Spring Break Lies: Part 1

Wednesday, March 29th

Jeff's Friends are liars! Tricking family into getting their own vacation. How many other people do this?


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and my friends are telling pool it's. They are lying to their parents. They're flying to their kids. Air telling quote it's all about spring break next. So they're lying to their children they're lying to the grandparent finds children underlying everybody they're horrible people. And then they're gonna have diseases or did not ally the how those kids it's gonna believe their parents listen. Until this. Situation. If you will thank the five day you decided that they were going to. Go way for our spring break week. Just the parents or at as a whole family. They knew they wanted to go way just the parents or cash for a grown up. Weekend to write a grown ups spring break correct. But they couldn't tell their kids they didn't wanna hang out with them other kids were office from school. And they couldn't tell their parents hey we don't wanna hang out with their children while their kids were. Off from school so they told their parents and their kids that they couldn't get the vacation. So they so grandpa and grandma and grandpa. That they had to. Work wreck but they don't have to work right. And grandma and grandpa are watching the kids. I raise rates think at and T the parents are going. The parents are going to. It's Las Vegas for spring break and hands. The kids are going to grandma and grandpa has for camp grandma and grandpa. And nobody's gonna realize. That the parents had to lie to everywhere indicated that. This for a bad second love you know I could not anemic they got to have mom and dad time. They know they need that time together. They terrible people. 4042630941. That is our phone number. That debate on whether or not they're terrible I did we we don't have to get into I'm just curious. If other people are telling spring break related lights oh I'm sure. Like is there anyone in listening who maybe told there caves that. And a Universal Studios is full this week but I think if they don't open Six Flags until April Ryan is what's ahead. And it does not sure out. But I but that's about as you live your kids about a mummy I just we just drove by their rides are going a asked optical illusion they're testing them again. 404263094. Line may have. You and you have to say your name and yet to see your kids names. I'm just curious if there's anyone else they're doing who told some good lies yet. Them they have a great big grin parents are gonna find out what they're smarter than that it. I was wondering if some how does that work from a safety standpoint. Because your friends are going on their own little vacation right. Grandparents are gonna have the grand kids are gonna touch base of them at some point surely to face time or something. And Lindsey. Graham during face time. Parenting and has more questions it's gonna have to have a plain white background is headed. It without this sounds of a casino behind them. And shall star.