A Stranger Changed My Life

Wednesday, August 22nd

Have you ever met someone who ended up changing everything?

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So are in 941. I am starting a club of people whose lives have been improved. A chance encounters total strangers because it happened to me and I forgot how remarkable this story was. Until I was telling somebody in front of my new wife the other day and she's like. That's if you really thought about the turn that your late tote after spending three hours with the spurs in the you'll never see again I don't even know his mean. In my life turned a 180 degrees. Because I spent three hours sitting next to a random person on a plane. And talk to him the whole time. Which is stress for you hugs congress say somebody on a plane and why I believe that these. Chance encounters these stranger in our actions. Are all meant to be there All Saints these people percent in your life. For the purpose that they serve and then they disappear because they've served their purpose. And if you have a story like this for a 42630941. Against some really remarkable ones and instead Graham that it. A share would view it in a few minutes but I'll take my story first. On it wise to had six years ago seven years ago eight years ago. I don't know I'm old but it was a long time ago when I was flying from. Arizona back to Atlanta and I ended up sitting next to a guy and a plane. And talking to him which I never do what I'm the dude who puts my headphones on before they're even plugged into anything I wanna talk to you I don't want you talk demand that a plane chatter and I'm Kara you do for a living. I don't I don't wanna let out a printing on Brian that I care about that. Well for whatever reason I remember this guy and he he struck up a conversation with me the only thing I know about him is that he was flying from Phoenix to campaign had to connect in Atlanta. Only deeds Elena could even say his name. Greg knows face if I sound today that's how vivid this. In our action was and we just started talking about. That trip that I was nine and news. How's the trip went in that course that commerce Asian went down of course. In analyzing. Pretty intently. My marriage if you don't know I was married once before. And as you know it if if Condit and we've got divorced. As a few years ago and is. I hit never really. Thought about the place that I was scene and thought about how. I knew was aims. In a good healthy relationship and how much things had to change. And told this guy just started talking to me was that his perspective on your relationship up. It was his observations and the stories that I was telling so the first story was I remember his very first questions I will re doing in. Arizona was it when you're there for worker who they're for closure on the of their pleasure. And then he's a that is what did you have an enjoyable trip in the and I said yes Biden and I just proceeded to tell him a story about something that happened. On the trip and then he made a casual remark. About that story and how I handled it they've just slate. I don't know I eat. You know when your that this is the only. Analogy that I can think to the top of that but you know when you're peeling off something like wallpaper. Or a sticker and something you bought. And you peel off a little tiny bit a little tiny bit a little tiny bit with paying you get interest rates. And you start polling. Nine hole this thing comes off he it's like you just get this one big huge piece of the wall being propped this big huge pieces that rock. So that his first remark to me in my response and his response to that was it a little bit of the wallpaper. And a little bit many asking another question and then it was a little bit and then yes and officials will be well at some point within the first half hour of the flight. This guy Miata talked to people on flight in some point he said something that they've pulled off half the wallpaper on the law. Just feel that radar now as they almighty god and I knew it was aware that it was happening but I was aware that was supposed to be talking to this guy. And I was aware that I was supposed to be. Hearing what he was saying and I was even aware that I was supposed to be receiving. When he was saying at a different level. In most conversations I have with people. Did you feel like you could open up to him yes why because he was a stranger and I don't know. So you totally start telling him your whole life story and all these intimate details of your troubled relationship at the time yes and he's analyzing it so clearly that you just keep going. I think so how. I almost a safer place because it was a stranger somebody who didn't know her 100% you can just unload on the sky everything's going on your life. Music I. Have you ever thought of it this way and right out of it that way. And I will tell you school I'll tell you the exchange had was not like everybody on the way to the airports like yeah I just offline today right. I tell you that the conversations that I was having them they were not. It was not like him bashing. My ex wife who was not him like tearing our relationship down it was all him asking questions about me and my response is that things. And if I saw like he just in a lot of like. Well who do you consider to be a really healthy relationship but they respond that way would this would your parish respond this way what about did people you respect and the any never it was there's no. It was all questions. In it was the most bizarre conversation I've ever been and buy it. I got off that plane. Anne's new from that day for my life is going to be different I didn't know how a guy knows that man that I was gonna be a different person. In my old marriage ends in an and it would be a completely different relationship I didn't know that marriage is gonna go away which ultimately did I didn't know. What it was going to be but I was aware. Is I was walking through that'd Hartsfield Jackson terminal toward that. That parking garage unlike my life is different rate now. I hope for the guy never Sonja. Well I have a question re going Mac tearer references that feeling when you pillows across and you don't get all the smudge left over. It is oddly satisfying day housing UIQ he did it. So that feeling they gave you from the remarks he made what was the remark that well do you remember that line many said that. Peel that sicker back trio. On the there's a lot though lying that he said all the lines that he asked war. About my responses to things that were happening in my relationship. And I remember the specific line where I was died. On my there Dolly is but I remember him saying something and mean knowing. That there is no other answer her. Accepts. Warned it would change my life it was actually I actually do you don't know what it was about my childhood and it was about. The way I perceived married people and relationships based on my. Why say dude don't you think that your parents the way your parents raised you. So laid the ground work for us and I was like. Do you have any spiritual connection to this do you think that it was a divine intervention or what I was seeing him sort of an Angel they came into your life like do you see. And he spiritual connection with the I don't know he's an Angel as the ray where I've heard people call them that suit like. Only I think I was strangely I don't think he was an I don't know if views and Angel could think it's more serendipity is your pads just cross at the right place at the right time yeah. And I'm 1000%. Not the only one. But I asked this question and answer Graham and and to share with you a couple of those stories including one that they just they could have gone one way would really really poorly. But she things. A chance from this married woman thinks this chance romantic encounter. Outside of her marriage saved from there well yes that's heavy gap and then we got people on hold to assess your member of the club. Yeah total strange change your life club for a 42630941. Play your story. Coming up next on the Jeff contentious our nanny for awhile and this is that a Japanese yen Schiavo and ever complete and total stranger who'd changed your life forever. After just hearing the story of chance encounter with a man on airplane and change his life for ever because of there. Deep conversation. I'll phone calls that aren't coming in include. A woman who dated a guy who led her to another man that she ended up marrying. That was a chance encounter with the other guy. This is Steve in Alpharetta. Helped him. Help them get home when they were in Germany and then Kristen Carter felt joined the Marines because there a chance Lara. Our own obstacle I tell you and then an answer Graham last played really great story thank you guys off for replying to him to my arm my posts are Nancy Graham. A woman was taking her mother in law to the hospital to talk to the doctor. About ending cancer treatment mother in law did not wanna do any more cancer treatment. And a woman walks up to them in the hall and says to her mother in law. You can do this you'll overcome this stays strong ice arrived I know you will do. And turn around and walked away. No idea who the woman was no idea why he came up to the woman and said that but. Change mother in law's mind who continue to keep you know transfered for our treatment and ended up beating cancer I lost some other woman was on a ski lift so how long is that is that. Five minutes to get up a hill or how long you gonna ski lift for how long. She ends up talking with a guy. Next to her and he says hey if you need a book to read. While you're here this weekend read rich dad poor dad which is badly saving and investing in staff she says she has no idea where it came from why he brought it up. But she was struggling financially and she didn't feel like an adult because she didn't have a 401 k.s and all that other stuff. She is I've read the book and it completely changed my outlook on money and and she now has a savings and retirement account she's out of debt. All because that I told her to get that vote in because he was a stranger she could not think about it. Yeah it was so random for him to say that just dropped that little bit of knowledge in her life and here's a single and then here's a really really. Remarkable woman one. A woman. Was. Stopped into a bar. After her yoga class. And just decided to have a public French president on home because things weren't great at home right. She's sitting at the bar there's only three other people and environment stated nauert yeah. He's Ani some stronger then yeah. Listeria have a whiskey. Highs so news is that only three other people in the bar they on the region either so they'd bring her into their all guys they bring her index. Her little you know their little circle and they all. It tipsy together and one guy is flirting hard core with her and and talking her out and and that super flattering and complementary even at one point tries to kiss her but she's right now I can't do there's. Sushi stuff straight consumers out. And goes home feeling completely invigorated completely confident completely different and completely appreciating her husband. Never been back to that bar she is completely re energized in her marriage he. I'll bet stranger flirting with her and giving her the confidence that she was missing. In order to be confident around her husband. Tracing so so crazy down on militant in the call the cubs' Sammy says we should call stranger things secession and take it asked if I give a story still treated to general as we would love to hear from you. I like Mike share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.