Swimsuit Stress

Wednesday, June 29th


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When Japanese yen loss and people. Are we gonna get to all the Eagles here coming in just a couple of minutes and that's where we share with you good news stories things that call appeals were these. The first. Talk about something you're not experiencing that is totally dragging producer and I've got experience you maintain. 50% of the people listen I would guess 98%. Of people. Listening when they say Iraq earnings basic stress right now because this is the week. Everybody's got an app on their fourth of July weeks beach champ. Late day on the road. Apart aren't. And people. Hey I'm not. There is an anxiety starting now. Well I mean I think it's like when summertime hit it is a swimsuit stress is reaching it's peak. Right now because you know you're going to be in front of a lot of people and you didn't. Diet or exercise as much as it's right has. Its session. Of Oregon comment on the beach for fourth of July Imus organ out Amare and I've got a week away and I. And tomorrow and then I haven't done my chick filet addiction and radio regulate yeah not really ready for swimsuit time. I just like totally. So explain to me that the stress that you feel when you go through 120 different swimsuits we use. There's different level of stress in the first level of stress is actually shopping for a swimsuit and that. She is the worse like fluorescent lighting and the little light plastic thing inside and you wondered who else try it on its crew. And he got us. Rate with the in there's like a line in there that even tells you like keep on your hunt and yeah they think who doesn't either and I. So Grozny now seriously city inside of women's sincere when you buy it as it's. It's a sticker you know hey it's not long sticker that you have to take jobs with your. Pet idea incentive grant. Yeah it can happen there that's pretty stressful trying to mine and then you're like how it's time unless that body analysis. It's where that doubled it's it's on your shoulders and says nice things to human body just really comes out like fiercely. Yemeni I think that the enemy around here seen. Him and or just that's happened you out overture. Do you rate it has nothing ever. What you called you can refer to somebody is. An absolutely sent actually I had a funny. Young heavier and re memories this weekend. She secrecy and it's the girl that my boyfriend at Atlanta went after a couple of them as loud as I've ever. You were on each yeah and it it isolates. And you can make his choices. But yes she's she's got recently made and right now. Packed yet. I'm having again Oliver right thing you know I'm not on the right now. Six as a phallic looking your best and making sure that like everything is staying inside it that's because they didn't cited in the things you want to show and a show Lyndon. I think and I can't believe you don't have any of it. Did I just not have sort marina Yemeni sources stress. It is that we about it. As much a bullet and just resigned effective on the beat skinny fat. Europe. I think right now guys it is different but I accept your bodies the way they aren't its own society. I just think it's a big difference is dies now late hit. It is not something that I had a guy. I add me maybe the guys I. On the guys who aren't Bain. And Stan you know I mean accident in paradise and probably due to competitive about Simpson's but I don't really. Like when you jump on the boat as the union even think twice about being since it take nation off intentionally no leakage at the late late act your vote. You're gonna be your going to be off feels like theory you're describing freedom right now. Yeah though because I really and truly taking your meets cover up of is the most. Yet the Franklin means I. And and I it's I mean and so for the moment Bob my car. Round just my girlfriends I don't feel that's currencies if there's going to be guys around. That changed the game I think if you're just hanging out that your apartment pool with just girls. I don't feel is worried about it institutes around in any way shape or form it's hot I. I will tell you something to and you said something to me years ago and it is completely changed at one of those sentences that's related assumes it. One of the sentences to people saying it will be with me forever. You made this casual remark a couple Summers ago. You were at a pool that I don't remember if you were married war I remember what the circumstances were your act. A cool and you're talking to a guy. Now somebody you're dating there you'd ever dated or whatever illusions that it. Coworker media or something okay you said the sentence it's so weird. To have conversations with people. While you're wearing your sincere because it's basically talking to people and underwear yeah yeah it is and it was that a co workers it was a frantic situation and I think of that every single time and having a conversation with a girl wearing a bikini. Like you that are under our hundred that I didn't have to ask you to get there but yeah. Well good luck this weekend sorry and goes until anxiety and Fleury yeah swimsuits chances this thing. Answer peak peak levels right insert it in LA thanks for making the switch to the justice shall certainly Aurora.