A Tale of Three Weekends

Monday, June 25th

We find out how the framily's weekend was! 

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Well and we'll see about your weekend something you did don't worry engineers can make you feel a whole lot. I'm blessed us just from Los vague ads and might have been a big is the non staying in Vegas. And if you say something embarrassing and probably wasn't as bad as what. Just experienced yeah I want everyone while Geneva we play these voicemails from gene I want everybody to focus. I'm I'm this what could you yell loud to a man. Who is at a crowded bar. With four women that a man. Let's say it's me. Any surrounded by four women and there's something you could yell across the bar to make him immediately feel. One inch tall you can. If not shorter hole. And a big act a big about it. Think about that and I will tell you what a woman screaming at me. This weekend but first let's go to Vegas. Yeah. They went to Vegas for her first a ever adult trip there. And was it everything you hoped and more it hits you list some that. It was really fun now as great catch up they just have a lot to do. You want to drink it. I mean you're there for that I think Vegas and New Orleans cities like that all went South Beach people who are savvy. They have that three nice is the perfect amount of time. Any more than that he might again have permanent damage yeah. This just season means it was I guess your answer and story and she's on now. The plane train from the airport and she's just holding on a one of the bars that you hold on to there and she's hiding it. Is it like I thought she might have been crying. Yeah I and I finally back town so there. You laughter ensued right where he's had made that number eight were get a word out of that imports. Then on the alert an accurate record and he agreed McClellan in the bathroom that they are pretty admiral I well. I hope she and now entered the air you're gonna start a steady. We're pretty and Adam topped only by air. Land and we're winning we you know anarchy I hope. And an up and well I yeah. All. Do you sitting in the wherever public bathroom. Come. My above message yeah volcano is back in the room in the bathroom thing. I didn't know it was pleasant and regulate we need to core actually view them. The exact opposite the genes we cam was your weekend right you know people named bunny and millions now. Shannon Tweed. Yes I sit I camp and the south can't very glad and I'm win back for our 100 anniversary all you're 100. I. Celebration as early cool it was like high school reunion reunion with you can't friends and it was it was awesome week and I saw people haven't seen in twenty years and we are acting like little kids all over again. And you've got to explain this because I am not a summer camp Kate at all. Yes anyway yeah I went to one summer camp for two weeks one summer. It's as such as sleep away camp I went every summer growing up and it was so cool 'cause it was like I got a break from my life. And got away from like the drama of my own like middle school and high school experience at home in Florida and got to go to North Carolina these beautiful is beautiful space and have that set of friends. And we're really active and then I was just really in from what is it it was the most transformative experience of my life it made me who I am really. Yeah from what years away ears. I started in 88 which means I was eleven GAAP and went all the way through up until college I was a counselor in all so was. Those those years of your life that you define who you are and it's mainly independent and. Believe in myself and ulcer cranked so Clinton is is amazing and the women that I. Was friends with him it was his sixth grader. I'm still friends that today and were all like you know kids and at life has moved on so much that we are also connected and closer their amazing sounds so jealous of your summer camping series I was a kid realized wanted to go to summer camp. I've hands like how and I think we are five B I'll wrap up I don't. And I'm so jealous of that dollar is our enemy camp kid and sleep now log cabin and he can out learn out. You know Jan dribbled rich kid I was just mere road trip in delight my parents worked so hard to send us an I mean to my brother went to summer camp team and they worked so so I called them. I called them yesterday to say thank you sell for more art. And my parents these candidates are mile cabin on the saint Lawrence Seaway where again tag Redd Dodd. My dad's all right and you just bark back in the god as my summer awkward to my name. We see Joseph Fisher remembered as Europe their alleged the man alive has changed and let me them whenever basic go fishing with. And would catch fish that would make pets or goldfish look huge. Mean he's the number like tiny little whatever and my dad trying to be you know good sport. Would say well we'll keep a mobile corkum. They're a young man no you. He's swap them out for pros and they stating they. They don't go beef buying a I'm an idiot I mean I was like ten years older however all that was I know we swapped him out for herb freak in the guy with a yellow green can. Oh. So I'm glad your life was so well defines. Us that was years clearly and I found my upbringing was deception. They're thinking about my upbringing all right dude. They had later about how I. And so out of shape. Yeah like this weekend going back to the mountains reminded me of that it all. You know leg when he got back nearly as well as an adult you know like oh I can I say my mom I. Don't put it right and yeah I took Advil first thing. Doesn't house and Diana. Is what is sort of relate I didn't know I had sort of pars there I did not know these muscles eggs. And now idea yet there's an animated hits it. Ice I. YE aisle that think just for a second about him my here's my weekend was I would lose. The boat show refer to callies girl's weekend. Up until late so it was her. And three friends and you're the only dude I'm the only due to enters the grace listen guys tell your sons this. Marry younger and by a vote because. Where there I had no no complaints about this weekend right so are you a good husband Mike serving out the Jane Hall. In the vote and vote on this you are the safe ones I can go wild I did I didn't fire and made by air look it's you know finally. I made I area and I voted in and stuff you Rhonda well I drilled they drilled things that I caught with my bare hands and publics now. Serves O'Malley but. It was all raced. Win win a woman. Yells across the bar to get my intention wind standing amongst these war beautiful ladies. And she poison and as I know you and says that sentence that completely. Reduces meter one install well they wanted to smack us. Okay turn it up. Justin Jan shell ol' ball this scene is this it's girls we can replace that Kelly is right and all of her friends out. And they're all beautiful so I am the stud at the bar who's with the war not out women right. And I like I I walk in that strutting their life here lately in the background he has some pimp daddy music them out and what's. Dylan and actually really tall at this grass your chest out look bad in a lot of levels lag. That's stamps the end of my target and then across Imus and the scene and and young to get gas of what this woman yelled. Across the marlin. We train them it's way Sammy and she's I have a half day and I and a look at our image is god yeah. Age where ray me sound like it's god. I turnaround look behind me and now my wife Natalee goes if she would issue that your name's Doug. Yeah I go and so is she things happening on how things that and old black and use. And now the all the other girls and young girl's leg is actual content. And I'm like wow and then she says. What you. Game and I go it's Jeff Judah. Is done occasion last name starts and indeed you know from Atlanta. And I go. Does he know clearly mad basis saying. Not every night. Believe it's telling you it's good to see you and then she'd say. I about it I think about it I think she says. I am listening to music and I was like I. You handle that. I guess I'm I'm an old radio I get it a midnight Saturday as I'm through Kansas and thought I did it's time we also let you pee your pants on there. Or that time like we you know where you'd ruled on in. Zero to do the radio show Kelly she's having Julie do you and then Lindsay dying has it that's your little sister and a half. No no and knows so much where I'm in that. And then this game is column had a jet get humiliated but I. Meant you know. Who. I'm make huge plasma and. I I. I wonder wedge you're backing them. This. Read. All it's your dog can Vizio and. Star in 941.