Talk Foodie To Me: The Birthday Edition

Thursday, April 6th

This Spring Break edition of Talk Foodie To Me is all about the best places in ATL to celebrate a birthday!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. It is based spring break edition of talk Flutie to me welcome back it's just guy. Thank you for having me back jet engine so we're going this week what do we do that bailout this is a very exciting topic I this week. Is library thank happy America and you know by what day is your birthday April Manny I. I'm spring baby and so now I just decided let's talk off. Things are actually desserts and just a neat stories that go with these different desserts and just talk about an exciting celebration of getting older and we ask corporate Davis it is my quarter life when he finally at get ready get the grass. We're not this is around the corner listening to a lot of John Mayer talked about his court and let Agnes that's not cry in the car and getting out. Think I hit that more twenty fours so I don't know what that means not my eyes and that like not act I think 25 is going to be agree air. So I'm still stuck between these options but number wine. Reds bakery a tank wrote Lucas plays. A step back in time is there isn't it it's stood the test of time there's too patient and oh gee. In Cheshire braids like that made town area right and then there's one in Roswell TOK. When I was growing up in the Jaycee Johns creek we it's not high rise well and that would be my special treat it right on on a project or something happened and my mom went. Take me there and get me ginger bread man or a patty largest sun like classic. Eight Greece acting and really special times but. They're caramel cakes are what you bring to neighbors and Matt is old school southern. But very Melanie mouth when you don't feel like eating estate the battery should be careful of okay and it's more socially acceptable hurt good people on stare is out now it's you can eat this in public and not at all. You don't care. But this cake is ridiculous they have other flavors and make them really pretty they even do weddings and stuff like that. This need been around since nineteen when he won nine lost dud the test of time they know what they're doing same aliens that. And there and then every day. For me and got great service to like everybody that's worked there who works for them is that we're back on you know yeah I call that Cheshire regiment and they always have only when you're reading like chat up until on yields stories and stuff it's quite an experience is it's just get out of all the time back. You. Paint. At some pain me to feel special on the experience going to pick something and looking around and feeling the energy of the rash shiner that they Greek. And I just think that makes it really really special and it's an family favorite rappers and while you Rhode Island a big greens differently does that work in the cookie monster mentality right now given them a lock gates. We'll Hamels definitely. Back up and let. Yeah that's it that's one approach and that's totally acceptable. OK and get a million cookies they also have cookies and every different kinds icing it. Some every single person in as me and now you all know about me is I have a major obsession with sprinkles cupcakes. So I have had bad session before they hit Atlanta. A few years back I came bursting of that and then like it's a big deal in my life. But they used to just sell the mix said Pat Williams and Sonoma and I would be and myself but as I just want it and so badly and whenever my app and business trip. I would make him go like if you're in doubt last year. Beverly Hills when ever he would bring back sprinkles cupcakes without tonight Jane so what is it about their cup because there's a lot of cupcake places. I again they've got an ATM. Gathering clothes and has an ATM for cupcake loan. Crash is next level cupcake. You cannot you can get a lot and I know with no witnesses. You all ages and totally anonymously to try to take advantage of Serbs you. Being frosted pumpkin. But I'm here story about it just got about until this moment. How can wait 18 am and it was brand expert and not my birthday and as my friend Arianna listening eureka. And so we were all howl after dinner and equipment terrific kitchen like OK let's just go to eighteen and sprinkles with close a cut. And then I was putting from. Itself in front of the ATM machine and just like have a funny self the we took healthy for too long the box closed three here covering. They're three and we have the paper up. Cake so that it would opening game so that we can get. Yes and maintenance guide or I would have had a male now on the fifth but acts like a hankins refuses to the earthquake now I can eat. And I have a Big Ten dollars and update at AT and thank you Christen Purdue playing mats healthy but anyways out pine they worry and offer an. Is a staple that's been around for awhile to ilk. And I was thinking back on a passed Earth Day with my mom we picked up as Kate if this like talk like decadence play in Mellon your mouth and butter stack all of very. And I'm. With pat is you can't handle on tablet Mac because they have all these chocolate crumbles on top. And you can't help it hey father from they go every way our and it's hard to pick chocolate out optic parents like chocolate crumbles and cheating at all melts on your floor. Especially if it's carpet it's just he winner Alpine bakery has gained eight. Be honest I'm pretty impressed with your knowledge of cleaning up chocolate off of flooring I. That shows a commitment. To eating desserts like I've never heard before I am actually pretty impressed with her uses of dank Kate. I'm. I have some skills that I like cleaning chocolate is something I have way too much experience and I was. It on if you're more of an ice cream percent weren't ice cream papers and a rally is where it's act. The acreage is beating tees of in of the fourteen ill and I've got to say that's draftees more flavors than just this one that they have this one flavor caught Elvis lives. And you can just get a tiny pits and candles and a collins' birthday and says yeah. It's perfect seamlessly in the the whole yourself because mr. Robert Wexler name what's the flavor with hello this lists so it's banana nice screen with peanut butter squirrels and chocolate chunks Yang of crime stealing mess and but it's pretty funny. A honk honk wave out. Where is this little things pan am one and they have two locations I got more room and asked. And and wind is an arm burger and down like I was gently Donnelly and carrying out which is like it's heading to my grandma lives over there and so. I always try to head up her Alley is. And I and that area that that Elvis is I mean you'll be closing your eyes he can't talk to people rights that you know area. Because it Elvis lives Mike Kelly I love all of these it's so cool awesome and happy birthday inking SM yeah. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.