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Thursday, May 4th

Check out the Celebration of Sandy Springs this Saturday with Food That Rocks!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the now. Promo. Let's send me. Don't think demo. Talk Fukudome. Our frame this guy from taser Atlanta is here to talk about the food and they're rocks which is happening. This Saturday night Hammond park. Sandy Springs so much fun this guy what time does not get under way. We get over their 630 to 11 PM and it's called food there rocks yes were rocking out some great thing good. And great music great I race is an emissary that's the music artists only to get some suitable proxy yes. Yes we have a guitar in Ireland it's pretty legit but we have a band called the deaths coming I haven't seen. I have but a staff sound cool all the best tank RI and then I was telling gen. That my college. DJ friend is coming DJ Gretzky is taken notice of any. Is this country's anti UGA says she said he was being in Athens yeah this is supposed. All the fraternities used Brad ski. Not really but currently who has everyday media outside like Gretzky ready to get back in action just moved back from Colorado and liking what I am. I think Jackie get this sat together says he's going to be there. But besides that we're having 25 C any springs restaurant and am a breakdown that speed that he cannot make it's okay. I'm breaking it down to the ones where in my opinion if you do not. Brian and get to fit that rocks right when it opens are gonna miss easement I can't doors open at what time 630 or BIE 730 after general Nash OK okay I think you all get really excited about this guy Kevin Raff fund's new concept Kaiser's top house. They'll be there and they're certainly a strict say sandwiched strip steak sandwich tongue twister elect but its citizens lists or seek clearance ahead. I think hardest city ate a sandwich. Generation. Really get so run to Kaiser's yak and rampant plus stake it's not gonna be bad you know no way. No way Jose second place southern B style and their having a southern blt like you need to deck out a deal anymore and with fried green tomato tomato cheese smoked speaking an arugula and pepper jelly oh yeah and teaches a writing that isn't there. Third place savor barring kitchen and there happening. Truffle lobster Mac and cheese. So I will be at that station for a majority of and I and I think on a baby and that fourth place stockyards. Which I feel like you've probably in the air and Marietta square but they're about a man and a spot where doubles here rattle. I need to used to be on Roswell reds have. They have been hoping at the we're getting them before they had then and there are serving a short ribs lighter so base jacket and and got his fried chicken last year that taste of it Kennedy won first place first taste. And they're serving add. Fried chicken means to contain some chicken back eyes. And if you haven't had it it's the best fried chicken wrap your life. So food amounts that starts with giving a good base and all these places and then drinking a lot and rocket. Yes and a I've got a tree is selfless I so these are places that you've got to hit the freak out the door and number line is buttermilk sky cell. And I know you're hungry I brought to pine street to. It's not in this signature I forty and has like. Token that pine and at time of chocolate and then it now and I'm going to Austin would be. After that round said no I I gave the whole time so that's desert here that's very treat yourself and SoHo cafe and bakery has a cold brew ice cream that they're going to sir. And history has warm chocolate chip or we don't really care artistry and advantage and fan of their city's. Urge and I mean it's a warm cookie can not like that's snicker doodle melts in my mouth and I just I dream about it I have. We got a dream that he can't man's son also a treat just south of last year they had to go back and get more alcohol for it said this is a Q calmer nasal smash from three sheets moved and it has allotted gin Ning and I don't drink Jana lives for some reason I just have had a bad experience. I at this cocktail is truly one of the kind we just wrote about it. Go to that place first go to three sheets they enacted that rocks perfect thanks guys think here promo. What city. Don't think Tim. Talk food to meet. There Roxanne or against the web site that gave thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.