Tabitha Gives "Speech" to Boyfriend

Monday, April 11th


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It's sleek design this dollar and I'm. It's. Yourself catching up with half of that after the weekend it she was found on the bachelorette party and her boyfriend. That's right and are going to be hanging out all weekend long we talked relaxed week if she's. Was thrown in the red flags who's a little uncomfortable with this win is sure what to do about it. Even though there was no evidence per saying that anything inappropriate. Had ever would occur. No evidence of them hiding in either but she different breast friendly ending boyfriend and new fast pace breast. Failure elevating it. Ago so best and and they were gonna go for bike ride it mango. And should count is now a new mean for a female best friend. On. Earth. Do you yes I'm saying. Like you're a grooms men in my wedding and can I say the lemon breast friends. George and at a best friend's. Situation. But not for women. Went for wise January adding she's my breast. I will win that proudly. Hubble without. A so anyway we get to the cabinet and find out exactly what happened over the weekend if she ever said anything admirably for or best friend about it. And Nancy she joins us now hey tab that. Aaron hey that some call this week saying. That the two might have been going green shopping for engaged in shopping inhuman and messing up. Well is it where. It. So going to be at deprived I don't know about that but. It is leveling. Back rat in the deputies. Mean little hump. We get on meaning the weekend if you're weekend. So. I kept in touch my boy planned. Out entirely plan I didn't really can't do. And oh. He had been with me it was really cold this year over the weekend so they didn't do it by Cragg. It didn't I'm. They've basically Daly got around. In the wanting and then mainland. Bar hopping and they went to their flight. After being like golf. Part B at a bar. And they put together. On the right hand in the morning and told. Probably like 7 o'clock at night. At age and how how to how to roll. Okay now hold hands so they went to brunch was it just the two of them. It was just it two of them but then Wednesday and that at that golf. Hardy for the masters it was like a group of friends. Probably why they were like out for a lot longer. I know that even the secret. And and sit around and older. It was sexy throughout the day. Walk on the. Me. A little weird that she he didn't really. Put me at all. Actually over the weekend because. I was that it. We usually talk often but I didn't hear from our and at bat that RT. I thought I would be inside you know bigger it has hurt. You know I would public. We're drinking and now like Al hang around now this is. Not. The Chinese and then. They were I want my team on my side this is not cool and it's not norm at all but I am being true cool about it. But I was pretty distracted. You know by being with Bobby go far and be celebrating. You know my track and getting married. So I want to go back I as gonna go bags on the you to say you say you'd hear from her all wrong is that than usual for you now hear from her. You know. Or are you trying are incremental. Are. You going to be busy what with Anderson tyranny yes. And I thought that she knew but. I don't know I guess I would think clay you don't know how it about that gradient. You know it would be I don't know like talk about stuff like. And talk and act as a girl you know lake what dean. You know my machine hack something. An average shoes and a day holiday Saturday issues right focus and the mom. Do you know about anything are you still uncomfortable with the fact that they hung out all day. Irony. And I thought about it. And I'm not comfortable with it but I feel confident. That I can confront them I think honestly. I partied over the weekend. He was where all day yesterday. Didn't really see each other you know I'm not happy that it works today when I get up where I'm gonna have it down with him I'd I am not comfortable. All right I wanna hear exactly. What you're going to see him. I kind of got the speech plan I want Allentown right nabbed by us first OK let's let's role play. Wave. And I'll play the role of your boyfriend. Tank. And it the it. Oh listen I love. EU and show them how to get along so well. I think it's great that you like my friend so much that he could and the whole day was her. Thought about it. And from you know a little inappropriate. And may not idle. Trucks here. Something in my gut tells me that this. Definitely equipment it and we do a little too close. Hate them without taking off and glad you brought up shin shin and oh. Yes and that. It is Wednesday view is thought if you ever thought about maybe dress and more Laker. Yeah. You're eve are an act of. They never thought about late Tuesday she does this thing. Right. My shoulders. In reaches the tension just melts away. Everybody. Get on your. Heat. Put out the door well I think our. That's nice as an ice pick Jamie post you have it. You know she Intel. Already knows that I'm my favorite realism. Just a really well done hamburger with some macaroni cheese in the side so maybe you should well doctor about the things like. All the things. Your numbers and the little little blade he learned how I finished propellant. I heard very good. And well good luck. Do you. He you're trying to meet. That high ethnic ripped intimately differently in my crazy. I don't know what I mean I don't know if there Lou I'm winner from target or weapons the yoga pants that. She can tell winner's check out our dentist say something. Probably fine yeah. From my club there. And you should ask her about whatever she's doing for cork his boy to her ad's look and field rates when you get an inner. Glad to help okay public public service announcements.