Spousal Performance Review

Thursday, July 14th


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It's this race. Is that Jesse James shelves are ladies talk a lot. Gen now I can't wait to. Through this idea. I'm I am I gonna take predatory guy I dated and a I'm a zone and posted about it right. OK I would say it's as spousal or partner performance review OK okay I doubt they grab it. So you review your spouse on how they're doing right and they reviewed you with the saint Tammany exchange otherwise it's it's a piece of paper so. I think most companies. Have to do it's a kind. Where you can get a corporate I don't know do we have to do it hammering now and again I'm hoping so and I am done yet I'm sure like. They do it in the more corporate side of the building may refer to us it's talent that your. Stone. On and silently I have. And take that back we get a performance review every four weeks yet. They give us. But I think in corporate America and it sits down and you look for areas of improvement you look for your communications. Hours you're. Leisure follow through Asia blob. The guys that line. If the most importantly should. This. Wife yeah the game. Usery view. Far. And why is it sheet view for him so here's the ultimate performance review I'm he created them that you need to count these as you can do one for grant OK okay then you can view of when to grant to do for you okay. And that's the one for each other. If just kind of hockey camp out conversation. Keep chains that thing grant and yet so I'll say. Yeah Jeff was sort of mean graphic content enough not to bow our. Means it's. Transpose. It right. I can't wait to get the messages text messages that are meant for him. Alley once a day and flag. I'm. Out of years later right. Thinking. I and I am and I'm sure there's heavy at time and they do you get a message from years and they swing by Kroger on your way she had a cigarette Kroger when he handing get some ground beef and make burgers on the go for it and point oh. He nit champs. I went into this for each other GeMS Fausto performance review intact house. She and. Jeff it should be sibling performance review I feel like apartment with the two of us. Work. Came to her deal last week you. Terry if you use silently and then flying at about tonight's. This. 30 seconds am reading categorize these excellent good fair poor OK. Honestly. I would rate is excellent. Productivity. You. Actually now. Why not not to have you get out when naturally every child. My I'm Steve OK so Imus affair OK when gladly when I just have one Marquette and I'll just keep forum productivity. Work quality. Quality of your work and. Well I didn't get to give you one competitively I was again because your hypothetical superhighway. Duncan X. And and text message via fortune cookie this morning and rotors and they just giving a heads up and over they can use hypotheticals superhighway. Is filled with the models I don't know what it was. You're quality excellent technical skills excellent. Entertainment choice tell our bills that slowdowns and unite glossy. Pour. It for entertainment choices to the podium I go yeah it's. You're how old Jeff dollar and your plane I'm remind it where consistency you go excellent you get poorer and here entertain injuries is because you'd docket stuff and. The. Enthusiasm. But. I give you one operation pork and and. Add them. You guys up. Isn't attitudes toward that wasn't fair or not. Over budget and overall quality spousal relations they town can. I think there are weak you can't be just have to NA. I'm Mallon. You can. With X process in any creativity and excellent. Punctuality an excellent I can't pour on the normally everything. And I still working on it. Meals what does that mean. Oh like if you cook for each other. And Q. Who is free. Eats green. Acacia is what we do for a living doing well here we don't think age. We're on the same page text exchange yesterday. The thumbs up. Are there other. Performance improvement plan for your twenties and teens use additional seats as necessary this isn't Smart. I can't. I may add copy this you can put up on the web site will post it to download it. Take to the dinner table tonight and seriously disputed naked figures and another that you like we're gonna review each other. Let's hope it brings you closer now how can knock it to Bork's. I have some improvements after discus. I'd say over the timeline the spousal performance review it will be on line at star 941 Atlantic account you can download it. And destroy your own relationship. When you'd. There's Jesse James shell. So are far.