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Wednesday, August 24th


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010. Jesse James shall. So Kelly tees and actually play around with Thomas about her big girls night out just prints coming in from out of town seven girls rolled into Atlanta right and he. And she tired about. Finding a quote sponsor. And it sounds nastier than it. Basically she says they'll had concert that found how innocent people as to what is your mind me out and Allah and again. But the idea was it that you roll into a bar OK and you can pretty easily at and a five according to Cali pregnant from wrong. According to Kelly cheese you can pretty easily identify. What guys would be willing. Do you buy drinks for. It's a what are their qualifications. What they are Jack then OK so they have to listen he's got the money. Yeah I wanna are wanna flaunt that they have money that they don't really have exact effect so yeah you look for the sports jacket or a really nice shoes that's who is really she's under the bar. Yeah so sponsor what about a watts. Yeah Felix and he has only Wear watches anymore because of cellphones so. Mainly for sports and. Says she's so her what she'd as cheers have a friend she finds these guys and then just goes out and she that doesn't make any. You know like there's no promises there's no leg if you biased rings will definitely hang out with the long night but she just makes herself present. And Kelly is that she's that pretty girl and I am assume most pretty girls were rove and act Roman acts. Pretty girl stick together so imagine you have no it a whole attractive group right. And the guys just buy them drinks because this whole group of girls like and an out of them in their eyes and smiling and there's no expectations. We let you tag that there's nothing like weird Iran edgy about it is he's not a guy you make that lingering eye contact. EA happiness and kind of closed down you'll idyllic suburban engines are which is kind of a and a masculine drink. And I know Woodson then they offered that I drink and they sponsor the rest of denying it is again. You have multiple sponsors Syria leaning on them just one. Well most every night at and a. Until we tell eyewitness right and then it's if it's a fine. Minds. And so. I was talking to my fiance. And she says with and she again I ask. I just got sponsor cup and. And then you title. I don't inspect it. What. Wait. And how is and she's it is totally harmless. And apparently she was and our own restaurant in Jews eating at the bar. With a girlfriend of hers because they knew one of the people who were at the restaurant and it worked and it. Friday night it was during the radio convention was here a couple weeks ago she knew I would be out with radio people. So are frank goes like AM Friday night shift when you come in and mountain prominent you know what I'd outcomes that we. OK so her girlfriend are sitting at the bar of this restaurant just having dinner visiting with their friend who worked there. And this server content that you know the enemy you know and and I'm Kelly says that they were in and out. Music and well gentlemen on the other side of the art or your inner both of them. Eileen and her friend how that really and so she got sponsored the attitude of you on trays. Like a bottle line between him and dessert. From a guy across who never spoke to them and they walked over and thanked him and you know as it. Unsolicited sponsor this work that writes older definitely you pay your art happens on the audio that uncovers stomach covered then. Then. The girls off the anti antibodies a lot and it can. About buck out wedding day. I actually was kind of like him. What if what if we went back in the same car and I just in late and you order light you on. I'd I'd been accused of whether their friend is a friend with. But you know without an Russia. And any idea I I'm afraid female night 4047419400. The sponsor for guys are gonna buy girls. I sent they're gonna pick up a bar tab here and I would be very curious and because that story about navigating that inner. Led into another story about a friend of ours that if that's something. I mean we. Okay system and are greater than drinks or dinner. You flirt away Eisner borrow 47419400. This is your chance to brag. About what you were given for no reason other than just being attracted to. Ernie for one. One. Jesse James shall.