Susan Cat Remix

Friday, June 24th


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting you show those we can't do it without you call class 40474. These 400 thanks for making. Not before one. If you spent any time listening to the show this week you heard us. Stumble upon the songs at the humans. Things to their pet animals and we had a bunch of us there are a lot really at a police say it out loud it sounds so corny and thanks to it but. So it it's like you would do. Where her favorite calls from with from a woman named Susan who lives and Mary added this is our conversation was season. And the song that she's things that are. For. They are currently. Think. And how many. Reentry cat. Charlie atmosphere so that since the proper shot. Well and I just before we move on are you looking even from mr. right. In. Dissent. Chuck takes time in his season. In memory and it. You can beat him that yet. I Syrian panic I am changing Communist Party on these asking Mitt you know lap. Included fat yeah that you Amy out and. Think that that happened Wednesday morning I think. Crises and welcome back to the show. I am. On. I'll go out at me and I'd does that distract. Now these. Are. And how about it freaking out. Gone. Yep. So you know flipping off to. Who. Who beat. And recruitment. Isn't it alarms immediately use you said union men and there you effort and we use that. Picture or seen any first. RM. And yours. The attitude of capitals. You don't beat him that yes. Anti Syrian and it. And I said it's your friend of mine who produces music on any friends news things oh shot now. As a full line. Produced song. Chuck. And amp. Yeah are you ready for Jackson I am already is chuck ready for them in the area. Ladies and gents. This news. I. You live. If you. Okay. Are you Jack. Venus. Wow. I. Eight Q now the thing it's the song I am. And you for bringing us that we will be an old. Saying you. Incredible. The. The next thing is we need to have eight chuck Jeff. Dancing if it's on yet he sent us a picture of check. Okay yeah we definitely have pictures at all right thank you season appreciated all that line of achievement tests okay. Golf star made before one.