Survivor Stories

Monday, September 11th

Inspired by her own journey, Jenn's bringing hope and inspiration to families currently fighting to beat childhood cancer. 


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Scholar in 941. So Saturday. Jane it was doing something really really cool. Adds children's healthcare of Atlanta. And angles and for. Families. Who are currently. You're going through the childhood cancer journey this is awesome and what I was born from. When we were in the hospital at this time last year and September is childhood cancer awareness month or so there are a lot of events going on there are a lot of things happening. To bring awareness to this fight in this journey and to bring supports a research because. Research for childhood cancer is only 4%. Of the total cancer research in the country it's just too small. And these kids deserve better so. We wanted to join Matt fights. And we also want it to join a support group for families that are currently in patient so. When we were in the hospital last year I heard from so many listeners and that's the beauty of our jobs is microphones. Here it's on any for a one is that we get to hear from all of you and all of these stories and so I was getting these incredible messages on FaceBook going. Hey I'm 29 years old and I'm happy and healthy IB cancer when I was five. And then I would hear from another person that said you know what my son needed and he's there on the other side and got through three years ago. And those are the survivor stories are the ones that I wanted to hear that I so clumsy for hope. As we were going through as I thought hey. We are we seem seemingly are. On the other side as of Reese's journey I'm still under strict surveillance but we're on the other side what can we do is to support families that are there so. We gathered around some friends that we have built through this hospital experience. Are survivors and who have beat this disease we brought them to the hospital. To the AFLAC cancer center floor on Saturday so that they can meet the current patients that are going through the ones that are tied to those IV poles and I've got bags of chemotherapy go amend their veins. Until I show them. You will get to the other side it is just keep finding just keep going. It just offer that network of family support so. I think really sure how was gonna go he's no we wanted to do something. And thank goodness for our survivor friends that came together because. Some friendships are formed and some of relationship started on Saturday that I believe will be lifelong friendships and relationships. And is families looked like we did like deer in headlights like we weren't last year at this time. And I just don't know what to do and so these survivors can offer that network of support and we introduce them to FaceBook pages that help with all the stops and it was really and a really really special day of school it was really cool I was called to see it all come together in this connections and I have lots of people to thank TO. But the whose acts these yeah thanks to our friend John who runs XP is over end the am west Marietta. And now cod area he donated all the suit. And that was one of the things that debt I knew as a former patient and the hospital that will be shut your hospital room three through 2010. This kid is really try to get as good as the he says at Chela is. When you have it every lunch and every dinner for the week a year and they're trying to figure out what's wrong it can't. Actually shows up finish in the slides. He had some big things this bag fees were being mayor because that was the calling card fried chicken and then now we get to give all of the patient Finley some really cool gift bags. And inside a more I'm gift certificates from our friends at dinner affair. Who were sitting home hot meals to their house I'm so that once they get out of the hospital they got some meals to contrast that thank you so much a dinner affair. Seeing first is and musical group for kids they do music lessons for kids and they sent instruments of the hospital and free lessons. I'm Marriott marquis to right now kinds of I'm toiletries for the families little creature comforts although there in the hospital. And gentlemen sitting ceiling Cali too because they progressing journals and all the bags so that I'm so that the families have. A little reminder right on something get that happens every single back. I wrote I've sold out preach about. Today's date or Saturday say I'm I'm grateful for taxis and every single. I'm grateful for and that's good for me I mean that was goal and I knew it was going to be a success I'm very proud of Jennifer doing it but it I I will say it started. The day for me started. Waves. Janet arriving. And now that it was supposed to happen this morning Saturday morning. But then freak and Ryan Seacrest decides to throw an event at the hospital with the Braves so James little thing gets bumped up by an hour right. We can Brian secret who does he think he is just to rebuild the radio studio it's in the car and nationally syndication American Idol that Kelly Ripken thing and yeah. Whatever he's the idea. Any and he's partnered with the Braves foundation and the Ramsey just foundation or do anything together so. Jan says on my dad Ryan Seacrest is going to be I wanna give him a personal. Thank you for are letting him. Hand letting us use the radio studio so soon she gets there. At the same exact time Ryan Seacrest. Gets there and I teller scan every ten Scandrick is I carry here's the buzz. You know kinda behind everybody wants a piece of Ryan Wright he's superstar. Who don't move don't move don't move don't move. And our friend Wendy who runs Seacrest he has promised. It she would make sure that Jen got to hand her notes Bryant so. I'm making sure gender as a move Reese's RB in the celebrity that she's in with her grandma and her sister thereof in the car. Here comes Ryan and the law to chimp and yes. And before Jenny even completely turns around. Ryan is making bagels strives rate up to our arms outstretched. And he knows Jim and so good to see you and steps back and says house Reese. And week in the latest. I think on the heels of what we just did with the wedding. And the fact that Jen was there and it will move came early to thank him for. Lending and ease the studio and that's just a reminder that he's another person like we're striving to be using the microphone for goods yeah I mean they he had. The whole braves event happening. Everybody there a need him to do the studio and he took power yet he has talked for five minutes but. The fact that the first thing out of his mouth was I was Reese and it it was just and I was just overwhelming that moment now. Just don't cry and cry ignorance really was really thought pinch yourself to to have her tell me embarrassing everybody. You know secrecy as is incredible they've got radio studios inside ten different children's hospitals around the country so the work he's doing is amazing. And he allowed Jeff tonight C usage broadcaster Jeff and John Cho. Last year or so I just wanted to say thank you can see let me be a mom and a working mom at the same time and otherwise it would have been able to do that so. I'm it was really awesome I tend to offer any worse or different company in town now so there's you know some. Review competition there but he didn't let let that get in the way they just wanted to say you know thank you so much for the support so it was nice to be able to thank him in person because I had a morning to you that. For a year and. There are times last year where we would do the show from adults MB and I was talked about the fact that we are their voodoo sheriff from idols and in then. It's one of the nurses stations would call when doctors are doing their rounds then you get to ask. Questions and stuff and shame the way to say OK and we finish up the break we're doing she run upstairs yeah. Be there and ask all the questions she asked and then come back downstairs and continue to on the radio show so you'd probably would've been on the air for the month of September or look Syria. Snacks and it was awesome and just the work they're doing is incredible they aren't a lot of smiles you faces that Arab dealing with heavy duty stuff that you. You can shell star.