Talk Foodie To Me

Thursday, March 23rd

Skye joins Jeff and Jenn for another edition of Talk Foodie to Me!

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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. Let's talk about some fruit shall we Jane and I mean let's do it. And a momentum well. That's about how. It's a food show about everything. The first aids and the flu trends that this. Promo. Well as city. Don't think demo. Top food to me. Stunned that people were. Yeah I. To us so yeah I'm so excited and songs and a easier beautiful smiling faces and gives him out. Thanks for guys getting a brilliant coming in this brother is probably a big native meeting last night I distant go to sleep and makes it a little easier paper right now I know. This whole season and eating. It spur. I didn't know street ever come out of this dreary winter I know what now that the weather is warmer we kind of all start eating out so I made and time to bring out the Benadryl pollen season has arrived. Which is terrible because this is this season when you should start to wonder are worry about what you look like you know in your bathing suit. Yet it's awesome this season of outdoor cheese step. Why did she ask that why did you just remind us about bathing suit I'm sorry we are about this talk about the true and I. And as a true test party and sits across the table this is all they talk a cell is acceptable Arnett and I will let you do all the talking I. And now this and over here and quiet and hungry. You're allowed to talks I promised. But there are so many places that we can now take advantage of their patios and rooftops because it's a beautiful spring season. So. The star in the neck of the woods that I grew up and Johns creek the JC now. Alana 2008 jazz class of two honey. Oh my gosh I'm getting all okay how I. His name address and Bessie dead yeah. Tell me got out and like you're getting old and. I had and now my my birthdays and a couple weeks now Latvia and it. I am I love your class of 2010 that's awesome yes yes it's a but to. Ever since I graduated all these new restaurants popped up especially since Avalon came into play and I and I area have yup than ever and I Hamas posh it's unbelievable. Completely why you. That whole foods there is I Wear when Lance I had green I completely moved in it to that whole foods and way to setup a cot and that's my house. Why did you go into a groove she still learn inane. I thought yeah. Thirsty your something like right when I got there once again it's going to meet friends for dinner but I was in a walker and a shop I wanna like a smoothie or something and a series of opted to get one of their little. They have and caps with all the. Images is that I like a whole foods that. And it multiplied by the whole thing it says is the battle okay that is ever existed ams and actually have a patio out there see you can eat any of their little stations and an Indian feud station and as sushi station and a walk Apple's Asia and I love the lock Apple's Asian and that's like they re totally danger here we certainly can we skip to the part where she's just gonna talk about big fat burners that I. I don't know how I'm out of those are Ted's a Condo in order on the roof of that what's the wind out there through rail I love Chris I mean. Thrill is the spot for any age that you're going to lad. I think that it's best for Arie if you're planning on an ogre but has there wine selection as fantastic and it perfectly pairs with other kind of topless portions they also have real size our countries to attack and I if I'm looking at just shell and have a beer and relax I mean really get Fries and the best burger ever. I go to the Condo burger over there that have even their dash that's what Vick kind of became famous for rank their burgers and is a got a senator Warren. A whole bunch years and there's what is Matt west midtown to grants that planned that OG. The palace original macondo OK but this is same one I've been Johns creek yes they don't have the same mania has been hot and made town that has midtown is more. All higher tier higher brow and then the hot embers just known for burgers and sides and get things I had him. Gas saddles so did she Avalon in all the right spots and then also right around the corner and Ras Astoria on the time. Have you heard of that are. Done to aunt and this is like that idea that you envision when you think of the patio it's perfectly tiled there's like a fire pit out there there's so much space. And it completely takes you away from where you are you don't think I hear in the middle of the busy street in the sub suburb in Atlanta I hear. Just in this really nice leads the environment eating delicious Italian dude I was wonderful day what kind of food Italian OK guys what's the name of that place again Oster Rihanna -- tone I love that yes it sounds really spunky and I now write yes and it is and maybe even cooked for James Beard house there. A wonderful wonderful restaurant. And that little section there and Roswell is so fun to go 20 I love you can it's canned street right and you can walk up and down and seemed everything linked. Drink shop eat drink shop eat all in the same spot I yes. That was like the spot when I was growing up and Johns creek it was like hello we're gonna go to Roswell this weekend mrs. high into into. Yeah. That I mean that's tiger the name and I still I ask shot and then I was thinking how can this. Bradshaw popped into mind I. I haven't thought about and so on and it's unbelievable and we've got to try okay it's in what now Norcross area for all W house cafe. Oddly like the color blue like the cheese be Al yields ahead. Hanged when I was in training and not an area that back in high school. We would go their for lunch and I can't honestly I was bringing my lunch everyday and the ladies that I worked with thought I was really boring so they are likely take some. Can I like that they did a cat and Saturday Night Live house cafe. And has this exquisite patty and and it sit pretty and O'Bannon homey and everything's time main. And the trick is you have to get as Sam went on a Koch at Brad Buckeyes and has this like tomato sauce on top and you can't. I I can't do it justice with my where it's you have to today and then tell me what you think of it but. This place has a great patio and it's only open during lunch thing I recommend getting there for lunchtime spot. And you will rest stride. And I. East Cobb Marietta cool hands kitchen and bar by it's awesome if you've heard of hearts. Oh yeah he sprained my favorite restaurant real. Aren't I promise and plan Matt and just intuitive when users are out there and you spot. This is there any spots LA when your Google playing just if you're like China menus stock or whatever put in camps kitchen and bar because it PGA camps Marietta it's like that got winds school out. I heard all summer based iMac and you don't wanna get distracted and Alan and that I don't I don't have children so I'm not really interest in the camps right now that. Also know I can not not named Janet these other two rash science because their ideas are. Fantastic. Under the court tree and Simi sprain in his right. So it's come hitting jammed and it's the same owner had to hand make switches in Roswell sale. I he opened up this Mediterranean restaurant in his what animus beautifully decorated restaurants I've seen in Atlanta it's stunning it's so gorgeous and now that the patio is open for spring time. Get out there indicator. I don't get out there as much as I want shield but lean on its full service aliens grades there's an idea of this year and you can get up. Table inside all spring and summer along but you're waiting hours to get outside and it's worth. Get a drink to wait outside I'm in they have Fries I content in all these different dipping sauces like did she is and curry Khattab and you name it they've got it. Star in 941.