Tabitha Feels Betrayed by Her Boyfriend

Thursday, April 14th


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It's starting may be forewarned. Have a is our friends. Who went on a bachelorette weekend with a little bit nervous about leaving because her boyfriend and her best friend we're going to be hanging out all day she just had some red flags lettuce this whole like. Women's intuition discussion should he trust your gut or basin in fact. Anyway she came back from the weekend said that boyfriend best friend definitely spent a lot of time together she wasn't really happy about it thought it was weird is the best friend just didn't text her at all throughout the whole weekend. I was trying to be so dismissive of this gut feeling I'm like. It does not plan to worry about they've given you know I have it and this thug and but I haven't approached her boyfriend to ask more about it when you're face to face so I'm here about how did that conversation on Monday night Canada. Well surprising to me it was. You know actual. It is in their relationship if you I don't if appropriate. We even talked about it when he went out with a group of friends. You know being with her from other people want to know how to look at other people. That I'm at a town and year out on the town movement that I mean you know why. Totally get it. And no problem from now on and that Hawaii Iowa looming out what it was you know it and you know we won't see. That anymore so it went really well. Well and that Monday night. You know he died and then you know I noticed that my friend and ha had heard from her in here on Election Day. And here Wednesday remember her she second Whitney over the weekend. Well. I'm telling them again. Insulin. Last night. You know create her make it. Owners it was not what I. I'm just glad I just wanna say dammit that normally. I would be saying maybe she just does it work. Maybe she's got to have that is gonna maybe allergies act router but. And fortunately I know it tablet is about to say. About last night Sunday is to remain quiet and not talk about the commencement. Wish campaign and OK okay. Well after the. Well I mean and my like tax at her time and she is like you know one word answers. I'll let go and it doesn't that doesn't sound like her. We can't have that are very cold with me. And she probably she picked me and I had any. Can't get her you know what. Is everything okay. You sound. You quickly. My boyfriend. At a comic things that are the competition I have the hand that you would like I'm all our. They don't trust me I mean he only went behind my back and how to console her. Might that windy you talk yet. Is that while talking on Monday night he called me in morning you've. Eight. Well yeah that's not cool. So yeah I wish I conversation with him and he immediately calls her to tell her about it. Pretty much. Just did that at outlook is going to kind of talking about. Our relationship stuff. Is pretty. I should have been one confront her. And and you chose to confront him. Not her and then fool me. So how did address the conversation go what did you say. I would have been backpedaling. At a. Well. And you hear I'm yelling like I did something wrong. That was me you know trust me I'm about track and I believe you were hurt. And I can't let the night I had conversation with him because. I feel like that prod them. Not on you you're. Home tennis that operate and you don't owe her an explanation. Like. It's and ask more questions why didn't trust me. A what Amy. How. Of its suspicions that. She questions like me. I think it's fair question for her is she likes things are holed it I don't. May I don't that your instincts are probably. Like it there's not something actually. It's maybe some feelings going on there not yet to have that hold on please Jane how are we. Some scholarly. Some feelings going nine. He rain and things like you like she doesn't need explain it but I think the best of deep. That's French men aren't coming back. I can't even finish but I know there's people who understand and I'm trying to 40474194. And each. It's with a boyfriend. He never should have anything to the best friend of ours but. That's about it doesn't matter if she can with it. The minutia advocates. In the big picture. Lawrence got. Somebody please help me to explain this better than I am connecting. For a 4741941.