Storytime with Jeff: Goodbye Childhood

Monday, November 6th

Jeff's weekend trip to his hometown absolutely crushed his childhood dreams. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball. Did you leave your hometown for the drawn of the big city and the lights and the excitement and the action and and then go about your hometown until sorely disappointed by it that's the didn't just hold her had that experience over this weekend. Yeah I just comes down and it completely. This sure Rory at his childhood memories I feel like I ruined my youth everywhere. The club off. They from upstate New York yeah. Is. Maybe there may you know why their there's a chance that is a tell this story there might be somebody listening is like that happen to me I wish. I never went back home. Because what you have in your mind is completely different. That might. You remember step in the age where it happened grades and I remember my grandmother's house. Any age eight and Spain and twelve in the Christmas is there in the holidays in the eastern there and it's frozen in time and it's frozen in time. So that's it was a long time ago thirty years bright and so. A lot has changed in thirty years plus it. So. I guess I'll just I'll just tell the story and I I would. I loved the commiserate. If if this happened to you that Kelly and I go back this week in the Syracuse where I'm from and I'm very excited. To travel from Syracuse about 45 minutes north. To a town called a swing go a swing go is on Lake Ontario beautiful little town a train runs through it. Armed very bold blue collar good people there. And I it this time a year it's beautiful with the leaves changing the as we go river. It's it's it's perfect you show up there and you just think America it's maybe. But hey should be whistle and any any grip right. And I decided couple weeks of the week go back to Syracuse. I'm gonna put my parents in the car and my wife Cali and we're gonna make the drive to a sway go to look at the Thai government. Where my mom grew up because I do I know my parents have meant up to earn a few years and Cali has never seen. So it's literally a trip down memory line it's it's sharing a slice of my youth jam. We gave my wife. Yeah yeah yeah. RA stats that number one in his radio is this candy shop. Right where I'm used to be like a mom and pop candy story you could go me and with a couple dollars and they would sell chunk chocolate. Which is basically just milk chocolate that they. I imagine isn't a giant break in the just break off chunks and they would sell chunks chocolate. All homemade right there yes and you would go in with like a dollar and you would leave the child chocolate you block high on the sidewalk you can smell the place and block away and and they would always dvds things called butter creams in the I didn't -- in my high. These little chocolate covered droplets of butter cream. Icing that taste in Utah killed her. So we go Wayne. Sits in this candy shop and I bring Hanley in the end with a bit my parents and we look at the corner. And they don't have any butter cream porch on chocolate there out of both want us. But if they did have turned chocolate times have changed in its 1999 a pound huh. It's why it's so used to be able to go into for like a buck and get a piece all that and now. So a case of its different so the small town feel starting to be ripped it solved yet I imagine you opened the door and eager that jingle bells jingle. It actually somebody's here San Diego let's go find Graham and campus house. So then we're trying to decide if it was tiny east tenth or west tenth or fourth and seventh in which when they lived in first. And we couldn't nobody can remember all that aware of the house was so we we decided that was on west tenth. And we knew what how is it was because it was rate next to little grocery store like a little mom and pops I mean. That came you know these two little clearer shakes just look called paragon those market right you've taken place in the world deli in the back alias soda owner. There houses right next to it. So we go down the streets aim I see the car wash. That was always there and I look kitty corner across the street in I'm like that's where it it should be but that places that dumb that doesn't look like Graham as I. And oh let's just say now have. All unknowingly used on all alert this stores all boarded up our. Room leader. Their big soul crushing their big side yard is gone and they built a new house there. On three the big giant tree that we always used to park under has been cut down. A non. And how is the front porch there remember there being like. A front porch and the house that's been like that president builds up there's no front porch. And it's just fallen apart. Put. Alone now all his memories of a place that once was you know and once was better your memories are better than say ending Gomez I. Wow. OK and I did you see just left Cali she is like home little little sunshine I she's like. And it better. Every. Agreement is gets worse and worse and all day long. And I see her wanting to cheer you on. Okay you'll. Yeah. So I said RA while we're gonna leave here and we're gonna go out. To a place called Rudy is switches my childhood is is rooted in this spot called birdies because. We would go out there it's raid on that edge of Lake Ontario it's time it's re off the campus. A suite goes to college state university in New York unknown and it's a place called rubies and no known not to fish sandwiches. At the fried fish sandwich place. Is it still there. Yeah should still love OK yeah you heard my car. Oh so we drive out there and we can't remember how to get there because the campus looks so different they've upgraded so many buildings 'cause it's band two or three. It aids rate since I've been there last month on my guys is so beautiful. And it was so we ask for directions we. Drive out there we get too late the intersection before and I can't remember if it's down the hill. Or if it's a cross and I asked that guy the police officers there. Directing traffic ankle which way is release and he goes. It's just down the hill and I said okay thanks in years but they closed for the season last weekend. Yeah. How about. Well I know. This is and the Havoc it clone it in for your wedding days and you could recreate those fish sandwiches. Hoopla when. Let's show one last attempt I ago let's strive let's go drive right. House where Graham engram the lives like they downsize they moved out of the big house that's now a dump and they moved into like a smaller. Houses just like you know little two bedroom because they're old separate bedrooms yes it'd two bedrooms and I remember that house we founded in remember. Or was it was set back through history in that house looks fine. Was continents and Anaheim. And compares everything bills the house next door to it had an orange sticker on the front door that said unsafe to occupy. Or not. So. Are you OK I want I'm coming ever give a hug right now it's okay. Seriously thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.