Talking Out the Orlando Massacre

Monday, June 13th


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Or one. Start at 41 out I had tough Monday morning. And were. We're not really we're not sure tenacious Canada we have some ideas we have some plans. We're not really sure it's gonna go beat his. You know I think Wayne. You sign that you do radio for a living in it but he did you radio for a living in the agree you do you do it for the eighth and don't. Like this. Absolutely and I think cam. We're struggling to find the right way to beat that place for community. For youth that are listening and and morning. And recovering I feel like with countries trying to recover from what happened in Orlando and we wanna be the right place for that. We're not exactly sure what that means. When ninety. I think white bear the plan is our plan for today if you have the opportunity to listen from now until. 93010 o'clock that this morning error or some time. Between now and then is. Is we are very aware of of what we are and we are very aware of why you choose to listen to us in the morning if you want hard news if you want people that. CNN or Fox News or iris and BC a one room local great news stations I'll have. Reporters down in Orlando so. I think in fourth you know facts and going over the incident and exactly what happened in all of those hard hitting news stories we know that you're going there to get. Yes so that that's probably accurate BS this morning and then. We know there are a lot of stations where a lot of places where you can get an analysis and how could we have prevented this and how could we have done things differently. And how should we have done things differently and that's not gonna be us either canoes that's that's where that I'm I'm I'm not a speech freedom that I am not Smart enough. Nick yeah I certainly definitely not. Devlin not and I think there's a lot of places that are gonna in the politics and debate politics today and we're not going to be that please either. So I think what the the plan is is Q largest if she is candid talk through it. Am we will be you know bring bring you a little bit of news here and there as we. If anything new comes out you know if if we if there's anything we can add to the conversation. Will will. Add to the conversation but I think it the broad goal and I think what would meek. Both of us feel like we did this successful radio show today is have people who listen for for even a little bit of time. Deal. A bit more positive. Afterwards feel. A bad light and a bit of how brightly a little bit of encouragement maybe if that's very words so we're gonna try to focus on. The more positive stories that have come out. Over the weekend heroes the first responders that people who shut down the blood donation clinics to so many people turned out there. To be supportive this sense of community it's come out of this and. The love that David and I saw last night we attended the vigil in midtown and love. Felt between perfect strangers in a community was really powerful men share their stories with the team. So we're gonna try to. Focus on that and I think that's. Going to be illegal but it. We have is we. So we're we're along for the ride. Rate we view and that means you can drain this year anyway that makes you feel comfortable any time. 4047419400. Is the phone number and cannot reach a science from the 88 in reaches on. Email our Rihanna and at this but we would love for you to spend some time with us today and and hopefully it will accomplish circles. I've made in the world which seems very dark right now a little bit brighter after easements and says thank you for listening thank you for trusting us with that. And we got the Japanese interest earning 41. Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs are not any more water.