The Switch Witch

Tuesday, November 1st


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In Smyrna. And all over eighteen yeah. I'm well enough. Just Inge and shells on starting a line. Janet saying hi to our listener gen age and. So I've never heard this before so we got to help us out as Jeff mentioned a simian like why. Okay my at Morton elementary school and art school there actually told us about that. In the column that go to war with that and everything. So what's it called again as so I heard about it last year. When a friend of mine said the switch wage was coming to visit. Ands this switch switch. Comes around Halloween. Can change and you fill in all the lines becomes around Halloween. And replacing right hand he with kids. Showed that. Your kids are popped up on sugar from now until the first week in December. I Barack. So. Last night my daughter. Kicked out candy that she really wanted to keep and Iraq diet. Donated to that but let's switch which came loose. Last night and check the candy and riot my daughter from books and a little troll I'll and the humidity and you look at the language so pumped. Because. Eat and eat that candy. I don't want to eat back you know I'd rather her read the book. And I have a teacher at work let it cool to current donate kitty the tree so I hate that he Indy. Are stretched and then you get two schools are without a teacher or less and she kicks out candy and the pitcher. I switch which is magical a lot of ways yes. This switch which takes the candy from the kids and gives it to people who. Now I don't know about other people let's let's but aren't the answer there but that. It isn't like Al and Al is is it like now trying to shop where did you switch which have a name. I know that at which went on the one day Sunday. And you never sees which way it's sheet notes that when you leave your candy out and she replaces Andy with a toy. Bartlett. Had no. It okay ten this is gonna feel it in king parenting lessons Sheila in tennis a question about the switch went. Yes sir where are you Lee you've McCain. I you out on the import. OK since you can find it. About it and act like and a lot of people and you can let alone. I and yeah catches your favorite pieces and then you leave the rest bikini at the switch rates and she delivers something that you would rather have. Correct that. And you may cruelty do you make out of wish I do you view request to something from the switch switch or is it just whatever she feels like. Dropping off. Whatever you feel like dropping off they usually. That it will write a little note. If they're that age. And say you know they make it can be exchanged or a Barbie or how and then. If they're not that age and the which which Jack knows. What to let me. Well now does your switch which do something really nice with McCain the order as your switch switch. I tied it in the kitchen for Sheila and add the fifth. And some candy and that were actually lay in bed a lot of it goes to the office. Dotted I had and so this which which is where you work. Yes he got an extra day and day right thank goodness knows that adults need sugar to traffic yeah. Especially after about like you know I mean look at than I thought of hours in the Arctic they need to sign a delegate switch which were than you can leave it outside your office. This Richard replaces it with Starbucks red line. There you go or or a night out an elbow there. Are they. Are right and she your luck and have a great day he aren't they Amanda you familiar with the switch which. I don't. Well is it something you guys there. I. Said are really. Cool that. We had it not the bag on your. And let it go out our. And they hate you know I'll. Bikini or. Get an option and. Well I'll go at the John Allen is that the curse I'm. Well Amanda is not you know whatever what if you look at it this way Amanda what if what if what if you handing out candy is is give part of the entire experience. But he and the constant go into the door and knocking on the door and who have Lee's gone. And you gimmick Indian and once they have it it doesn't much matter what the but the when they do within. I shouldn't and then point out that they are the India are ever being political at all that accurate what fabric. Can I view it penetrated and scrapbook. Eight. And so we are fired up about this. Big hill and ripped off it aged all of grocery store rector offer the charge in her probably. Candy and parents at any and give it out as experts takes it. Yes it did it'd just Don and you just now Amanda. It may be some people were taking their kids Halloween candy to their office for everyone to share. On camera over here Chris turner technical were howling wind it would be out as well. Not so I had. A lot. At. Any. Day. I well Amanda a year official nickname on the championship is that dentists worst nightmare and he gives you the only mom who's like listen you go out you are making you we'd everybody. I. Did not get a Amanda. And I. Answered the institute. For making this its essence it's on star not before one.