Storytime with Jeff: the 'Perfect' Proposal

Tuesday, March 14th

Jeff found a story and he'd love to hear the team's reactions. It's all about a proposal gone wrong.


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Her son when you get to work and get and so consider grow every hour on starting now before the line. So I wanna read this story to everyone in the room Jeanne it's only. Jane and it JP tank nice and high winds. You guys. Give me your natural reaction when I get to hear the dramatic part of the story. Are you write this letter soon from the letter says news article thanks. Starts out sweets. That it takes an ugly tan and I thank. This guy the headlines Huff po article this guy proposed under the northern lights in the picks are spectacular. Accredited I'm black and white C can't really trying to get within that large I imagine your engagement picture looking like that. Think this Aurora Borealis the northern lights in the background. We are standing in a frozen lake alma. Is. Now all read. And march 6 Dow's sharp pop the question is currently wrestle his girlfriend of seven years under the northern lights. In the girls' trip there and I billions. Of Norway. Kept aged him. The couple broke landscape photographers and throughout the relationship they have seen and photographed the northern lights otherwise known as the a rural Borealis. Together more than thirty times. How close we all uses special moment for them. The senate to propose a moment out trying to get Carly take itself with them and she resisted. Saying nation moved to a different location order to capture the perfect landscape shots with flat. Instead. She finally gave in. Mets and haven't and I want me. And popped the question he couldn't move the southeast rob because he had a camera set up on that a timer off in the distance so whom. While wasn't the perfect location for a Sophia was the perfect location so that's the actual proposal look at that as beautiful. Also so weak time. Is ready for to get a glimpse yeah yeah. They're on a frozen lake I was the party said that starting to scare me Dell hit originally planned to pop the question that. Nine months earlier during a trip to Iceland. He packed the engagement ring hidden in a lotion bottle. Which he told that Carly was. Lotion that his mom had given him but at the airport their luggage was overweight. And Katie unknowingly threw out the bottle of 4000 dollar ring inside. I have some meetings and re hearing who. 01 of our. Dale didn't even realize what happened to Intel later in the trip. When he asked her aware of the bottle was. Obviously he was devastated. When she told him what had happened he politely said that's okay. While internally screaming he never told her what she did. And holds that man out. An agency held it and turn nine months yep until he would save up enough money. Or another round of rain and now there may engagement they don't have a wedding gates said because he had the candid deplete the savings account by twice. 8000 dollar program to emerge as all of my did you imagine if she got mad at him port that's 4000 dollars donors savings account and then he. That oh well that's MA scene ever taller though ha BA until the pictures came out and he's like well basically saying I'm glad we waited because this is these are so beautiful. Lotion bottle. I Alex why is it not your carry on I think it's a here's the dot com this is gonna be a lesson for you guys OK okay June that you guys guys in general. Don't over explain. Because I guarantee here's Rehman through her mind he said if you see we're about pollution in there that should some stuff my mom gave me. Right yeah in order to because he's over explaining cover it up they just seen movies is weird though she's now. It's he's definitely got a ring hidden in there it's my mom gave me a lotion. So when she's at the airports are now as it does is the dilution from his mom right she jogs aids if he hadn't said anything she would have picked it up and look at a man like. The winner of this is a you know I was in that department meant to put it back in there I've there and try to put a fourth out. Now worrying about lotion I would have main story new manager of that away with as my nasty little hands to the pin on his lies and I'll throw away no matter. And that maybe if you just say that. Hey make sure the solution comes because they've price gained she would have he had over explain and make say about it mama or just put a note on it says don't throw away. Eggs is they don't need if you put something in the fridge or are like little prescription sicker so you think it's really important. Or put the ring in about. I. Act. They do and these are you'll really just in the ring up your but swallow it that's why. I and a eaves memorial. Heparin proposal each. And jumpstart. It before one.