Spring Break Lies: Part 2

Wednesday, March 29th

Jeff's Friends are liars! Tricking family into getting their own vacation. How many other people do this?


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Star in 941. Spring break is next week for most at Atlanta. Everybody's getting ready yeah how with the whole family except for your friends the liars. I guess again my friend liar one liar to move. Whose pants are totally gonna catch and fires in. Told there are parents that they couldn't get off from work but these are one of the kids who are off of school have a cool spring breaks in the Canadian camp grandma and grandpa. Perfect and they jump off the kids that grandpa and grandma camp and then there. And bit his first four and I. Had this. It said the kids think Armani did he can get up where but that's going into stat I think the parents of but in the mountains survey on a Laker something's I don't we get to go hang out and have yet makes more isn't. It camp and things and whatever in the game the kids are at Bremen grabbed her like we get some of finding time to. Parents can get a week off work Ron. Let's circus LA shows and I sleep ninety S but I like it Tammy in a home are. Are you lying to your children about spring break. I'm not lying to my children but one of my coworkers must also some Mallorca likes to our arts and every year that you have to work and you know it but I'm off. Really Joseph he she works our first school all. So that week that they're off her husband thinks that she starts to go and fight off a studio from them. That's correct yes so what does she do with your Danny's. I'll mostly go down real time without it teachers. A. That is our own race since she gets set she gets dressed for work yup she drives in an irregular work time but she doesn't go to her school. I agree yeah. That treatment brilliant. That is. And mayhem is just annoyed enough to a couple of I thought the extent. Hey Tim is any part of you upset you didn't think of that idea for or just took a. To Tricia and secure welcome to the show. Why are you lying to your kids throughout spring break absolutely old style I have. How old am I told them we can't afford it on the tour repairing a totally can't afford it next week I'm going to be doing overtime kept Bryant. I actually had next week I lost. And I'm checking into hotels. And every day I'm gonna do something criminal. So he mental health reset which results in what are you doing what what are you doing with their kids during that week. They'll be let alone the gay and doing the same thing I was there and you told Jim if you told your mom the truth. So. Little. Known about her. Not injured Shay did do in this bill now. I'm past figured in the same thing I've friends doing your town your kids don't have to work you're on your mom you have to work meanwhile you're gonna Ritalin. Petty here salt yes. I what sent it a little what's on the agenda for spring break week it's how some of the things your plans. He had definitely am catching up on ruby is directly into our growing at any screwed but they weren't extols Danny. I am stating what we're ready projects resting sleeping than doing nothing watching adult PDs. You know maybe spend watching. And let them know just taking it day by day but it's totally a little bit ironic at. It trio while. This I look at it yeah I think I take care of yourself for. Really you have him. If you get a particular view here reckon either be able to take care everyone else. It for you know I know inspired by her and I'm going to tell us pop up. Hi is it she needs and McDonna. I all skinny. I mean is she needs you wanna tells about the look I that you're telling your kids about spring break. Bed and actually I did I covered it backed the boat. This you can't pay. Every one of their classmates is gonna go. I see no end I did not amount and then they. Dog and that I. Oh. Well good uncertain if Carolina on Thursday every hour you can when you're Six Flags tickets are case and he's so you women. Let's take a sorry yeah yeah and then why don't you say that when you're right I love my pull some strings. And convince Six Flags open just for you got only from the nineteen. I I needed did I am my my truck or you are aren't legitimately does. That yeah. Do you think that you don't let good people are well. Okay. Not a ball well. And he's sorry we got to find there. And it is side. It though. You can't lie about something that's in your own backyards. On the radio he might not like they didn't. No ad but I think we're selling mature I'm out her ground and I got about me. Thank you cities take MIA. Coming up next when Jesse yeah. In trouble for being honest and that's a first time ever turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every dollar funds starting now before blind.