Suggestions for Jeff and Jenn Show

Friday, July 22nd


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I hope this switches on this stunning. So. Happy 100 Yang. So number 100 today is the 100 episode of the jet engines and we haven't gotten an email called into the boss's office on Friday yet. Ocalan pretty well that's just Jack entity and he certainly. If you're gonna get items on Friday our debt is bad news at the end of the week good news at the beginning winter and that's really that's that's night's game and the way you have plant that seed had but it does. Now again and secured our authority. I mean I had Atlanta had a meeting that says. Our craft we do this meeting today and help follow. Day. Food. Each day on everybody's suggest that the. I'm so glad you're mad rerouted lays. Did you. So we are opened up a anonymous suggestion. Giving portal and I did it was it was an website that boundary and say. You can submit. Anonymous comments about any site created an account for the engine and I just post I'd known face page between. And a it's a nice response so what I do is printed out all the responses. They came all the suggestions that were put into the suggestion and I did not read them and I credit Ramallah doubtful that amount and implement a bag we've all drawn out a few of these. We just gonna go around the room and read suggestions that after 100 days were gonna read this suggestions that folks have. I'm. The Jack and and we did this earlier in the first round whose rights I'm. All right producer David here. Jen of Corus producer Kelly cheese oh I'll start. And and we'll just we'll just work our way around clockwise Internet and I. He'll have liked it and yeah I only now that's a regular air. They'll buy apple has the watch face. And. The suggestion news where. That. Rat. That's. Serious. Everything else is great. It. Two and calm for around February. Will make history of not enough for the rap battle to make it this is about there's this relationship going. You really need to get rid of the segment. It's so very painful to hear those poor people that on that position that I always change the station when it comes on. It's not fair that just because some stupid he wants you feel quote unquote reassured in their relationship. The other one has to be publicly embarrassed for the sake of radio entertainment. You need to stop doing that. Little. Passionate. Oh. They must not know where their relationship yeah. Eight due haste I. But at a at a it's called post. That. It says more about your real lives. This week in James you have an eight time to get a cause something big. Great way to us about what we can be in dreams that we have dreams you have. Talk more about your realize that's so behind McCain and go like behind the scenes on the second suggestion where on wells and what's the second suggestion time to get caught us I think we're on. What's funny is how we had to consult me about the short version is Natick and we had a segment on the show. That we internally labeled like host chat and he doesn't really hate your show is great. Except for this. And it. And an eye and everywhere people that that he hated was host chat yes. That's why it's so funny that this even suggested that all the post Nat toddler I lied because I was in London like acts. I carriages when he had. Right so this one has called a love it but I want more. I love you guys for years and I'm so I think we'll hear on the radio together again I just wish the segments could be longer with less music breaks. Yeah that awesome things talked about of the segments feel like they're only human thumb before there's another break in Russia. Authentic talent right to the box that you motivate. The question about it we agree right. Subject line loved. Bachelorette talked every Tuesday. I luck and then this is unrelated to that I love your show I love that it's fine and hilarious but not like college frat party. Look. It. David just an OK it's time. That that is awkward. Honestly it's all just awkward. Yeah AFLAC ask look at. The lightning are right reading it right feelings he Barack. And haven't read at a deficit chemistry the story lines long silent on this nothing seems to flow into the field to started in this business. Painful to listen to now he sings the station. I've tried to make the switch but it just so boring slow who an awkward. You don't you both come in very conceded like an attitude that yellow immediately on the radio and you'll have done anything. A person's. Health care. Old as seated in house conceded and stupid people in Asia cup a. And I'm about Friday LA yeah. The this is a good reminder it's a great share. But I'm not conceded awesome. That key political opinions out of the show this year is very important here no matter which entity support. One of the reasons I quit listening to the other show you were both on was because the host insisted on protecting his political views on his listeners among some degree are planning that will not. Ports why alienate a big part of your audience that said you have not gotten as bad however you're tipping your pack more and more with your opinion on the RNC convention. And the Republican nominee. On their being critical of the democrats' nominee of his week that. The idea that it's. Mentions this week. Right I reminder as we really do want everybody that's part it's a political freeze. I mean we will make weren't wearing me out we're gonna eat the equally equal opportunity offenders right yeah opinions are wildly. Ingress I have. Give us one more and is Ottawa can visit again on you as early all of that I love this. Hi guys I'd listen about the view for years now from the days on the other shows when generals on another station. Dark gray and I'm so excited are back on the mornings together and makes me so happy that dollar surgery to Atlanta and it is very apparent the art care a lot about York community. I think the only piece of piece of advice I would give you guys is to keep the show the way it is may be even talk more I'm playlist of music. Oh great I'm so happy I made this list to start any four point one and that's again at all. And young star. Are ready for one.