Tabitha Gets Listeners' Advice

Thursday, April 14th


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Jeffrey didn't show just show Vizio. Conversation I had 404741. Now before hundreds on the sign any moral law and. Free you and I are on the same page right you get what I'm saying. Absolutely I act fortunately act act he called her. After a particular candidate what are Arabic and we're going Arctic on our feet. Yeah yeah I indicated that the immediate phone call to the friend. Yeah. Right so like I'm thinking like is if Cali at my fiance came to me and said hey I've got a problem with this person. Right if what do you regardless whether I was a relationship between me and that person and I turn around and went to the offending person. The person with a lot and. Co worker friend failing numbered a matter. And he just wanna give you a heads up that's a breach of my relationship. Yup so he might be really really dumb that is possible there are dumb guys out there by. Yeah. Hey Heather is gonna speak from experience what's up. I did an air and making happy it happened and buried and I'm in my life. What act and different in one what I meant what I can. I don't know how I met my point I'm not an exploit and at another time. Me and Greg. Really. Wow so she's she's like hey three times yet this is this is that definitely gone down sewed have a thing at this point. This is me this is me who is giving your deed the benefit of the doubt up and tell. Me your email. Or are at this point you get men this is my advice you got to dump that did. I mean you win you back and even medium a year that. Dissident army area you're in love with him. Learn. I thought say what you guys they've accomplished Gillick they would like to have that char try it you know seem weird that a track that. You're like okay actually literally and then did that. I feel I trust him last I actually tried my best friend can she would. Kirk an upset that I would even think out of her. He won't then yeah it is like hey you know variety. Well. I didn't I don't see oh. Based IR CO. Let the picture you know I mean. They're totally is not only the weekends but right marriage and that we have to feel very alone it's just me and Marie. Philadelphia I don't really isn't a person and everybody else just leave me hang in there well here's the thing. As they think it's worth additional conversations with him. But I just think once that breach of trust happens you never trust the person quite the same ever again right. It's a delicate thing in the relationship especially somebody wanna spend your life when they. Proved TV can't be trusted then it's it's just never saying. Hey Russell what's out. Oh what are your own good it's going I'm. If so why can't you proper caller that's her best friend and you know what Orwell or more. But shouldn't let her know I hate myself and our board that. But he sees girlfriend's best friends. Exactly. They're currently. In the girlfriends all in the best script. And he's got to be involved and have some outposts and he let her know that by. She knows that there's a problem right. Larry I don't you have to take it upon himself he had that's that's the thing that it is the women are friends of the women working out and he stepped out of I don't think it's his phone call may and guys generally speaking I understand it right about Russell same object guys generally speaking island Boogaard. Like if they haven't made a note OK it would never think. To call the person and tell them the next morning they if we ran into each other maybe out of a bar and there and usually it's gonna another bar amazed at who. And an idea that not a bad idea but I would never call her the next morning. Because that puts the importance of the friend above the importance of Tampa yes yet so. I Teva the good luck of the donkey dispose the shooters and other email everywhere updates. Thanks so I think generally beyond next flee justice and women's intuition. Always good spot not always right yeah I haven't seen forever and ever and.