Step-Mama Drama

Thursday, August 10th

This mom needs help! Her kids' step-mom is trying to FORCE the kids to call her mom.

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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell Ole ball can. Dad mom and you're on the he is going down so Morgan. Welcome news jet engines show and tell us what this is this going on with your kids yeah. Our sound man as president and got remarried and they have eighth six month old baby she is now try and hear it how my cute children and that they'd have to call her mom because she doesn't want her new baby calling her by her first. While. Lola OK so Morgan you and you your ex had two kids together. Track and now he has a third with new life. Correct. And so when the older kids. Are all together and you learn to kids video has fans to your kids refer her by her if her first name or how to what do they call. Where. It's aimed at calling her by her first name for it last year that gave back together and that is certainly within the last month. Now she is making that call her mom. While lying and making them car. I bet it's so weird to them. And how old are your kids. I'm my daughter Lisa six and October and my son at six and Ersan. And did they come Tiago mom this is so weird. We word driving home from picking them up. And by Goddard of I have blurted it Powell played. K. And then making that call her mom and that of course my oldest child let operatic and hence we have to caller mount Morgan in trouble if we doll. And yeah all I hold no no no case. Have you set any thing to your husband or your husband's. Life theirs they're step mom. About how this doesn't make you super comfortable. Not act. IPad that sure about there killed friends and family asked it how I should approach that because I really adore her and that's that other than a situation. I tell you don't say I will cut her. It killer heard a catty. Prepared well and what it what is what made a very tired what's the consensus we gave you our friends and family what do they say yeah. Everybody looks at me like what is wrong with you get a you Larry back trying to about Lester it. Oh well the beautiful thing more again about a radio show is. That our audience is generally. Broad enough that somebody knows somebody who's dealt with this yeah. In an ideal world what would you let your kids to college. I would like friend to call her by her first. Down and if so she used to call her mom later in life that backed up to bat but I want to be their decision. Yeah not it being forced upon them. What do I spent I don't talk we have got an okay. All right well. Are our phone lines are already starting the laid out our son think yeah and and I'm good luck I don't affiliate season tonight devoted dads either good luck mom and good luck mom you're always number one moms and say you know. Yes. Borrow for her 26309. Pour wine net slash she is listening and needs your help us talk tears after Rihanna. And NHL all star. I did you just kind of Swedish or more in whom she explained that her. It's children's stepmother. Is forcing them to call her. Today released Zhang an Alpharetta welcomed the chance. Piano what do you think of Morgan's situation and how she'd deal would that. She could sit and have a glass so I let her talk about it she has very serious concern. And mom I had the exact thing situation and well. Be able to Rick church and not that are. Took a little Haiti is hey that does it colonel your mommy that promenade at putted the baby will now learn to call her mommy. I wish he how urgent don't feel comfortable with I don't feel comfortable with it and I'd really you know. Appreciate it and make your car you buy your Lehman and they'll ever jailed. Call thanks for the Kolb isolation. Other than a little ways united do we need a moms are fired a what was the very first count of the anime is OK I have celeb would you say your kids that parents force your kid common mom or dad and I. CN Veronica says all I tell her. I can't we have Lawrence and who. And Lola. I think. Yeah I want it there or that can understand their. And I am by they're safe and that they had done this and let the children come tip off. And if children are not comfortable on your gonna create our foreign tire track all the kids involved. I Kristine and Douglas now you're in a similar situation. Had my mother and I've been here all looked at it very I had at a nine month old together. And I can't let that I'm proud I don't worry about it on at that are picking up when he brother I eat. First though I can understand however. I would never sports car up. Or stopped. So what are you afraid of day your child will knows that he he came from a previous marriage. As your child already know that. No it might have been signing that senate and we have my husband and I had a I'm very. Art and together will start calling on my first saint. Instead of mom. Great I think just for the record and they do that anyway yeah I think it's hilarious and you say there isn't very adamant Lauren is calling you up. I they can't get my attention it's like mom mommy come on mommy mommy money. And think with the. Held a layer I would miss that ball on the floor and I was already asked matter and. It. Larry branch. No no I actually compared to clean cut crew cut back home crowd on our children are not alike now. Now are rather it not allowed. To call either one of our another bomb art and all. That. Colin how. Bad it actually did really well how would actually help out our co parent ink. Smart as she got it done and I look back on a fact. I felt would be my back. Here's the question did she say some things to her ex husband who she doesn't really get along ways or is she say something to the step mom. Who. Is the one who invokes the rule to call. Because I'm in the house tutor she talked him. She talked to both of them can be hard and have enough respect party back. Why add some other their tie bolts can tell that it is not okay and he would not. I'd you would not appreciate. The world re our. She is a debate on think about that an entire way I had door yet there's that other you are wonderful I love you guys handle the problem. I am black I am. She did this morning can just start having her kids calls some other random dude dads deserve ran in front of their dad. It's payback light the match Carol hi. This conversation going handout we already know Morgan checked out FaceBook page so far forward tees no. FaceBook dot com. There's a dot com slash jet engine Joseph. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.