Spinning the Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings

Thursday, April 27th

Let's find out what the unlucky few will have to eat tomorrow for week 7's Wheel of Pregnancy Cravings!


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And young star and 841. I'd be Ferrari's big game of enemy gave Sam we decision. JP Kelly cheese. Ten downing yet do we exclude our fragile little butterfly Janine from this week. As a mom I'm in my maternal instincts kick again and say yes because it's important mean hits and really really bad not feeling well at all in the Tommy Thompson was gee I feel like it's actually tortured to maker China will of pregnancy cravings what. IC just about earlier you like now how she how am I think time will only tell. Us. We all have reasons why we can't do it. Now here's my complexion so hot OK you really weren't many weird foods or break out and then now Kelly's got the tubes. I injury on JP is trying to get and his wedding dress that's right got to today and tomorrow when and stuff so oh there's a reason for all of us. But if you guys think Geneen should be excluded. We can exclude her. Delicate little tummy she are anyways like. Ninety pounds soaking wet I miss any news does that exclude me now now oh not at all. It. How to do it hard Tuesday to begin what were you leading. Have a pound big game Bert -- oh yeah. What happened he'd just. Taken down the champs. After I think I can give it back it's usually set to. And there's Errol sorry I'm just so that I dragged. I've there's a those innings not well excused you mean yeah as footer on injured reserve list yes exactly I feel like Goshen you'd have to go through the office and find a substitute. This idea but I tell me how that's Kutcher ask. I asked him and are you. Are you know crazy concoction. I Kelly cheesy can stand there that we hill of pregnancy cravings the most determined the way where suspended today and you all can submitted any time a pregnancy craving that you had. Well put it on the wheel and man we spent it. And tomorrow we wheat tonight we are shopping you know ingredients and tomorrow we roll. Dice and everybody who rolls an odd number past you eat. Whatever comes up today. Bring it girl back the way that. It doesn't it and then there's the. But it's good to let those weak mind yeah yeah. The price is right that would even be a dollar give food group area okay. Well Leon we are on that none Aris had been antsy pink. I think salmon. Okay. This pregnancy craving comes to us from Melanie indicators thank you Melanie bloom. Had. Honeymoon. Just walked in oh yeah I just want him what is happening you gotta excuse. We're giving you passes because your tummy trouble. Okay well I'm checked I was pregnant she craves. Popcorn. Ginger. And cooked shrimp. Or. Lungs and getting it for breakfast. Now that. Are you reading that correctly maybe she grave craved. Popcorn shrimp in ginger Sox know. It says popcorn and ginger. And cooked shrimp but no I'm real all. Directions on the preparation. Except that cooked part of the shrimp because you can't really have raw. Seafood when you're pregnant centimeters but inaudible and unilateral action improve each. Just do it like a serial yes all around you did have to be fresh ginger. Or could it be spring cold and powdered to achieve greater to it. Oil like she's traitor to it when it's ginger snaps and its cookies. Nothing good friends. Just like cookies and shrimp setup. Like Mike share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.