Tabitha Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend

Monday, April 18th


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Create an update here from tavern that members have a good game. We'll see this one who went on the bachelorette weekend and the boyfriend's best friends started getting cozy yet we've been following this story of relationship thing with terror and whether she's instant with a boyfriend or not when she confronted him. And then he went and called the best friend yes says it takes Canada's mad at us for hanging out. And then the best friend called Abbott and said I can't believe you're upset about this why would you get mad and was kind of combative. And then everybody said we didn't think it is but everybody said the fact that she was combative and now humbled. Means that she would there was something going on between her arm boyfriend defense yeah yeah so for signs so tablets. Dumb to wanna come over the weekend. And that wasn't the enemies hate tab at the what's up. So I had some liquid courage in me on Friday night at right to have. 4 o'clock the lions. And I played my boyfriend knows her hand. I think it'll. I can't do that anymore. I kind of feeling a bit. Yeah it was one of the few things that have been going on in the relationship I can correlate. I would always a line and make eat pray and I was the only one wearing their relationship. And then what happened at my best and I additionally. You know what I don't truck you know I yeah color would you and he. At first he would break. I'm really. You know I really care about you I can't believe we're breaking he actually try to feel very let you know what have. Well last night together I'll click yeah. You've got to go. And developed by Friday night at the crime and then that I pretty much. Went to bed early. And I decided. I look at Saturday I would like I'm gonna and a girl planning. Medical I don't know how what my girlfriend. Nothing crazy it is you know I need from PLC. RL I let my girlfriend on Saturday night. And then on Sunday. When that it would show beautiful and then on the name. There's been a perfect day so I hit hardest hit my girlfriend. And how well. You know on the patio. And he's pretty. And I decided after a couple low turn. To look I'm. Graham yeah. And guess who. We are now. Saturday night. My hair latest track and and now my act abstract. And they were bold enough to post about it now which one post today that's all. Oh yeah. He posted it. Yeah. Certainly that was a revenge past the gap now was the picture of them. Where they just both in the same room or were they definitely like a couple wins it they'd gate was teaches them at a bar. Now did any. And I don't bark at all so polluted and they can't picture down. Out on the patio because you know sunny with a beautiful day. Everybody put a picture of them outdoors. But how are her you know how far right. We ran the table it would hit yeah. Yeah they were together Saturday night. In hand. Sunday morning. And and he posted both pictures. Yeah yeah that's just handed. I don't know there's always one that's him that's him Jack and media right there's no guy is that guys are down. Know guys that down that Tim Jackman here and number two. She allowed that lake Sheen knew that was gonna happen so you need to write her off to and I know it's sort of Beaufort for women to rat out friends and guys I think you cannot rule yeah bags you've got to write her off that subject out. Unless it's taken her. News or. Yet hack. You know I have well in my most are now so it's pretty happy being that I can't stand radio. Are you sir you said you did break up with her via text. BS hat he I was calling our kind of happy saying I think. I had a little bit of hope and I did everything that everybody was saying I. I'm gonna take a break from her I mean obviously she wasn't Whitney when I went out Saturday night out with other fraph or front because I thought. This theater in the country. And I take a break from her to finally. Break from the situation and because if you're gonna remind me have. I did not back. Actually the first person and that she would go hang out west. And that can be the first person that he would go and hang out that I know I'm immediate right well let me think. Like I said from the beginning Jan and you doubted me that women's intuition is a thing a rough yeah. And haven't given sealing it in so she should address and got two weeks ago of rough and oh yeah. At all alone and then I I did think that he actually brings up a good point that you have to trust your pat on that and I think one Allison who called us at the beginning of this that if something's going on between them eight you can't do anything about it and be you can't stop it right. So this may be a new relationship we just have to hide them both on social media are. Or block them or something so that. There may be new romance in your face that'll drive you nuts. Thank you for share in the whole story began to end with a sign that happened. I think he felt like her being here for me after the way you. You know we got a bullet because. And you please do an already at you and your dad. Doug four outings gave me the courage that so we did we made people stronger and we just encourage you to drink and they get strong enough to just a nasty text message.