The Spring Break Gary Update

Thursday, April 13th

Gary wanted to win back his wife and family by joining them on a spring break trip to Disney. How'd it go?


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jones shell hole well we got to play for your conversation that we had with Jerry. Gary is a championship and show listener of who'd told us about a dumpster fire that he was entering into the week before spring break. He. Decided that. His wife he's separated from his wife and he has a couple of kids the first spring break his wife and the kids were going to Orlando had to do the old Disney World that. He decided that he was going to ask his wife if he could come on that vacation to win them. And in addition. He wanted them vacation to be the beginning of a reconciliation. Between the two of them. What he thought let's spend time together roll you know enjoy week making memories with the kids and it'll give me a chance to win her back so. There was a couple weeks ago so that happens then spring break happens. We can't Asia's busiest hectic you know and we we've we've just been busy and we forgot to call me an and it came up yesterday. Some a listeners that says in a note saying we guys catch up with the sky is let's come to see if he answers. And he did. We had a conversation with him we recorded were about to play of Korea. But Jan got so mad at him she's almost yelling at this guy by the end of the phone call. I just I was so frustrated. To wake you hear this because I think you'll be yelling your radio this is our conversation with Gary who is going to use. Spring break. Is it time to reconcile with his wife he's only separated from. Is this him telling us that the story of how their trip to Orlando together went may Cary asked so how spring break. Well I'll tell you. I mean rushed her to the lunch we had the good and she could actually are. Yeah so we did go to spring break Carrie and I you know. Thank you actually ask oracle has practically went down that it be done through that we should Pakistan. Com. Let I didn't know that shouldn't didn't come in you know is that she wished she'd been dating somebody touched. Striking year and I and I just had no idea that she was actually pretty serious relationship. So you know what apple would protect started my idea is just Eric apps but I'm. So this guy column. Actually showed up and the middle of the week in Orlando. The and you know mastering your gesture that you elect you. Leader ask him to just not. Do that so that we can have our turn to family and she just showed she couldn't say no she just couldn't. Say no to them you know religious student creature a Dutch guy didn't you know we were up to. I was trying to pit but then just you know literally couldn't deal anymore I guess in and drove down and so. You know I spent the last portion I think it is spring break up its mind. About why kids and her portrait. And and yet by the way I did get had to get Matt Carter is pretty much. Established from the beginning so. So in when you guys had lunch she said. You have to gate you can come down we have to being out its own hotel room. Yeah yeah currency and that China was okay it was sad and baby steps I guess that. RA. Church and that dude you got jealous because did he find out all day you were there and that's what made him come to Orlando. Now I think she you know I think there are you know their relationship where she did talent up front you know exactly what was going on and I guess in a initially he was trying to be cool about it it's okay. And then I. You know country and I am actually really curious being alone not hearing too many body going on aegis you know not that much the drive he just showed up. Where is he cool when he showed up like cool the U ands. Cordillera younger I mean that's. Yes yeah it was. He's a tiny country I mean I could feel attention it's written you know Hughes PE pre professional. Problem. But I you know I knew what you know it was obvious to like you show wrap it up to let. But it was good I mean the kid like him you know no 1101000. So curious that you used and it. This is deploying I am I on Sony definitely have. Some questions first of all. We did not know that her boyfriend even existed and this does not help with your kids are now so now. You're so now or about this do you still have hopes the U guys are gonna get back together and work out your marriage. Oh well I think I'm still processing. The caboose just happened. You know is that I had to give you didn't try to come up with a match I mean how I don't know there's no work out process it's early but thanks for a year. I think it's clear should ever mentioned it. Hi yeah yeah that's rearing its significance. Especially given the fact that your separated not divorced and she and bring them out. Now become so I don't know what that means and I have to have another launch. Can't figure out. Is he's. Now I am and her eyes yeah and I hit it. Don't know she and her children at and you didn't even know that your kids and met the boyfriend and then if you shares this happily can Disney. Did you pay does. Related you know. It was something he being you know I think we lease would extension anyway so we're gonna help Al. All right it's a small world. You know I mean all I can say is I'm glad that others use it at the Parker has that helped. I Gary I do agree we Jan make she's walking all of being home. So I know I mean I guess I wanted to know and now it L. Have you dated any line in the past year. I have had gone gay Triad Irish carrier relationship because I'll let you know kind of started getting out there which you know. You know we're more now. Yeah you've definitely shared my seat immediately and asked you know. Very. So that fit that show us outside turned down option. And that is how. Jan started the act and expect it every day yesterday Mac all Greg and I. It was these so call what did Stewart say singularly channeling friends and viewers who are going through says. Agents in divorces when there's other people. Is it's like. It's just so frustrating you wouldn't give the other parents. Blessing or. At least even have a conversation about it before you introduce your kids is somebody new or even tell them. The you've been dating the same person for about. Are you adding these it was a year. They've been separated for about a year OK was she started this sounds of it. This guy is driving down economic Haitian with the kids think that's had a four week old relationship right. And I was so bad apple more town. We'll leave. To head and how well like kitten on the right order you know. Like if they're sitting in your borders yeah. LA she thinks that they there's a chance to get back together and reconcile and stayed together but she's already moved on so much that the kids know the new boyfriend. To empower young that are refuse certain. Let us. Did this well laughter well and there's some guy critics are around your wife's shoulder. And it. Copperfield and and has making your legs dude. Why is that okay are you need to limit 3-D glasses to see you being in the it didn't know about them not write this. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.