Storytime With Jeff: Greg's Personality Quiz

Thursday, January 4th

Jeff learned there's consequences to asking your Father-in-Law for help...

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now the death is walking into a trap that was set by his father in law he didn't tell us. Think you can then be up for this on now is package in the form of a personality. Clashes. So what is. She danced the worst part about it is I ask for it and I basically. And walked myself to my own execution time. So your father and is a year corporate coat. I went to school Oxford. Over in England. Now Smart too bright like super Smart. I have prank they had to log career at Delta Airlines a lot career at Emory like. Brilliant. He's the guy you see on jeopardy. Any crashes. Began immediately he might even use any thousands have a guy who might come. And need to publicly display in my intelligence or be financially rewarded for the knowledge or aren't personally Smart and Tom yeah okay I got an idea. They have a bright Sosa bats cam that's hit him right that's him when he guys okay. I sit here and last pitch against some bad jokes just write a that's what I use and there's a difference retell stories and jokes on their radio yeah. Yeah he notes is really Smart people on being smarter so so he is an executive coach now he did how Smart people. Become even smarter. And am more engaging in more brilliant and I AM hearing some of these stories of these. People that and I'm like I can maybe have him. Talk to me and and I can just be less become an awkward right if I can just give him to coach me the way he coaches. The scene in Titanic coach we thank you coach of French girls. You know like. I want alarm. I asked him. I can take. Well his personality. Valuations and then have him give me some feedback now give me some some some strengths no my strengths are room for improvement. A catty. I did not counts I and the questions. When they are presented from one's father in law does it take and a very different context. Say you're thinking these are all going to be about work the work place the corporate world help you navigate the world of radio cure like could be could be smarter. I thought it was gonna be also that one of those road rebellion of the task where they hold something up night. I did you check in branding a cloud and then that means that your creative okay yeah on me and earn our legs and they brewed something in the leg. You know would try something like you drew a stick figure cat that means your brilliant so how did those questions get you in trouble with your wife's dad because they weren't those questions. They are true false questions. Like. Is cheating. Ever acceptable. Alleges that. Chang on why it's. I have eyes and you don't have that our kids and she did you have four words yelling it you know from the computer. That box this is true in a box that says false because here's the bank now cheating is that ever acceptable right in period. But as a don't believe in absolutes that area has really is a priest screws around I mean that I'm liking him well you know maybe a few Beers later Agassi and tell us tour. Right so it's not ever acceptable but and I start over they can make one never should happen in the first place and no I don't think it's carrots apples and now it's not in my. Now I'm answering for somebody else that you would be maybe from me it was a revenge cheat and maybe no look at some overpaid semi casket and I Yani in the next scene. Yeah we get and other loving you leave I want. It's gonna be tape you integrating your. Greg you can't Zia to go back to it's an idea I'll mamet as stupid. My kids. And rednecks in the next screen news true or false do you have attempt. Oh. Let's. Alaska. It. Me so what is it for that. I it was honest about talent and I said. Yes and the time but then there's no room to like type and aligned like when your daughter. No no yeah lovers so much you know army. Knew that match so then I'm like okay so irate you have to temporarily at least that was site. Honest about you know that when is actually is would you ever tell white lies in order to get ahead in business. Low. And I yeah. At any point during Kagan is quiz did you get up and walk out. Everyone and that tells a lie from time to time true or false. Two OK well you just called your father in law liar. Mr. ha wow. I'm in thing about it like that and so he's got really Q imagine what that thought ice I felt like a teenage girl who just got broken up with like every dollar was in my head I can see Jeb Gionta hero. As well managing man. A campaign made news ha ha. Would you read someone else's private emails. Sister would give you or your company an advantage in critical negotiations. True or false what's your got to answer. I don't what's your gut and got answers I should be making a tender profile incident in the senate. I would say guys have as accounting I had finished the quiz arm is of course I come as the dogs from time to time. It's called. So I completed it says here's. Here's turn Sanjay hasn't completed the evaluation. And he can email me these packets that say here's your score. But don't read too much into arm. We need to get together in person to this guy. Oh wow it's still win is. Happens sometime this week out. Ago Miami cheeseburger in a very public place. In a crowded bar lows in the middle of the restaurant where I can't yell at Maine he doesn't com am and I'm just gonna say let's go over this. It's going to be twelve degrees outside and you're gonna be only one sledding. I got we tell us out like oh yeah on the high economic area so just the I'm little piece of advice they're don't ever take a personality test from your father. Probably any relative at all at all sort of make it this way it's just congestion out on star not before one.