and also do this you just cross the road trying to get to the time of that Interbank currency. Add value to us and Kelly so far he seemed pretty saved is Yemeni Chinese symbols there's no romance ninety intent is. Now thinking now if they get out I'm Michael in Atlanta. What was that had to that you got. Aged world where I Eckhart and idea behind that. Girl like right. You can't I wrote about it and I broke up what more do you Ed airliners. Like did you go out drinking with their buddies or something and then. Spring break while all. Amp found their rate there is a case for not drinking. A hole I know where or thought it where I enter. And here's where this thing is that I near Langer is and I knew where is it. There's a period in it all kinds pilot less like this on it like it played this world I see it. Unknown. Known now so. When he gives that I am a musician polite soft completely. Explain them by authorities and. I depend on stage yet but sport and they're not. And I'm like you guys away gritty. You're definitely gonna be and it goes sending one of these days three gonna follow and he's gonna is gonna say the next morning I woke up. And he came out of the char and he has a tattoo of a squirrel on his inner thigh and I can never see him. To an event. The. Ray show welcomed addition now. Tell my heart then that wanted to get the tree of life on that action and making them Angela and large into stroke he should you could call act. Deadly action out people who regret the chair he really enjoyed and her about a month later when you're back. I started itching and burning and realize that allergic typically it'll. Home. How long did that is. All well. Get remote there's still change. It here you get it so easy to spend the rest in his late itching. Act he had to trek motion I met break value it like red bombed and then follow trying to go to like a a cool all the chlorine make a learners. Now how. HM. Like Erie topics and everyday. And it kind of it's tight end but he don't get to read I'm Laura and me. But I really Elise is on his back and and not the place where the score a guy like. Red bombs they learned not to. How many can you know when he get it's on your bag you can't reach did not do anything look possible he'll rub up and down on as total stranger to reach that it fashion. These calls once our people. It's torture and how. Are just ever learned and tell me about a score element in forever it plays an HD allergic back I him. Some manned day and I change my mind in Lawrence helmets anti regret. I regret I got it can hear it when I'm pretty into the temptation. In the current and ordered. Israeli rule and now I just looked like a little dog let me. I can't I can't tell my parents and the and had written Obama. So hey thank you love it because you can't admit to them at their rights. Yeah thank you mentioned dorm room parallel. I am currently in Conyers. While the show. Paint paint her yeah I had to I had the trip there and early look like lakeshore road quite sure you know cutting. And like. And went around admit it a RER. It. And that we advanced we and they said yeah. All local machine error that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.