Talk with Brittany from Open an Oyster

Thursday, August 25th


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Yeah. Star. Or tennis in this first of all. Imagine if an. Jeff dollar. Alone further we again because his fiancee has left town for the B generals sure. It's Saturday. In his bedroom. All lines. Of late. The only thing in front music glow of his eyes. Somehow. Stumbles around he spoke life the woman. Opening. The corridor and they're really really shiny. Curry he shot. And Karlinsky you're trying to praise for the girl and that ain't. That beautiful and this sounds pretty actually seen my. Hello Craig and all its first one. He. Wanted to teach and you can seeing. A different and a lot better and I couldn't tell what a talent and others and that it out. So white and oh. 45 minutes and one action. 45. Captivating minute and describe it and the pros and oysters so questions about ice is just like the one that can eat is obviously aren't audible. Now these are filled with Jack and I team and as it rolls in in more than. You listen this one. Rain ago. Do you feel enthusiastic matter if they're crazy that only when. I Brittany welcome to the show. Hey I had married Palin. You are captivating lady on the Internet could happen to him. It is blown up and gotten mixed during Lake Erie the exit never imagined it being that. I played every legally their outlook I believe the. Always thought. And so Britney IE. Fellow crime obviously somebody on my FaceBook page. Light your video or was watching your radio or something that caused that come up in my news yeah I can assure you. There is now when I was in late surging when somebody's opening oyster linemen and a half. I didn't have. You got to stumble upon Brittany so but I'm reading the comments. As you're doing and cannot return it in picture it's britney's setting a table. And in front of her that it cleared space. And a night. If you just picks up an oyster and can you tell she's like in Kitchener she studio it's definitely not a studio it's in your house right Britain. Right it's basically like kitchen table and I don't think started from the kitchen table. And Shia. Feel is that you a.s there and then there's been a little bowl of water there's a little hand towel she takes the prologue means that occupants in this little thing of you how big oyster. Holds it up to the camera. In Maine who wins is much enthusiasm. Is I would use to describe a good interest pizza she describes. After she describes these oysters and I'm reading the comments and people are like why can't I stop watching that I've been here current power. And it's and these are always heard these are pros that people of purchase price. Right everybody pre orders so I actually create order and you're supposed to have been tell us about your hole in this business model correct. OK what's the name of your business. My name is called open and voice circular and policy and so fully licensed. A company. Okay open oysters so if I'm interested I go online and I purchase I've oysters and the new open an online form. Yet you go online and EUI. Sign up on our feet but paints at the end attack and it's twenty dollars and boy there are we do like pipeline now hurry. And then you let us know like Lex letting you wanna to president as far as. You know whether you want and reckless we ought to have a hearing you can order stamps. And that's lady di and then like right now we're about out like a week. Interest is in watching you open them in the surprise inside. I. Serbia and this is what toddlers do on YouTube I sent you the YouTube link yesterday I black eye and my commitment what's the surprise eggs and opened yeah. Yet just a little bit yes yes he just surge eggs surprise her surprise eggs and this is what little kids are watching like people opening and just the thing is the adult version that we actually it out. Right in yet there's no way to tell what color probably you're gonna catch silly everyone goes there and I want to darker ones some people like a lifeline to an appeal so that pink and married Blake in endless possibility of the palace he can get. That's what makes it unlike you don't know what you're gonna cat and every studying what's different with the different color and color and has says. I think that what the fund is year because Jeff has no interest in girls and Freddie could care less about jewelry. Oral you know purchasing that and result he was just captivated by you and your enthusiasm for in the way that you're. It describing everything is so excited you like meteorologists on brand new her cane right. What's with the guys I'm glad you're Glenn burns yeah. Ran it ran when the remnants of hurricane are blowing through north Georgia oh my gosh there's so. Yeah. I'm more excited than meteorologist at weather so we. Ers. Britney was an idea originally. You was it. He bored by the oysters in and they would watched. You open that there oysters in images started to grow in in this show. And it really dating no one thing I want them to my dad and I would like this idea. House when he played here for he international secret online only now like I'm. I. Answer our calls and data actually have a week or so it. There's guaranteed to be one in every electors that there's knowledge. Open and other ones and and basically it started how can we can't keep watching the very beginning that we got excited first thirty or a hundred years and we were curling in a 1 o'clock in the morning. It only like forty at least there's and then now we're doing like a hundred blisters you know I and I hate and and two hours we're doing that and it's blown. I mean you know anybody can eat I. When we started that we never would've expected it to be those clients in a group of amazing people ask me how that the Nikita Spain and I don't get much sleep but it sounds fine and that and I certainly there and it's it literally and so it. I think like just like that. It's no way that you bring to it is infectious are people end up watching him. I want you to go with Dejan intention. Lots happy again and we want to do victory Q I. Record is. So neat I I asked brittney where are you right now. And sitting in my hand right. I'm we do me a favor and just pick any object in your living room it's not an oyster pearl. And can you please describe that here. With the same enthusiasm as you do it pearl. Again yes and if you have a pet cat lying around. You that a that a fire uncle's a magazine and the top table. It's. I have my dog okay argued that beautiful fluffy kitten Karl Pomeranian puppy he's like. Three pound is absolutely adorable all. Italians are black spot on and then he has a little light of my life she's the cutest thing ever. Explain what that player and I'm trying to keep him quiet exit. Yeah that we're at right so thank you for calling in and clearing all of this am sorry I feel so creepy. I just yeah I'm just glad so she's real because when he personally about it like Jeff was on and injured at. And here's our number and this is it actually dream means is living an out. The UR for me. And we. Kind of men not just like that. Naked Janet street legal wide and they like everybody thinks it's so addicting who lives at night at eight yen that. Like these and I mean I think I'm like a bow. I didn't even ask about that how did people find the show to watch. They don't do you know like make sure you share video that you can if you show where our video you get an hour to land like a free hurl and patent so and we we do that every time we do a lot of video and that people Sharon and people are watching and it just. Snowballed into the very well Howard it's like 2300 viewers tonight. I'd bring out real talk that you just gotta let what cheered what what is the name of the page. UK is per you can give me fifty girls and I will not raise the amount rap that I would do half. From all of my friends are sharing the fact that I'm watching yeah yeah. And he later. Yeah I hope they enjoy their LLC. Is the name of the patent on the name of the gates and you broadcast every or is only a couple coached. Right now we usually get short time deleted by this weekend we're doing Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday Tuesday and then roc Wednesday bella and and we shipped out like almost next day right now there is some. And saying I think we're up until like 3 o'clock packaging things it's just it's like a slash shop at my house. So I and that really loud and that's a great group of people to work where there aren't. A lot of it. And Greg congratulations and the and the business model and graduated in and span COU. Vanna whites. A more cash for thinking that. You'll have to thank you very validating my hasn't that Saturday night. I was Seattle line gained a bank's Brittany made there. I've that's actually went and you know like that's one of those things that if somebody came to me. Right instead. I invested in this business idea yeah you give me a few thousand dollars and one by some oysters to be on your money back let's 10% and you like. Don't watch you over and always there. I line. And then at the next big thing because you know thirty years ago somebody said Steve Jobs. Watch a video Howell. Canada buys their aunt. Do you act 6090 days that is back I don't wanna watch a little radio. And eagle website. Where people of his right leg one saint. Yeah eight lights we. Idiot. Oh okay so I get it its web site and you post pictures and then you completed dog years on your cell. And off all right nobody's gonna pavement. That's why I'm. And your job. Still aren't ready for a one.