Story Time With Jeff

Friday, January 13th


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Everything's right wing and Alberta oil and just Ngo goes for a solid 6060 minutes. 715 all of us are. People want I mean the notes of two stories and avidly to share on the radio but we only have I'm here to share 11 of them was. Getting insulted inadvertently by a stranger in the other line involves my mother in law. Kelly's mom and something she fed to me a couple weeks ago that you guys will pick and then I'll tell when it. Quick little reminder for you coming up in a minute he could score a thousand. Bucks is injured right into your weekend that'd be awesome movie geek you were detected here in just problematic score a thousand bucks with our port payday plastic payoff. Abstinent for one. I I JUN to leave the voting and decide what story gets old so he told us that there is one involves your mother in law right. And then there's one that involves eighths to ranger insulting. Yet the Texas ranger. Doesn't know that you're on the radio it has nothing to you as zero did you at all with the radio. It was just a stranger. Who fired an insult insult at me. We're not and breaking news out about a third person but I was actually. Ellen sounds pretty long I wanna tell you guys that I did suggest notebook earlier. And next to the one about the other online it says chronic problem. And I used to can really landing here that. If somebody is old Jeff let chronic problem. Welcome both you just have to pick which when you get here right now. Other Obama on that yeah I have an awkward Terrell yet yeah. I've got a cool so now I'm like what's happening. And we noticed that he teed off. Well it actually in in defense at this chronic problem question though I can share that story and we think you have a lot of chronic. We're just hoping to check it out. I'll tell that when now and will table the stranger in 09. Area along. With it. So the this you know what a camera tell the story of me give you a little bit. Background. First I Kelly's mom made an observation about me and specifically my interaction. We've ever. A couple of weeks ago I seriously thought about every single day. It is on the evening by every time we talked to Aaron Hill aren't as any to optimize an island and because it's possible. If if I me. I have this it this thing. In my head. We've. People and specifically. People's me. And it's this paranoia and I don't know where it comes. Where there could be. People that I feel and are quick every single day. And for the first few weeks in my interaction in the back of my head. I'm like. Is this the right. And have doubts that that 99.9. Percent shares at nine as its way. Eight. Right but there's something you had at each and I'm pretty sure that when I face obviously. Ord need to get somebody's attention when I say that when I'm like in their name is that I am merely answered you know as each time. Okay. Went in for example we used to have a sales guy here at the radius if his name was Jean. For a few minutes our desks where it Jason's view each year and so every now and again I would have asked I later. App for your clippers on the act. And Eric I would say eight. Jeanne. Time and efforts even though I am. His name was Jean. I had no number number of poverty and I knew his name is Jean there's a fine on this. Yeah an impact on his cubicle it's aged right and I would aged Jeanne. And then another name always pops in my head for him it was. Okay right I got it to AG's if that happens and when you do that one time for whatever reason it's permanently pressed into your brain. And I thought. I'm glad this is I'm glad we're opening up and share this year and yet and back here mere pars though. Let's do this and then I'll tell you how this involves dark alleys. Mom can't come. Our GM billion man. Is back as. In 2000. Where is. My daughter and I OT how art and text the word motor to 7881. Before some fifteen and you went out the box. It's the port Qaeda classic pay off on star 941 leads them to attract didn't message that great five. Motor to 7081. So it was one of the holidays either Thanksgiving or Christmas and I'm standing over it callies. I'm parents' house if they live in town. And you're in. And over there for the holiday I don't know how it comes up alleys Mon says to me. I have never hurt you in mind. Really yes now I've known Cali firm. Three or four years. Right what he column. Questioning that day it. That has seen. Time and what we. I mean that is democracy or. What it was. At 888. Ands or aiding other people. Here. It was like let's get if you have a ballpark of the year in the ballpark of oh or maybe. You would Atlanta. And I would have Matt met her mom. Is probably somewhere and twenty are. Now. Well probably sometime between thirteen inch because I never heard her name is. Which she is I've never heard use same name them in any. It goes through my head like. Well that happened because engineers say it. Jeanne. Now we jail or she might you're sitting at the dinner table entered you'd pass the song hey you over the past it's well. Well I couldn't think of anything like. Where I would have it would yell out her name again I've never around her legitimate in the eyes are attacked made August and and so when you go house and see him hey how. Hey Harry you know. Never I guess not offense she noticed it. We've never called her right. Mrs. ray is there any pain arm I don't think a mrs. K her I think a four in the same room together I would just say. You wanna army to help you clear the table or do you wanna. Put this in the I don't know I just never any. It every single day is that that that might what are their other people in the world like yeah I'm featured. Islands there aren't that they're people you know less well than your other. I'm now pretty had a close person in your circles at that inner sanctum and you've never used rename YE. A chronic problem use it now. By a couple occupy. Is it and then went overseas and a Asa policy. Idealism. Of ordinary at 630 is that okay. You know my favorite letter of the government is at today eight day. When it tallies Eleanor rounds them now. Is Cali kids you know she school she gets back and I think she'd turned into you know minor amounts. I never see good enough. The academy appreciate it. At that at his own knife you. Engine shop.